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Where To Go To Enjoy The Hot & Happening Nightlife in The United States Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are a group of white-sand beaches and tropical coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea, located just 64 kilometers (40 miles) east of Puerto Rico. 

Apart from the palm trees and the blue lake, there are also several great bars that serve drinks like ice margaritas, cold beers, and of course, the fabled Painkiller cocktail. There is no shortage of entertaining things for the pleasure visitor to take part in when visiting the US Virgin Islands, including beachfront rum shacks, upscale beach bars, and vibrant live music festivals.

US Virgin Island

The nightlife options vary from place to place because the three main islands are so different from one another. Visitors’ most populated and well-liked island is St. Thomas (especially in the winter).

Visitors should focus their attention on four important places on the island for nightlife: Charlotte Amalie, the capital and largest city of the island; Frenchtown, which is nearby and famous for its eating scene; Red Hook, which is famed for its block-style parties; and Havensight (plentiful live music).

Although there are several upscale pubs and restaurants in Christiansted or Frederiksted (St. Croix) and many well-known hotspots in Cruz Bay (St. John), nightlife on the St. Croix and St. John is much more subdued.

In the Virgin Islands, partying is paramount. The nightlife in the US Virgin Islands more than makes up for any lack of variety. The culture is mostly centred around bars, which are as numerous as sand grains on a Caribbean beach: there are countless beach bars, wine bars, dive bars, sports bars, and even one or two homosexual bars.

A few offer dancing, others have DJs or live music, and others have team trivia. Some you can get to by walking, some by pulling your boat up, and some by swimming.

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Side Street Pub, St Thomas

This popular watering spot in the heart of downtown Charlotte Amalie takes the same straightforward and simple approach to its service and drink selection as it does with its naming. 

You’ll find it situated behind the arches of an attractive colonial building; choose a pew outside for excellent people-watching, and you’ll be set. Try the Painkiller, a popular drink in the area and mixed with rum, grated nutmeg, pineapple, orange, and coconut. In a hurry? Get a beer and a shrimp taco to go.

Duffy’s Love Shack, St Thomas

Duffy’s is a St. Thomas institution with a strong reputation, despite being a little shack in the middle of a parking lot. It is one of the most well-liked nightclubs on the entire island due to the large, imaginatively named tropical beverages, delectable food, and young, energetic audience. 

Drinks like The Revenge of Godzilla, the Love Shack Volcano (a fiery 50-ounce cocktail not for the faint of heart), or the Blast Off, which comes in a spaceship-shaped goblet, can help revelers loosen up. Dancing on tables is not discouraged once the music starts playing and the strobe lights start flashing.

But be careful not to bang your head on the wall-mounted animatronic shark, which sometimes goes into “attack” mode. Finding the tiki-hut-themed pub is simple; follow the sound of music to Red Hook Plaza’s parking lot.

It is recommended for the best nightlife as this bar offers outrageously large drinks, roaring music, and a wild late-night crowd. Ladies Night is held every Wednesday from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. Well, drinks are complimentary for women, and other guests must pay $2 for Miller Lite.

Woody’s Seafood Saloon

One of Cruz Bay’s most well-liked bars is Woody’s. Daily happy hours and late-night drink-a-thons increase the energy level a bit, but overall, it’s a chill, laid-back hangout. 

It is recommended to arrive at this stop on your tour of St. John, USVI, nightlife with a strong appetite. You’ll find a wide variety of delectable foods, like chicken wings, spaghetti salad, conch fritters, and shrimp that have been blackened or beer-battered. Giant margaritas and equally huge rum punch portions are served at Woody’s Seafood Saloon.

Woody’s Seafood Saloon

Local workers flock here for an after-work snack of “drunken shrimp” or steamers and beer because they serve excellent bar food and brews and well drinks. Reggae night is on Wednesday, and local bands perform on Saturday. Woody’s is small and unattractive, like other bars on St. John, but the beverages, food, and company set it apart from other Cruz Bay bars.

Most importantly, the costs are reasonable. You won’t even scratch the surface of your travel budget while enjoying good food and drink. This location also features a sizable gear store where visitors may stock up on clothing, hats, and swag as gifts or keepsakes for their loved ones.

Woody’s, a St. John institution, is recommended for the best nightlife because it combines excellent seafood, affordable beer, and regional culture. Happy hour is from 3-6pm, and beer is just $1.

Epernay, St Thomas

This classy Frenchtown wine bar and cafe, which opened in 1990, draws a refined, older clientele that enjoys wine, martinis, champagne (which may be ordered by the glass), and traditional artisan cocktails. 

You can order food as well. You can nibble on appetizers like truffle goat cheese, bruschetta, and ceviche or order a complete meal like Kobe steak, salmon and brie crepes, locally caught fish, or bruschetta.

If you arrive before sunset, the awning-covered outdoor patio that was constructed during the refurbishment in 2012 is the ideal spot to take in the stunning view of the port. It is open for lunch as well. Alexander’s Bella Blu is next door.

 With its elegant ambience, extensive wine and liquor choices, and delectable appetizers, Pernay hits all the right notes. Tapas are available during happy hour (5-7pm), and Absolut drinks are only $4.

Fort Christian Brew Pub


The sole legally recognised microbrewery in the US Virgin Islands offers a bustling nightlife. Porter, red, pale ale, stout, and seasonal brews are available on the extensive beer menu. 

The Painkiller and Cruzan Confusion are two well-known island concoctions that go well with substantial dishes like burgers, Cajun gumbo, clam strips, and ribeye steak. Sports on TV, live music, and the always popular Monday night crab races are all options for evening entertainment.

You may view the glittering lights or feed table scraps to the circling tarpon below from the pub’s prime location on the edge of Christiansted Harbor.

 You can’t go wrong at Fort Christian Brew Pub with the fantastic location, hand-crafted brews, and crab races. Check out this amazing after-parade party for St. Patrick’s Day if you’re in town.

Starz Nightclub, St Thomas

This split-level entertainment complex is the newest addition to St. Thomas’s nightlife scene. Starz has more than enough amenities to keep people coming back for more, even though it isn’t as upscale or exclusive as clubs in Manhattan or Miami. 

These include the Grey Goose VIP bar upstairs and the Johnny Walker Bar downstairs, as well as a cutting-edge sound system, LED lighting, soundproof walls, and bottle service. Locals and visitors mix equally among the crowd, who are there to dance, drink, and enjoy the DJ night.

Stand-up comedy performances, open mic evenings, blues and jazz nights, club nights, ladies’ nights, and other special events are frequently held. It is situated near the Havensight shopping area in the Port of Sale Mall.

 Starz offers liquor, the blues, and gorgeous people in one of the island’s few nightclubs that welcomes tourists.

Quiet Mon Pub, St John

Quiet Mon Pub, St John

Despite having a name with a Caribbean vibe, Quiet Mon is a typical Irish bar with all the trimmings, like wood paneling, draught beer, dart boards, and retired people spending the time.

Quiet Mon provides a variety of surprising yet unforgettable experiences in St. John, like chocolate cake shots that have nothing to do with cake. Even Newcastle Brown and Strongbow cider are available on tap.

This second-story bar, in the midst of Cruz Bay, is relatively quiet during the day when people stop by to eat pub fare like hot dogs, sloppy joes, chili, and nachos or enjoy an Irish coffee while using the Celtic Cybercafe to check their email. They have a small menu of delectable fare, including a soup of the day, sandwiches, and handmade chili. 

They have a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere comparable to that of an Irish pub. But when night falls, things pick up, and the celebration frequently lasts until well beyond dawn. The pub hosts special events for St. Patrick’s Day and other notable occasions.

 The Quiet Mon is the stereotypical bar in St. John: funky, low-key, and a fantastic place to observe people walking past quietly. Country artist Kenny Chesney, who owns a home on St. John and frequently travels there, referred to The Quiet Mon in his song “Be As You Are.”

Eat @ Cane Bay

Eat @ Cane Bay

Eat @ Cane Bay is a fantastic restaurant with wonderful food, friendly service, and innovative beverages during the day. Once the sun goes down, it transforms into an amazing nightclub with helpful service, delectable cuisine, creative cocktails and lots of reggae music. 

Eat is the ideal place to watch the sunset while sipping a Belgian beer or a silver & gold margarita and trying bite-sized “food shots,” fresh seafood, or hand-cut steaks. It is situated right on the beach in the picturesque Cane Bay. Additionally, you can create your burger or salad. After your meal, enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the north shore while dancing to a local band.

The combination of cuisine, drinks, music, and setting at Eat @ Cane Bay is exquisite. Eat @ Cane Bay will deliver food to your house or villa on the north shore if you’re too lazy to go out.

Abi Beach Bar, St Thomas

Your first stop should be at Abi Beach Bar, which can be found on the south coast of St. Thomas. Even though it is close to Charlotte Amalie Harbor, the white sand beach here is encircled by such thick, verdant vegetation. 

There are so few buildings visible from the beach that it is impossible to fool yourself into thinking you are Robinson Crusoe. The only structure that can be seen is an open-air bar and restaurant that performs both functions.

The Promenade is the house specialty drink made with vodka infused with pomegranate, fresh mint, club soda, and simple syrup to taste. The variety of beers available is extensive, and there will be a selection of frozen cocktails prepared using the blender that will be available.

On the menu, you’ll find items such as fish tacos, steaks, ribs, hamburgers, and even a black bean burger for vegetarians. The week’s highlight is the unlimited crab and lobster night, which takes place every Thursday from six to ten o’clock and costs $36. 

In addition to that, there is live music on the weekends. The proprietor, Dan Nicolosi, has stated that eight moorings would be erected this summer to make it more convenient for guests to arrive by boat.

The Longboard, St John

The Longboard is a beach bar with a cool, contemporary vibe. It features honeycomb-tiled bar worktops, steel ceiling fans, and terrazzo surfaces in various turquoise shades and white. 

Poke bowls, ceviche, and tacos made with locally caught fish, combined with fruit and greens sourced from around the islands, are light and healthful foods. Ingredients such as grilled pineapple, fresh grapefruit, and native Thai basil are used in cocktails that take their inspiration from the world’s various coastal locations.

What’s in the punch bowl? Obviously, a Painkiller that’s been frozen.

Skinny Legs, St John

The pub was established in 1991 by Moe and Dougie, who gave it its name and distinctive emblem, which is based on their twig-like legs. 

Moe and Dougie named the establishment Skinny Legs after themselves. It is clear that this establishment caters to families, as seen by the fact that children are allowed to run around and have fun in the garden while their parents relax and enjoy a beverage on the terrace.

Shaken house drinks are served alongside juicy, high-quality beef burgers; there are no pneumatic drill-style blenders to ruin your afternoon here. One of the most popular options is the Pink Razz Lemonade, which is made with raspberry rum. They have a relaxed, unpretentious, yet unmistakably funky restaurant and retail space.

It’s a terrific location to stop for a bowl of homemade chili and a few starter drinks before finishing any significant St. John’s bar run. It serves fresh green salads from Josephine’s Organic Greens of St. John and an excellent assortment of mouthwatering burgers and sandwiches.

This is a great place to start before going to livelier, later-partying venues because service here ends at just 8 o’clock in the evening. Before departing, you can load up on hats, hoodies, tanks, and t-shirts.

Sapphire Beach Bar, St Thomas

This large, historic tavern is worth visiting, even if you are not staying at the resort. There are numerous seating options available in the open-air area, allowing guests to take in the setting sun over the turquoise waters of Sapphire Beach. 

This is a popular choice for people sailing about St. Thomas or seeking a drink after they have finished snorkeling because of the neighboring marina and the close proximity to the cruise ship terminal. Be sure to try the Beach Confusion, which features a variety of rums ranging from coconut to banana.

Rhythms at Rainbow Beach, St Croix

This Rainbow Beach bar is found in Frederiksted and can be reached by boat or on foot in less than ten minutes from the cruise ship port. 

It is a well-known place for sailboaters and powerboaters to pitch anchor offshore and get a drink in order to celebrate the nightly display of pink and orange hues that can be seen from the bar. On the menu of beverages, you’ll find freshly squeezed juices as well as a varied assortment of island rums.

Their classic Lime in the Coconut cocktail is the perfect way to cool off as the sun begins to set while your toes wiggle on the beach.

The Beach Bar, St John

The Beach Bar, St John

If you’re sailing and want to drop anchor here, or if you’re just walking along the beach from the ferry pier, this is a great place to stop because it’s known for its varied live music and picnic tables that have been custom-made in the sand. 

Drop anchor, swim ashore in the bay’s placid waters, or walk approximately 100 feet along the beach from the ferry pier to reach land. Despite the storms that occurred in September, Reed and Sherry Compton, the new owners of the waterfront pub that is part of the Wharfside Village Complex, have managed to get it back up and operating.

What keeps cruisers returning for more is a combination of the Bushwhackers and the Tuna Down Now, sushi-grade yellowfin tuna wrapped in nori and fried in a light tempura batter. Eat your meal at one of the bespoke picnic tables that have been placed in front of the bar, and feel free to wiggle your toes in the sand as you do so. 

The adult milkshakes at Bushwacker are strong, but the painkillers at Beach Bar are even stronger, and you can get them in a gallon container to take back with you on the boat. At the beachfront bar, guests can take their seats, order a drink, and take in the unobstructed view of the sun setting over Cruz Bay.

The Tap Room, St John

There are more ways to experience the St. John USVI nightlife than by drinking only rum. Go to The Tap Room to quench your thirst if you prefer a cool beer than a mixed drink. 

This is the island’s premier brewery, and it will not let you down. The Tap Room, which St Johns Brewers and Craft Beers own, offers a wide selection of draught beer and food.

This well-regarded location offers the chance to drink top-notch hard cider, amber ale, coconut brown ale, pale mango ale, chocolate stout, and more in a laid-back, island-brewpub atmosphere. In addition to other delicacies, the restaurant offers meat-lovers pizza, steak and cheese wraps, baby back ribs, and chicken Alfredo. You can even plan and reserve your visit in advance online if you’re traveling with a big group.

Key Takeaways!

There is no shortage of Caribbean party spirit in the United States Virgin Islands, and there is an abundance of options for places to drink. 

When a person travels to the United States Virgin Islands for enjoyment, they will find an abundance of exciting activities to participate in, such as beachside rum shacks, fancy beach bars, and vibrant live music festivals.

Going out and having fun is of the utmost importance in the Virgin Islands. The sheer volume of nightlife options in the United States Virgin Islands more than makes up for the islands’ limited range of entertainment options.

There are endless beach bars, wine bars, dive bars, sports bars, and even one or two gay clubs, but the culture is primarily centred around bars, which are as plentiful as sand grains on a Caribbean beach. Some of them have dancing available, others have DJs or live music, and others host trivia competitions for teams.

Restaurants and taverns are frequently at capacity, particularly during popular travel times. It is, therefore, best to always make a reservation over the phone and to use online booking services or call-in waitlists.

The best part is that US Virgin Island has no open container restrictions and only has an 18-year-old legal drinking age. As a result, if you still want to continue the celebration beyond the last call, you can always go to the beach and enjoy the sunrise with your friends with a drink in your hand.

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