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Miss out on nothing and know everything there is to know about traveling to the Caribbean! Stay up to date with all the latest information through the Kanana Caribbean magazine blog – you can find the best travel tips, where to go, what to do, how to do it, and other useful travel information!

We have for sure passed the vibe check on being a hit travel magazine for all things travel in the top Caribbean Islands. Ain’t no way to travel like the Kanana Way! Cuba! The Bahamas! Belize! The British Virgin Islands! The Cayman Islands! Jamaica! Puerto Rico! Haiti, Turks & Caicos! The United States Virgin Islands! – Where do you want to go?!


Everything you wanted to know about travel in the Caribbean is waiting for you on our blog – tips from travelers, useful information, destinations, what to do, how, and where.

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Find the most relaxing hotels and discover the best deals for 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotels and apartments in the Caribbean Islands for the perfect beach therapy!


Explore local cuisines and enjoy a peaceful evening in top-class bars, cafes, and restaurants with a majestic view. The Caribbean has so many options for you, check them out here.


Vacation mode activated! With the sky above, the sand below, and peace within – get all the latest information about the Caribbean news, culture, history, vintage shops, and modern malls!

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Kanana Caribbean Travel Experts

Amanda Simon is a travel Expert and she has been in the travel industry for five years. She graduated from the SouthEastern Academy of Travel and Tourism School. Besides being a travel expert for five years, she has also worked in different hotels and motels. Watching the beauty of the World is her passion. She has visited more than 30 countries and likes to go on International trips twice a year. Because of her frequent travel, she has long-standing relationships with different hotel industries. For her, clients are the first priority and she makes a lot of effort in making sure that their vacation is exactly how they dreamed it to be.

Amanda Simon

Travel Expert

Betty Adams Travel Expert

Betty Adams is a Writer and a freelance Travel Service Provider. She has been providing people with delightful experiences and beautiful sights since 2017. She loves to travel and has traveled across the world. She has visited more than thirty countries and has learned over twenty languages. She has always loved to write about her experiences and wanted to let people see the world through her eyes and that is why she started writing for publication houses. She was the best-selling writer of 2020. To give her writing a personal touch and let people feel the beauty of the world, she started writing blogs for Kanana Caribbean as well.

Betty Adams

Travel Expert and Writer

Lisa Ray Travel Expert

Lisa Ray lives upon the saying “You Only Live Once”. With more than 5 thousand followers on Instagram and 3 thousand subscribers on her Youtube Channel, Lisa Ray has championed the Travel niche.From doing travel photography for many years, she developed a knack for travel and travel advice. She used to tell people about her experiences and their reaction used to get her delighted. Due to that, she decided to make this her profession as well. Just telling people about different places and the beauty of the world was not enough, she wanted them to experience it the same way that she did.

Lisa Ray

Travel Expert