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Puerto Rico Honeymoon Advice Plus the Most Romantic Resorts Destinations

The great breadth of sceneries includes everything from imposing mountains to picture-perfect fishing communities, from the glistening Atlantic Ocean to the indigenous rainforest of El Yunque. There is certainly a hotel that caters to the preferences of every honeymooning couple, whether they are looking for sophisticated luxury, a rustic rainforest, and Ayurvedic ambiance, spacious golf greens, or artsy-chic lodgings.

Puerto Rico honeymoon – one of a kind! It has a long history of being a well-liked holiday spot for newlyweds and couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Due to recent improvements in transportation, the island is once again among the most sought-after places to visit in the Caribbean, especially for newlywed couples! Travelers from all over the world are heading to the coastlines of Puerto Rico in search of a wide variety of verdant and tropical retreats, from the crowded old district of San Juan to the remote island of Vieques. 

The great breadth of sceneries includes everything from imposing mountains to picture-perfect fishing communities, from the glistening Atlantic Ocean to the indigenous rainforest of El Yunque. There is certainly a hotel that caters to the preferences of every honeymooning couple, whether they are looking for sophisticated luxury, a rustic rainforest, and Ayurvedic ambiance, spacious golf greens, or artsy-chic lodgings.

As a passionate traveler who has explored the enchanting beauty of Puerto Rico, including its allure as a Puerto Rico honeymoon destination, I understand the allure of its romantic resorts. In this blog post, I’ll share my personal insights into the most romantic resort destinations in Puerto Rico, ensuring that your journey is filled with unforgettable moments. Additionally, I’ll provide a glimpse of what’s to come in 2024 regarding romantic resorts in Puerto Rico as the island continues to evolve and enhance its offerings for couples seeking the perfect getaway.

Infront of Sandy Beach Hotel, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Honeymoon – Pros and Cons

Table of Contents

• Pros of Spending Your Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

There are several positive aspects that come along with making the decision to spend your honeymoon in Puerto Rico. The US territory is not only simple to get, but it also provides visitors with the stunning beaches and verdant rainforests that are typical of many Caribbean vacation spots, all without the requirement of a passport.

There are a lot of affordable travel alternatives to the international airport on the island, and there are also a lot of lodging options that are relatively priced (and no, you won’t have to compromise on quality or experience in order to get a decent bargain). In addition, Puerto Rico is a destination that offers a variety of activities in addition to its beaches. These activities range from hiking in the jungle to engaging in San Juan’s rich cultural, historical, and gastronomic experiences.

Guest Rooms at San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, Puerto Rico

• Cons of Going to Puerto Rico for Your Honeymoon

There are very few potential drawbacks to a honeymoon in Puerto Rico, and the vast majority of them are avoidable with adequate preparation. The fact that Puerto Rico has been struck by a number of significant hurricanes in the past is something that can throw a wrench into your preparations for a honeymoon there. 

Because of this, you should try to avoid scheduling a honeymoon in Puerto Rico between the months of August through October, which are the months in which the island is most likely to be affected by hurricanes (but keep in mind that hurricanes can occur anytime between June 1 and November 30). You will want to conduct your research and adhere to safe travel best practices while you are on the island of Puerto Rico because certain areas of the island can be dangerous for tourists.

Best Times to Visit Puerto Rico - Here's Why

The middle of April to the end of June is the greatest time to go to Puerto Rico because it is right after the hectic winter season and right before the rainy summer season. 

The weather in the spring is also very pleasant, with temperatures rarely deviating much from the middle of the 80s. The island experiences the greatest weather throughout the winter, which is partially why this is the busiest and most expensive period to visit; nevertheless, if you plan your trip carefully, you might be able to find a pretty decent bargain during those months as well. You might also plan a vacation that is both enjoyable and reasonable for the fall, which is the time of year when hotel rates can drop to as low as $80 per night.

You might be able to find a hotel in San Juan with rates slightly lower than $100 per night between the months of December through March, which is quite unlikely for a Caribbean island during its high season. Because Puerto Rico’s already excellent weather takes it to the next level during this time of year, you can expect to see a greater number of tourists: Temperatures tend to peak in the lower 80s on average. And Christmastime is a wonderful time to visit, provided that you enjoy the holiday season and are not bothered by the higher accommodation charges. In common with other Hispanic cultures, the holiday season is celebrated in Puerto Rico far into the month of January.

Sailing on Sunset at San Juan Bay Puerto Rico

The months of April through June are typically considered to be the ideal season to travel to Puerto Rico. The weather in the spring is still warm and sunny, and there is a light breeze. However, the wintertime throngs have dispersed. Even four-star hotels have started advertising nightly accommodation prices at less than $200, which is a significant decrease. It is important to keep in mind that June, although being one of the hottest months on the island, is an excellent month for events. The entire island of Puerto Rico plays host to a number of annual festivities.

During the summer months of July through September, there is a potential for hurricanes, and temperatures can occasionally reach well into the upper 80s. However, hotels are offering some of the finest deals possible during this formal offseason. Additionally, because there are less tourists in town during this season, you won’t have to compete as hard for a seat at the pool, and it will be much simpler to secure a reservation at a popular restaurant.

The period between October and the middle of December is the best time to travel, especially when one considers the affordable ticket and accommodation rates that are available during this time of year. If you are willing to forego having a view of the ocean, you might even be able to find a room at a beach resort for less than $100 per night. 

The average nightly rate at a beach resort is roughly $150. Look for homes in the lovely Rincón neighborhood, which is located on the west coast of the island; alternatively, try the Carolina Beach neighborhood, which is located in the very center of San Juan. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in popular activities, such as a zip line tour, without having to compete with a large number of other tourists.

Best Cocktail at Casa BACARDÍl, Cataño Puerto Rico

Things to Do on Your Puerto Rico Honeymoon

• Visit San Juan's Famous Beaches

You can choose to relax and spend quality time with your partner on San Juan’s beaches for a few days (the sights certainly won’t get old), but you should also think about scheduling a memorable event including water sports for your honeymoon. 

When you go kayaking in one of the island’s bioluminescent bays, you will be paddling through the water at night while being encircled by mesmerizing organisms that glow in the dark. This is a truly unforgettable experience. In addition, Rincón offers opportunities to engage in activities such as snorkeling, horseback riding, and surfing courses.

• Check Out El Yunque Rainforest

The lush, tropical wonderland that is El Yunque National Forest is actually the only tropical rainforest that is protected under the United States National Forest System. You and your significant other won’t be sorry that you included a day trip to this not-to-be-missed location in Puerto Rico on your honeymoon itinerary. Whether you choose to go on a hike, swim beneath waterfalls, or simply take in the sights and sounds of the surrounding forest, you won’t be disappointed.

• Indulge in An Authentic San Juan Experience

The city of San Juan serves as Puerto Rico’s cultural, historical, and artistic epicenter. Old San Juan, the city’s historic district, is not to be missed because of the serious Latin flavour that it exudes, and neither should San Juan itself. You should make a reservation at one of the neighborhood’s restaurants for a bit of dinner and dancing (salsa is the name of the game at many of the bars in the neighborhood), stroll the colorful streets with your sweetheart and take in the architecture, and maybe even spend the night in the neighbourhood.

Bedroom at San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Honeymoon – Most Romantic Resort Destinations

• St. Regis Bahia Beach

One of the most stylish and well-liked hotels in Puerto Rico is the St. Regis Bahia Beach, which encompasses a land area of over 500 acres. Couples will find themselves in a verdant setting that is conveniently located between the El Yunque National Forest and the Caribbean Sea. 

In a magnificent Audubon Gold Signature Sanctuary, active couples can enjoy birdwatching, hiking, swimming, playing tennis or golf, or any combination of these activities. When the temperature begins to rise, you and your companions can take a dip in one of the lakes on the property or head to the boat house, which is loaded with various watercraft such as kayaks and paddleboards.

• DaDa JaJa

DaDa JaJa is located in the hip Santurce area of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is easily accessible from the airport by a ride that lasts only 14 minutes. This hotel is located in close proximity to museums, restaurants, and entertainment, making it an excellent choice for newlyweds who are on a limited budget. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to both the popular San Juan Condado beaches as well as the Carolina beaches. 

You can unwind at the end of the day in one of the four tastefully decorated guest rooms, each of which has a retro vibe and features prints and sculptures created by local artists. Additional highlights of the rooms are the one-of-a-kind architectural and design characteristics that appreciate the open air and the enchanted sunlight of San Juan.

• Finca Victoria

Discover the beauty of the island of Vieques from the enchanted Finca Victoria, which sits on the highest point on the island. Take pleasure in the verdant surroundings, nocturnal performances by the indigenous coqui frogs, and low levels of light pollution. The island is a dream come true for stargazers, as it offers unobstructed views of the Milky Way and the cosmos beyond.

Every morning, this boutique hotel’s guests are treated to complimentary yoga on the property’s outside terrace, which is then followed by a complimentary, freshly prepared vegan breakfast comprised of regionally sourced ingredients. The on-site Ayurveda Center offers a comprehensive curriculum of classes, spanning from Chinese medicine to Pancharkarma, for guests to take advantage of.


With this complete Puerto Rico honeymoon guide, we can guarantee you will make a million memories with your partner without having to worry about anything!

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