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1. Are there any age restrictions on tours in the Caribbean?

You must be 18 years or older to travel independently. Most tours do not have an upper age limit (although the 18-30 tours are limited to 18-39). Passengers with previous medical conditions are also required to complete a medical questionnaire.

Family adventures are for families with children ages 6-17. Standard (non-family) adventures are open to children 12 years and older when accompanied by a parent (maximum 2 children per adult). The limit of 2 children per adult does not apply to family adventures.

2. Should I get travel insurance?

Travel insurance is available and recommended to protect your travel investment. Many trips, such as tours and cruises, include non-refundable funds that are paid months in advance. Travel insurance protects you from losing this capital.

Perhaps even more important is the “on-the-go” coverage and assistance offered by major insurance companies.

Travel interruptions due to illness or unforeseen circumstances can be very expensive, and medical care abroad is often not covered by domestic insurance plans. Also, a lot of countries require proof of medical insurance from travelers entering their country.

3. Do I have to pay to get a quote?

No, the vacations mentioned on the Kanana Caribbean magazine are mapped out in such a way that you can access all the information for free!

4. Why should I contact you instead of just booking everything online?

With us, you will receive excellent personal assistance before, during, and after your holiday. Budget management is important so we strive to make your vacation a dream come true within the budget you set.

There is absolutely no pressure to do more than you feel comfortable with. You will not enjoy your vacation if you’re stressed about paying. We offer candid advice and help on all resorts and destinations to help you choose the perfect spot for you.

You also benefit from our extensive personal connections, which lend a special appeal when a matter needs to be addressed more easily.

5. Which is the most suitable kind of baggage to bring on the trip?

It is highly recommended that you bring a backpack or duffel bag as luggage can be bulky and difficult to fit on the bus or under the seats. Wheeled luggage may not work well on dirt roads or paved streets. Keep in mind that you will have to carry your own luggage.

6. Can I travel if I just recovered from COVID-19?

Yes, you can travel after the quarantine is lifted. However, unless it is safe to remove the mask around other people, you should always use a quality mask or respirator indoors and with other people.

Do not use public transportation such as airplanes, buses, and trains if it is not possible for you to use a quality mask or respirator indoors and with other people when traveling. Please make sure that other people are protected.

7. What is the best time to travel to the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is wonderful all year round, however summer vacation time is the best so between the months of June to August is ideal.

8. Which currency is used in the Caribbean?

The currency varies from one island to another, however travelling with Great Britain Pounds or United States Dollars is the most optimal option.

9. How long will it take you to help me plan my trip?

The second you believe that you are ready to go on vacation and have the funds to sponsor your trip, drop us a message and we will get right into the working for your trip. Within a week we can link you with the best flights, hotels, places to eat, and so much more.

10. On average how much budget should I keep in mind for a trip to the Caribbean?

A trip to the Caribbean can cost between $700-$3000 depending on how much or how little you want to splurge.