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Let’s Go Dining in the Best US Virgin Islands Restaurants

So what are you waiting for? While enjoying the beautiful scenic views and fun and interesting activities in the US virgin islands, go out and sample some cuisine that includes local culture and regional influences in the most delectable way possible. This guide will expose you to some of the USVI's classic foods and restaurants that are sure to tickle your appetite. Welcome to the table!

How delightful is it to know that your favorite vacation spot offers so many excellent restaurants and food options for you to try, along with so much other stuff it has to offer? Yes, while being a perfect getaway from daily life with its sun, sea, and slower pace, the United States Virgin Islands has many renowned and mouthwatering Virgin Island restaurants for you to enjoy! 

St. Thomas is the island that attracts the most tourists and serves as the entry point to the British Virgin Islands archipelago. The Virgin Islands are known for the best restaurants in St Thomas which is why it is perhaps the favorite island for all travelers. For example, Charlotte Amalie, the largest town on the island, is in the capital of the United States Virgin Islands, and a major cruise ship port. This town has a wide variety of shopping, entertainment, and dining options providing you with the best version of US virgin island food.

So what are you waiting for? While enjoying the beautiful scenic views and fun and interesting activities in the US virgin islands, go out and sample some cuisine that includes local culture and regional influences in the most delectable way possible. This guide will expose you to some of the USVI’s classic foods and restaurants that are sure to tickle your appetite. Welcome to the table!

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Top Rated Restaurants in U.S. Virgin Islands

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Every Virgin Island restaurant claims that their version of the food is the finest, you could also be confused about where to discover the best Jamaican meals. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you find the best Virgin Island restaurant to fulfill your cravings. Come experience a proper virgin island holiday in the top Virgin Island restaurant with vibrancy, excitement, incomparable charm, and unspoiled beauty! 

Pizza Pi

You may not think of pizza when deciding among US Virgin Island food, but trust us when we say you’re going to have to take our word for it on this one. It’s true, Pizza Pi isn’t your typical pizza place. It is situated on a boat in Christmas Cove, a protected harbor that can only be reached by water and is referred to be the Virgin Islands’ version of a food truck. 

When it comes to ordering pizza, don’t forget to try the feta cheese and Georgia peach. After eating it you will realize why it is known to be the world’s most picturesque pizza. What’s better than eating the world’s most amazing pizza with the view of dolphins and turtles from the bow? 

The Thirteens

The Thirteens US Virgin Islands

If you’re craving delicious Southern cuisine with an island flair, this restaurant in Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands is a dream come true! It’s true, that The Thirteens is one of the top five Virgin Island restaurants.

The restaurant’s rustic-beautiful decor will delight your sense of sight with its elegant wooden floors, chairs, and tables. Similarly, the pop art pieces hanging on the walls and the chic chandeliers are the cherries on top when it comes to this traditionally decorated beauty.

As for the food, it can be pricey but trust us when we say its worth it! There are a lot of options for lobster, steak, spaghetti, and fish and they frequently incorporate bacon. There are also scallops and poultry that have been wrapped in bacon, as well as brownies for dessert that have pretzels and bacon on top. Woah, so many kinds of bacon dishes! 

Moreover, their Southern Benedict is just wonderful. It can either be served for breakfast or brunch.

Your taste senses will be stimulated by the hollandaise sauce’s excellent, creamy flavor when eaten over poached eggs. Also, you’ll be begging for more of the warm side dish known as hashbrown casserole. Yum! 

If The Thirteens is on your list, make a reservation asap because although it is small, it is extremely popular!

La Tapa

La Tapa

Due to its outstanding Mediterranean cuisine, this 1996-built restaurant next to Cruz Bay is one of the best locations to eat when it comes to US virgin island food. Imagine having the taste of Spain in the heart of Cruz Bay; yes, this is La Tapa for you! 

is offered on the constantly-evolving menu.

Their menu is constantly evolving. From starters like boquerones, gazpacho, and seared foie gras with grape-Gewurztraminer sauce, La Tapa also has a wide variety when it comes to the main course.

For example, every bite of the French white veal atop a bed of fragrant basmati rice will reveal how supple and tender it is. You will have the best food in the US Virgin Islands when the leeks, pearl onions, and shiitake mushrooms are combined. Yum! 

To satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, La Tapa has its incredible chocolate truffle cake with carajillo ice cream or the Tarte tatin with calvados ice cream. What’s better than having these desserts while there is live jazz being performed?

No wonder La Tapa is one of the best Virgin Island restaurants among tourists due to its authentic European food. Imagine sitting on a beach, enjoying scrumptious food with a fantastic view of those azure oceans! 

Duggan’s Reef

Duggan’s Reef

This wooden, cottage-style restaurant with a water view is swept by the ocean breeze carrying a conversation and the clinking of glasses over the breaking waves. How surreal! 

For the food, it is all about lobster. Start with the lobster soup and then go on to the Irish whiskey lobster that has been baked with cheese and herbs. You can thank us later!

Duggan’s is unique, classy, and chic. Do you know what the best part is? Because of its focus on regional seafood, Duggan’s has occasionally drawn notable customers like Ted Kennedy and Bill Murray. How cool!

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Browse U.S. Virgin Islands by Food

Almost every country has its own national cuisine, but when it comes to US Virgin island food, they have many options on the plate for you. Let’s see what these are!

Fungi & Fish

Fungi & Fish

The national dish when it comes to the US Virgin island food is fish and fungi. It was created during the Danish control of the Virgin Islands when salt herring and cornmeal were extensively utilized as a base for various cuisines. Fungi (pronounced foon-gee) is a polenta-like delicate dumpling made with salty cornmeal, shortening, and water. Fungi are typically served with large amounts of fish fillets or meat. 

Johnny Cake

Johnny cakes are as popular in the Caribbean as French fries are in the United States. They’re delicious and easy to make. These flexible delicacies, which have their origins in West Indian culture, can be eaten as a snack or served with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These well-loved flour-based and deep-fried sweets are ubiquitous in the Virgin Islands’ homes and restaurants, and they frequently accompany traditional cuisines such as buljol, souse, BBQ chicken, pot fish, curried curries, and a variety of other island favorites.

Soup with Cow Heels

Cow Heel Soup, also known as cow foot soup, is a substantial soup made with – you guessed it – a cow’s heel. It’s a comfort cuisine with African influences that frequently includes filling veggies like okra, potatoes, and carrots. Herbs, spices, flour dumplings, and the main event — tender and gelatinous cow heel marbled with chunks of meat – are all used to flavor the soup. It’s the Caribbean’s version of chicken soup! 



Callaloo is a well-known West African-inspired Caribbean soup or stew. It has a base of chicken broth that is wonderfully strewn with dasheen plant leaves or other healthy greens like spinach. To make Callalo delicious, cooks often add meat, okra, hot and black peppers, and thyme. When you slurp it, you’ll notice that it tastes a little like New Orleans gumbo. Callaloo is frequently served over a fungus ball, and it is occasionally served with boiling plantains or salt fish.

Fritters with Conch

Although the national meal of the Virgin Islands is fish and fungi, a tasty sea snail is also popular. That would be the conch, which can be found on the menus of practically every local eatery. Fresh conch (pronounced conk) is harvested by fishermen, and conch fritters, which are battered and fried conch balls, are a local favorite. Typically, this finger snack is served with a spicy and creamy ketchup-based sauce or creole remoulade.

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The United States Virgin Islands have earned the title of “America’s Paradise” because of their stunning beaches of pure white sand, crystal clear waters, and warm and welcoming locals. Spend the day sunbathing your worries away with views of dreamy seascapes at one of the islands’ beaches, while having the taste of the best Virgin island food.

Also, if you’re planning a trip to US Virgin Islands soon and looking for some amazing cuisine, we hope you’ve found this article quite helpful. There is a lot to see and do on this intriguing and dynamic island. In one of the US Virgin Island restaurants mentioned above, you’re going to have the time of your life! 

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