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The Cayman Islands Beaches For The Perfect Sunkissed Tan

From the iconic Seven Mile Beach to the magnificent Rum Point, where you could even see pelicans, the Cayman Islands are known for their abundance of exquisite beaches. If you've just seen one beach, you most definitely haven't visited them all in Cayman, where each stretch is noteworthy for unique factors.
Staying in Cayman Island

The Cayman Islands beaches feature powder-soft sand and crystal-clear water, making them picture-perfect. These are the best beaches in the Cayman Islands, whether you want to indulge your inner beach bum, try a variety of water sports, or watch a spectacular sunset.

After reviewing our list of the top Cayman beaches in and around Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac, tourists who are planning a beach trip will be overwhelmed with options. Here is a list of Grand Cayman’s and the Cayman Islands’ top beaches, including Seven Mile Beach, Rum Point, and Starfish Point.

From the iconic Seven Mile Beach to the magnificent Rum Point, where you could even see pelicans, the Cayman Islands are known for their abundance of exquisite beaches. If you’ve just seen one beach, you most definitely haven’t visited them all in Cayman, where each stretch is noteworthy for unique factors. A hand-picked list of the best beaches in the Cayman Islands.

10 Best Beaches In The Cayman Islands You Should Visit

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Seven-mile beach

Seven Mile Beach is one of the many reasons Cayman is considered the ultimate vacation. It was named one of the Ultimate Beaches in the area by Caribbean Travel + Life, the 4th Greatest Beach in the Caribbean by Trip Advisor, and the 12th of the best beaches in the world by MSN. 

The region, which is on Grand Cayman’s western coast, draws tourists from all over the world. This coastline is home to several of the most luxurious estates in the Caribbean, with dazzling waters and coral sands. It is the most famous beach in the Cayman Islands.

No matter where you stay, you may walk the whole length of this area’s enormous shoreline because it is open to the public. While strolling, you’ll run into several beach bars and eateries at the cayman island resorts.

Seven Mile Beach offers a wide range of activities as well. Seven Mile Beach offers a variety of ways to enjoy what Cayman has to offer, whether you want to get a tan while watching the waves come in or go parasailing.

Several well-known attractions surround Seven Mile Beach as well. Explore the Seven Mile Shops or go snorkeling or scuba diving in the calm waters at Cemetery Reef. George Town, the capital of Cayman, is also nearby.

Seven-mile beach​

East End beach

On Grand Cayman, East End Public Beach is secluded and perfect for a romantic afternoon or breathtaking sunrise. 

This area is an excellent spot to meet locals because it hosts several weekend events. Turtle grass is abundant in the region, and you can see young fish swimming around safely away from predators. Grab some Mahi Mahi or snapper from the neighborhood fish fry before going to the cayman islands beach to enjoy it.

Heritage Beach

With a stage and a boat ramp, Heritage Beach in East End is a little Caribbean beach full of significant events and an excellent location for events like concerts and parties. 

A fantastic fish fry is also available nearby, just a few meters from the stage. Parking is available at the location, and there are picnic tables by the water. Swimming is not recommended because the area has a rich turtle grass environment that supports a variety of marine creatures. However, the breathtaking views of Frank Sound make Heritage Beach a desirable location for lunch or dinner during your Caribbean family vacation.

Keep a watch out for seawater spouts from the iron coast below as you approach Cayman’s famed Blow Holes on the right-hand side of the highway from George Town. After passing the rock wall known as the Lovers Wall, look for a pair of stairs opposite a coconut vendor and add a halt to your adventure.

Rum Point

Rum Point

Rum Point, which sits on the gorgeous island’s north side, is well-known for its island vibe, white sand beach, and shallow, clear waters. Swimming and snorkeling are perfect there. Every day of the week, tourists and residents alike are drawn to the picnic tables, leafy trees, and beachside hammocks.

In addition, Rum Point has volleyball nets, cabins, hammocks, bathrooms, and snorkeling. Rum Point is a fantastic day trip destination and is about 45 minutes by vehicle from the majority of hotels and the cruise terminal. By ferry, you may reach Rum Point as well! This is an excellent way to relax or enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner because of the reasonable rates and stunning views.

West Bay Beach

West Bay Beach is the ideal place to soak up the sun and observe people on Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach. 

West Bay Beach has bathrooms and changing rooms and is close to several restaurants. Many locals and tourists flocked to this pier in 2011 to witness the sinking of the Ex-USS Kittiwake because it had an accessible boat ramp.

West Bay, Cayman Islands

Brac Reef Beach

At the Cayman Brac Beach Reef Resort, there is a beach called Brac Reef Beach. There are numerous activities available in this lovely location. 

The most popular activities are diving and snorkeling, closely followed by fishing and kayaking. This exclusive location draws adventurous travelers from near and far with its unique variety of sea creatures. After a long day of exploration, diving, and caving, a beach swing awaits. The perfect spot for relaxation is created by tables, boardwalks, and cabanas with hammocks.

Point Of Sand

The sea at Point Of Sand stays ankle-deep for a little over 15 feet before progressively dropping off, making it fantastic for soaking up the sun and staying cool in the water. 

This cayman island beach has received numerous positive TripAdvisor reviews from visitors who laud its seclusion, privacy, and quietness. The currents can be vital when snorkeling around Point Of Sand, but it’s worth it to get a chance to observe Queen Conch, Bonefish, Permits, and a dozen various kinds of reef fish.

Spotts Beach

You can find Spotts Beach in the Spotts Newlands neighborhood of Grand Cayman, off Shamrock Road. 

Unlike everyone else, Spotts Beach offers residences and waterfront condos surrounded by iron-shore cliffs and white sand while still affording enough space for a surfside walk. Given that Spotts Beach faces south, it’s an excellent site to see the sunrise. For barbecues or picnics, there are cabanas available, as well as some benches and tables. Due to the lack of watercraft, snorkeling is fantastic as well.

Cayman Kai

The kind of privacy found on Cayman Kai has long been sought after by tourists from all over the world visiting the Caribbean. One could hardly ask for more from island life than Cayman Kai’s remoteness on the northernmost point of Grand Cayman. 

Cayman Kai is one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches because of the accommodations there, which provide breathtaking ocean views. Swimming is fantastic on Cayman Kai, and the island is also a great place to participate in other water sports with your family. The lagoon and palm trees’ attractiveness are also well-liked by visitors.

Governor’s Beach

Governor’s Beach

Within Seven Mile Beach is a tranquil area known as Governor’s Beach. It may be found immediately adjacent to and in front of the Governor’s residence. 

This cayman islands beach is the epicenter of the day’s activities since families frequent it in the morning and host games in the afternoon. Snorkeling, taking a stroll through the lovely scenery, or simply relaxing on the ocean with a refreshing drink are all beautiful things to do at Governor’s Beach. 

Beachgoers can relax in the shade and pick up some sea grapes as a snack during June and July when they ripen on the trees. You will be treated to some of the most breathtaking sunsets anywhere on the planet if you look west from this vantage point.


The Cayman Islands, which boasts smooth white sand, sparkling blue sea, and an equally wonderful atmosphere for couples, families, and groups of friends, is one of the Caribbean Islands famed for its beaches.

Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts frequently travel to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, so you know the water there must be excellent. It is, too. Even better, the Cayman Islands beaches, which are noted for their soft white sand, calm breezes, and convenient access to offshore reefs, are equally wonderful. There is a beach on this trio of islands—the main island of Grand Cayman and the smaller, more laid-back outposts of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac—to fit any vacation preference, whether you’re a sun worshiper or a watersports enthusiast.

Some are vivacious—but not in a raucous or clothes-optional way, as those are not allowed here—and others are tranquil, but they’re all certain to make you want to postpone your flight home and stay an extra day or two.

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