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Welcome To Jamaica – Discover All There Is To Know About Its Extreme Sports Events!

Beyond the lovely beaches of Montego Bay, there's a new world to discover for certified scuba divers. You'll visit two diving spots on Jamaica's North Coast during this 2-tank PADI scuba diving trip led by master divers. All necessary equipment is provided, making logistics a breeze. This is a fun and simple way to dive in and enjoy Jamaica's underwater sights for just $240 for adults, whether you're a hotel guest or a cruise ship passenger!

Are you a sports freak? Yes? No? Anyway, Jamaica, ranked 85th globally in 2020, with a total of 1 million tourists, is the third-largest island in the Caribbean, featuring sensuous beaches, skyscraping mountains, and lush landscapes, making it an ideal vacation spot for people seeking pure leisure.

But do you know what the best part is? Jamaicans love sports! In fact, sport is a Jamaican passion, as you’ll quickly discover – barely surprising in a country that continues to generate so many world-class athletes.

Their sports headlines abound in newspapers and televisions, making it a fantastic area to pursue your own sporting interests, with outstanding sports such as watersports and world-class golfing!

Man Drives the Bamboo Rafting, Ocho Rios Jamaica

Perhaps it is one of the reasons why by the end of 2023, the number of visitors to Jamaica is expected to reach 4.1 million, with 1.6 million cruise passengers, 2.5 million stopover arrivals, and US$4.2 billion in revenue. 

Do you know that Jamaica earned its fourth field event medal since its debut in 1983 at the recently concluded World Championships in Beijing? Jamaica is now ranked fourth among all competing countries with 110 awards. Woah, how cool and sporty is that!

Hence, if you are a sports freak and want to know more about Jamaica & its water sports event, allow yourself to be fascinated by the magic that awaits you here as you continue reading!

Jamaica & Water Sports

Table of Contents

Scuba Diving

scuba diving on the blue sea

Scuba diving in Jamaica is focused between Negril and Ocho Rios, on the north coast, where visibility is at its finest. The status of the reefs varies; pollution and aggressive fishing tactics have harmed several sections, but there are still some stunning locations close to shore.

The fishes are impressive, with numerous parrots, angels, triggerfish, moray eels, turtles, and evil-looking barracuda. Now, where exactly can you let your Scuba Diving dream come true? See below!

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Beyond the lovely beaches of Montego Bay, there’s a new world to discover for certified scuba divers. You’ll visit two diving spots on Jamaica’s North Coast during this 2-tank PADI scuba diving trip led by master divers.

All necessary equipment is provided, making logistics a breeze. This is a fun and simple way to dive in and enjoy Jamaica’s underwater sights for just $240 for adults, whether you’re a hotel guest or a cruise ship passenger!

Negril, Jamaica - Learn Scuba Diving!

While in Negril, Jamaica, get your PADI Scuba diving certification or just try scuba diving your choice on a Scuba Diving Program in the beautiful waters of Negril for just $256. Most people are terrified of scuba diving and believe it is challenging to learn; however, they can make it easier for you by getting you certified within 2-3 days of your vacation.

The daily class lasts about 4 hours, leaving you the remainder of the day to explore Negril. PADI Scuba Diver Certification allows you to explore the underwater world and acquire confidence by taking the Discover Scuba Course, the Advance to Certified Scuba Diver Course, or the Open Water Diver Course in 3-4 days. How Cool!


snorkeling at the Caribbean sea

Snorkeling, like Scuba Diving, is also focused on the north shore, between Negril and Ocho Rios, where visibility is the best! Operators offering dive trips and snorkeling excursions are all around us in the main resorts.

The most common options for beginners are one-day introductory resort courses (US$95–120), which include basic training and a short, supervised shallow dive close to shore. The longer PADI open-water certification course, which includes practical and theoretical assessments, safety instruction, and numerous dives, costs roughly US$420 and lasts a few days.

However, you can dive without an instructor once you’ve been qualified, but you’ll still need to go with a certified operator. Get ready to spend US$90 for a two-tank dive!

Montego Bay

It all begins with you being picked up by private transportation from your residence in Montego Bay. When you get to the reefs, you will be given snorkeling equipment such as a mask, snorkel, fins, and life preserver jackets.

You’ll find unusual species here, as well as common ones like angel fish, parrot fish, trumpet fish, sting rays, puffer fish, groupers, and more. The basic, private snorkeling package includes 2 hours of snorkeling at the reefs to see marine life.

Man looking for shell at Montego Bay, Jamaica

The tour is ideal for groups and families looking to snorkel in an intimate setting. Finally, you will return to your pickup spot once all the activity books have been completed. Tadaa!

Private Party!

Every traveler visiting Jamaica has a bucket dropdown list of seeing Dunn’s River Falls. Enjoy an utterly Jamaican party catamaran sail to the spectacular Dunn’s River, where you may either relax on the beach or climb to the top of this world-famous 600-foot waterfall.

Go snorkeling and swim in the ocean. Relax and enjoy the sunset while sipping an ice-cold beer or a tropical fruit punch! Yum.


In Jamaica, almost all larger resorts provide parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking, glass-bottom boat trips, and sailing.

Sailing Adventure Cruise From Montego Bay

Sunrise at Montego Bay, Jamaica

Set sail on your private yacht from Montego Bay on this personalized sailing trip, perfect for families or parties celebrating a special occasion.

Choose from snorkeling around a coral reef to see tropical fish, sea turtles, and starfish, deep-sea fishing, or simply relaxing on the yacht’s deck and taking in the island’s sights. This private charter requires a minimum of four people. The amazing coral reefs are teeming with vibrant tropical fish, rays, and turtles.

Bring your cameras so you may capture these experiences for the rest of your life. After all, it’ll only take you 40 minutes of your life!


Far away from the coast, movie star Errol Flynn made river rafting popular in the 1950s, who discovered that the bamboo rafts used to transport bananas along Portland’s Rio Grande could also be used for fun punting.

Although the Rio Grande remains the most beautiful site for an idle glide, operators have set up shop in Ocho Rios, Falmouth, and Montego Bay. A two-person raft costs roughly $75, with more if you need transportation to and from your hotel.

Bamboo Rafting & Limestone Foot Massage? Yes, Please!

Chukka Reggae Rafting at Lethe District, Hanover Jamaica

A fantastic river tour is located in the highlands of Hanover Great River, where guests are driven on a 30 ft hand-constructed bamboo raft and relax into paradise as the guide leisurely streams down the tropical rain forest, leaving you with tales and memories of this lovely island.

Get your feet massaged with a limestone paste formed from river rocks, which will leave your feet smooth and leave a lasting impression. Damn.

Travelers would float down the river on a handcrafted bamboo raft that was 30 feet long, stopping to have a natural foot massage with limestone from the river while listening to the natural sounds of birdsongs and admiring the lovely flora and fauna. Such a dream come true!

Ocho Rios - Bamboo Rafting & Horseback

This customized half-day excursion includes round-trip transportation in an air-conditioned minivan and trips to Jamaica’s horseback riding and bamboo rafting.

Horseback riding takes you on a nature walk through the countryside and ends in the ocean, where you can ride your horse in the water. After a gorgeous drive, your local guide will tell you about the area’s history and environment. The price includes round-trip transportation from Ocho Rios hotels.

Awesome Bamboo Rafting, Ocho Rios Jamaica

If your hotel is not on the list, you may be outside the pickup zone. They will still pick you up. However, there may be additional expenses. Then it’s on to Bamboo Rafting through their forest while your guide entertains you while you listen to the soothing sounds of nature. How lovely!

River Swimming

Went to Jamaica and missed river swimming? Please don’t! The Rio Grande in Portland, the Great River in Montego Bay, and the White River in Ocho Rios are great places to enjoy river swimming in Jamaica.

The ultimate waterfall climb on the island is Dunn’s River in Ocho Rios, but there are dozens of other cascades, many of which are undiscovered. 

The journey will take you through the town of Ocho Rios to the world-famous Dunn’s River Falls, only 10 minutes away, after being picked up from the cruise liner port by a friendly and informative guide. Guests will be required to purchase admittance tickets upon arriving at the falls, after which a guide will be assigned to take them on tour. Take a tumble and swim your life away!

Mark Your Trip To Jamaica As Your Next Holiday Destination & Experience the Best Sports Events Of The World Today! ...🛪

Most people’s ideal vacation is to get away from the dreary gray skies and immerse themselves in a small slice of tropical paradise, which is exactly what Jamaica offers. But, how great would it to have sports here too?

The country has recently launched Jamaica Sport, an initiative to develop sports tourism and diversify the island’s tourism offerings.

The goal is to increase the number of sporting events held in Jamaica, increase visitor arrivals, and establish the island as a prominent sports destination. Get on the plane and experience these events today!

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