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What to Do on A 3 Week Beach Vacation in Jamaica

Sussex Great House's adjoining library room, equipped with curl-up-and-lose-yourself-in-a-book sofas and numerous outdoor reading areas, is the ideal way to shake off jet lag or relax into Jamaica's go-slow culture. When you need to stretch your legs, a trip through the plantation grounds will take you past local exotic fruits and native spices that are still grown on the estate each year.

Jamaica is a way of life, with its white-sand beaches, reggae music, and rum. We can guarantee you one thing: during a vacation to Jamaica, all of the clichés in your brain will become true. 

Despite being one of the Caribbean’s most popular islands for vacationers, a fast web search reveals that tourism in Jamaica has grown significantly since the glitterati arrived in the 1950s. All-inclusive resorts are becoming one of the most popular ways to visit.

Bamboo River Rafting at Jamaica

However, the alternative – traveling across the island on your own – comes with those nagging fears about safety because Jamaica has a bit of a reputation in that regard. Jamaica is more than simply a well-known ‘brand’; it is a source of pride for the people who live there, as well as for its educational institutions, sporting triumphs, and scientific and technological advancements.

It is full of waterfalls, mountains, and beautiful beaches. Jamaica is synonymous with reggae music and jerk chicken. It is represented by the bobsled squad, Usain Bolt, and Bob Marley. Are you looking to discover the real Jamaica?

You may plan your vacation to this gorgeous Caribbean island with a complete itinerary, suggestions for what to do, where to stay, where to dine, and safety information.

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Where to Stay?

ocho rios jamiaca port beach

The first item of business on any Jamaican vacation plan should be to adjust to the slowness of island time, and Ocho Rios is the ideal location to take a long, leisurely breather. 

Sussex Great House, built in the 1790s, is one of the most magnificent, intriguing, and one-of-a-kind locations you could ever stay. At the top of a winding hill in St Ann’s Bay (a short drive from Ocho Rios), 600 feet above sea level, this historic Jamaican property still functions as a spice plantation over 150 acres, and the hosts couldn’t be more hospitable.

Step out of your private room in this Airbnb property, and you’ll be within steps of a pool with views of Ocho Rios and the sea. Sussex Great House’s adjoining library room, equipped with curl-up-and-lose-yourself-in-a-book sofas and numerous outdoor reading areas, is the ideal way to shake off jet lag or relax into Jamaica’s go-slow culture.

When you need to stretch your legs, a trip through the plantation grounds will take you past local exotic fruits and native spices that are still grown on the estate each year.

Discover paradise in Jamaica! Book your dream getaway now and find your perfect home away from home. Experience the beauty, culture, and relaxation this Caribbean gem has to offer. Don’t wait, secure your stay today!

All That You Should Do in Week 1 - Jamaica

Visit the Heart of Jamaica - Chukka Zipline

The crown gem of Chukka Caribbean Adventures is Jamaica, the birthplace of the chukka. Chukka has you covered everywhere you want to go and everything you want to do; lay back and relax or pump up the excitement with Chukka Jamaica activities!

Teen on Zipline at Chukka Jamaica

You can’t visit the Caribbean without participating in a zip line trip, and Jamaica is no exception. You can spend a morning dangling from the treetops on a Zipline Jamaica trip with Chukka Caribbean as part of your soft adventure tour of Jamaica.

Even though you’ve done several ziplines, you will still like playing Tarzan as you swing through the forest canopy and participate in a zip line at any chance. “You should try a zip line if you haven’t already!”

Ready for an unforgettable adventure? Explore pristine beaches, hike lush rainforests, and immerse yourself in vibrant local culture. Start your Jamaican journey today!

Chukka White River Valley Adrenaline Outpost

Look closely at the Chukka White River Valley area, which features impressive natural beauty and historical landmarks. The water’s cleanliness and the river flow constancy distinguish White River Valley from other sites on the island.

The limestone bedrock filters the river’s water, keeping it pure even when it floods. This spot near St. Mary, Jamaica, is home to spectacular fauna and rich history.

Combined with the Blue Hole experience, this place is the perfect slice of paradise with the exhilarating zipline adventure and thrilling river tubing ride!

Dunn's River Falls; a Must-See Attraction

Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios Jamaica

Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica’s most famous natural attraction, is located in Ocho Rios. This magnificent waterfall is 180 feet high and 600 feet long. Falls Flyer, Dunns River’s newest attraction, is a sequence of seven ziplines and four hanging bridges above the falls!

View the falls from a new angle; a bird’s eye view! A white sand beach and the warm Caribbean Ocean meet at the mouth of Dunn’s River. Natural stairs formed by the water’s travertine (limestone) deposits and specific manufactured changes allow tourists to ascend the falls with the assistance of a property guide.

Non-climbers may enjoy the falls and people-watch from a parallel stairway and several vantage locations. The waterfall constantly rebuilds itself with its sediments, making it a geologist’s dream; Dunn’s River is one of the few travertine waterfalls in the world that flows into the sea.

Chukka Cove & Cliff

Chukka Cove, the center of ‘Chukka,’ is where it all started in 1982. Chukka Cove, 40 acres of gorgeous shoreline, pure oceans, and an excellent central position, is ideal for an adventurous Jamaican experience without traveling too far off the beaten path. 

Ride through a colonial-era estate along the stunning coastline on our ATV Safari. Swim in the warm Caribbean Sea on a swimming horse with our Signature Horseback Ride’ N’ Swim, cliff jump into the magnificent turquoise waters at the Cove, and power snorkel to discover the undersea world.

Stunning Chukka Cliff, Ocho Rios Jamaica

Chukka Cove is about 15 minutes north of Ocho Rios in Llandovery, St. Ann.

Chukka Ocean Outpost at Sandy Bay

Chukka’s Ocean Outpost is a picturesque journey down the coast to Sandy Bay that brings together ocean-loving adventure seekers and cultural explorers. 

What was once a bustling sugar plantation has been a playground of historical experiences exhibiting the finest of Jamaica and meant to reconnect you with nature. On a 160-acre property, enjoy bucket-list events, ocean-inspired activities, and chill-out places. Explore quiet eating rooms as well as open-air nature-infused locations.

 Participate in expeditions to rainforests, rivers, waterfalls, Catamaran cruises, and ocean-view routes for horseback riding and off-roading. This setting is ideal for families, with an ocean-side restaurant and bar, an infinity pool, and two beaches.

Jungle Outpost at Montpelier

Stunning Chukka Jungle Outpost , Montpelier Jamaica

Did you know that Jamaica is abundant in jungles? Chukka Jungle Outpost at Montpelier is set deep in the Great River Valley jungle on a 2,000-acre undulating farm. This Expedition Safari from our Ocean Outpost is the ideal way to immerse yourself in nature. 

A modest climb for athletic explorers sets the tone for a rainforest zipline and river tubing adventure. The zipline and tubing are created to hear the peaceful sounds of running water and explore the flora and wildlife of the lovely jungle. River streams and springs frame them.

Activities & Sights to Enjoy Other Than Chukka in Week 2

Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafting along the Martha Brae River is a peaceful way to spend 90 minutes learning about the area’s history and culture. You may pause for a drink, buy crafts and paintings from local artisans, or swing on the rope swings as Bob Marley blasts from riverbank taverns.

Man Drives the Bamboo Rafting, Ocho Rios Jamaica

There is also the Rio Grande River in Portland if you wish to arrange additional Bamboo Rafting. Book your Martha Brae Rafting Experience for just $70 per person, including hotel transportation. Between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay is Martha Bay.

The Pelican Bar

Set out with a local fisher to a location one mile offshore in the Caribbean Sea. It’s a location to have a good time, relax in the shallow waters, and drink a nice beer at sunset. 

If you stay at Jake’s Resort on the South Coast, you’ll be at the Pelican Bar in 20 minutes! However, half-day tours depart from Ocho Rios, Negril, and Montego Bay.

Negril's Seven Mile Beach

Welcome to the reportedly most gorgeous beach in Jamaica! Seven Mile Beach fulfills island fantasies. Fine, light-colored sand and turquoise-blue sea greet you here.

Seven Mile Beach is divided into two sections to avoid misunderstanding: a tiny harbor known as Bloody Bay and a much longer beach to the south known as Long Bay. Long Bay has more taverns, motels, and the like, whereas Bloody Bay is calmer. 

Stunning Negril's Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

Despite the infrastructure, you can expect a romantic Caribbean atmosphere. The hotels are all nestled beneath palm trees and (allegedly) are not permitted to surpass their height.

The Seven Mile Beach is primarily available to the public, although some areas (particularly in front of the large hotels) are private. This has the advantage of attracting fewer souvenir vendors. If you prefer a more intimate setting, head to the south. The beach is as stunning here, but you are nearly alone.

Catamaran & Snorkel

Catamaran cruises depart from Jamaica’s famed Seven Mile Beach in Negril and are a lot of fun. This full or half-day excursion has something for everyone. 

Tours include sailing, sightseeing, stopping by Rick’s Café to view cliff divers, snorkeling, and the opportunity to play at Margaritaville. Plus, as this is a Caribbean adventure, plenty of rum will be consumed!

snorkeling at the Caribbean sea

Catamaran trips include snorkeling. However, several snorkeling cruises in Jamaica depart from Seven Mile Beach. There is some intriguing aquatic life to observe in Jamaica. We came across trumpetfish, pufferfish, and starfish. Furthermore, the sea is tranquil, welcoming, and pleasant.

Swimming to Pirate’s Cave, a marine cave where pirates used to hide their stashes of hidden wealth, can be a pleasure. Book a Catamaran Tour from Ocho Rios that includes a stop at Dunn’s River Falls for just $160 per person.

YS Fall Adventure

Nothing beats avoiding the blazing sun by swimming in lagoons and sunbathing under waterfalls that cascade from above. The YS Cascade is a seven-tiered waterfall that is both stunning and entertaining!

Hire a guide; ours took us to locations where independent travelers couldn’t, and he set up the rope swings for us, making the trip more pleasant and instructive. Bring a waterproof camera or GoPro, as well as a towel. This is a decent substitute for the less crowded Dunn’s River Falls.

Blue Hole

Stunning Blue Hole Ocho Rios in Jamaica

A beautiful turquoise sinkhole in Ocho Rios in Jamaica is known as the Blue Hole. The Blue Lagoon was formerly known as the Blue Hole. Therefore the two are easily confused. Furthermore, the island has more than one blue hole.

The Blue Hole near Ocho Rios, on the other hand, is a famous swimming hole with a waterfall. Both locals and visitors enjoy a soak in the Blue Hole in its natural surroundings.

Bob Marley Museum

A vacation to Jamaica would not be complete without a little Bob Marley. The Bob Marley Museum tells the story of this iconic artist and campaigner who helped place Jamaica on the globe. 

You may schedule trips from Ocho Rios, Kingston, Runaway Bay, or Montego Bay, or you can journey on your own to the Bob Marley Museum.

Activities & Sights to Visit in Your Third Week

The Black River Safari

Boat Ride at The Black River Safari in Jamaica

Crocodiles were initially considered endangered in Jamaica, but they are now protected, and you may view them on the Black River Safari. 

This 90-minute boat journey allows you to get up close and personal with crocodiles as they lounge on the riverbanks, swim up to the boats, or hide in the mangrove trees. It’s a Jamaican adventure you won’t soon forget.

Combine the YS Waterfalls with the Black River Safari and the Appleton Estate Rum Distillery on this highly recommended vacation!

Swim With Horses at Saint Ann

This is, without a doubt, one of the top things to do in Jamaica. It was a lot of fun. Don’t worry, horses enjoy swimming, and there is no way to bring them into the water if they don’t.

Tours begin with a half-hour ride to the beach and conclude with a 15-minute plunge into the Caribbean Sea. It’s hilarious!

Bobsledding Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios

Exciting Bobsledding Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The bobsled track at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios is Jamaica’s most unusual tourist attraction (if not the whole Caribbean). A fifteen-minute chair ride will take you to the mountain’s summit, where there is a museum, pool bar, café, waterslides, and zip line. 

The bobsleigh ride is quick and done before you realize it, but it’s thrilling to be racing through the jungle. Rainforest Adventures on Mystic Mountain may keep you busy for the entire day.

Luminous Lagoon

Because of its uniqueness, the Luminous Lagoon is one of Jamaica’s most famous tourist attractions. There aren’t many spots on the planet where you can observe bioluminescence in person, so this is the place to go. 

Furthermore, given that tourism is expected to be down due to covid-19, we wouldn’t be shocked if the bioluminescent water flashed brightly. If you haven’t seen bioluminescence, where lights dance in the water caused by microorganisms, this may be the spot!

Rick's Cafe

The View at Rick's Cafe, Jamaica

Unwritten rule: You can’t leave Jamaica without first visiting. Rick’s Café is a Jamaican institution that has achieved cult status. The restaurant, built on a cliff edge, is undoubtedly one of the country’s most iconic attractions. Cliff jumpers are well-known at Rick’s Café. 

Locals, in particular, leap into the depths from a good 20 meters above the ground, doing daring dives and flips. You’ll get weak in the knees just looking at them, but if you want an adrenaline boost, you should take the plunge. You don’t have to start at the top; there are multiple lower platforms from which to leap.

The Mayfield Falls

One of the highlights of our vacation to Jamaica! The river trek around Mayfield Falls is an authentic rainforest experience. Along the river are two waterfalls (the biggest of which is known as “The Washing Machine”) and several swimming holes. 

For nearly an hour, the walk leads upstream among cascades. To go into the water, bring a swimsuit and shoes. A guide is not required; however, it is suggested. They will ensure that nothing occurs and show you an underground cave or two to explore.

The Roaring River & the Cave

The Roaring River & the Cave, Jamaica

The Roaring River is another must-see in Jamaica. The river runs underground for most of its course until it reaches the surface at Petersfield. The environment surrounding the springs is breathtaking.

The primary attraction, though, is Roaring River Cave, a limestone cave where you may swim. Because the cave is quite dark, you must enter it with a guide. If you book the trip via your hotel, the drivers will typically know which tour guides are reliable.

Jamaican Food You Need to Try in The Three Weeks!

You must be living under a rock if you have never tried Jamaican cuisine. Jerk chicken, beef patties, curry goat, ackee, and saltfish are a few examples (which is the national dish of Jamaica and not to be confused with scrambled eggs).

Nothing beats the fragrance of jerk cooked fresh on the grill in Jamaica. How about drinking the juice from a fresh coconut and then eating the jelly? Climbing a mango tree and plucking a luscious fruit to eat.

You may envision the fragrance of fried fish and the celebration at Hellshire Beach, as well as snacking on stiff dough bread with condensed milk. Bammy, roti with curry chicken, Escoveitched fish, fried dumplings, roast breadfruit, plantains, and cornmeal porridge are all popular. 

The Best Jamaican Jerk Chicken

There is Chinese Jamaican cuisine as well since there are numerous Chinese Jamaicans in Jamaica! The tastes and preparation of dishes like chop suey and sweet and sour chicken differ from those found in the United States, but they are nonetheless delicious! Enjoy fresh lobster harvested and cooked for you right on the beach while in Jamaica!

Not to mention the sweets! Rum cake, fruit/black cake (not to be confused with American fruit cake), grater cake, bread pudding, pound cake, and ice cream. If you ever find yourself in Kingston, visit Devon House for the richest, creamiest ice cream you’ve ever tasted!

Try the flavors of rum raisin or grape nut. Finish with Jamaican overproof rum, Ting, Guinness stout, rum punch, or a Red Stripe beer!

Top Picks for Restaurants in Jamaica

Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio: An insider tip, one of Jamaica’s trendiest eateries is Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio. The restaurant is located in the Jamaican countryside, approximately 30 minutes by drive from Negril.

A 4-course (lunch) or 5-course (dinner) menu comprising the most sumptuous delicacies is available. The majority of the components are homegrown. Our verdict: Simply the greatest; don’t miss it!

Zimbali's Mountain Cooking Studio, Jamaica

Murphy’s West End Restaurant: If you’re staying in Negril, you should stop by Murphy’s. The area is famous for its fish and seafood. There are, however, a few vegetarian alternatives. You can sit outside, but it’s covered, and the personnel is exceptionally kind and helpful.

Just Natural: For many years, Just Natural has been a Negril institution. It provides vegetarian, seafood, and Italian cuisine. You have to sample the freshly squeezed juices! The restaurant’s environment, which resembles a tropical paradise, is unique. A little odd but incredibly gorgeous.

Scotchies (Montego Bay): This Jamaican restaurant is THE place to go for jerk. The tremendous jerk in Jamaica is said to be served here. We can’t confirm, but it’s a tasty lunch. Scotchies have a rustic and pleasant atmosphere — you sit in a courtyard or garden.

Are You Set for Your 3 Weeks in Jamaica? ...🛪

Tourism is a significant economic contributor in Jamaica. As a result, the people are keen to ensure you have a pleasant experience when traveling across the nation. In Jamaica, you will never feel unsafe. Jamaica is open to visitors all year. 

Temperatures are pleasant all year, ranging between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, although it dips somewhat during the night.

The Caribbean island has a tremendous tropical environment, lovely white sand beaches, and warm, turquoise waters ideal for various marine activities. Another huge draw is the laid-back attitude of the friendly and hospitable Jamaican people. Jamaica is unquestionably worth visiting since it has so much to offer as per the insights of Kanana.

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