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Checklist for Things To Pack When Traveling To The British Virgin Islands

It might be difficult to pack for a trip since you don't want to bring too much luggage but also don't want to bring just enough. It is impossible to acquire this talent over time; instead, you must be a sharp-thinking individual, as frequent travelers are also known to make mistakes.

Scared that you will forget something while packing? Here are some things that should be absolute must-haves on your packing list. 

Especially if you are traveling to the British Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands are known for their beautiful crystal clear water, so I am sure you must have many activities planned. Unfortunately, though, certain activities require special types of clothing. 

Travelling Backpack on Sand

Packing on vacations is a struggle as you would not want to take too much luggage with you, but you would also need just enough. This skill cannot be learned over time, but only if you are a sharp-minded person, as people who are regular travelers are also often found making these mistakes. 

A lot more times than you would expect of them. Our list contains almost all the essentials you need and so many other things you may not have even thought of when writing your list of things to pack.


Table of Contents

Man Wearing Travelling Backpack

As Islands are generally not that big regarding the surface area, there is a high chance that you would want to go on an adventure on foot. 

Even if that is not the case, you never know when you may need something to put your stuff in, especially as a tourist. In this case, a backpack should be your number 1 priority so that you can stay hands-free when exploring the British Virgin Islands. 

Don’t forget to check if it is waterproof or not to make sure your belongings stay safe and dry. A backpack can be a blessing for athletic adventures such as hiking and rock climbing.

WaterProof Sleeve File

Water Proof Sleeve File

One of the most important things when traveling anywhere would have to be all your legal documents along with the boarding pass to ensure that you can smoothly pass by all those security checks without any added hassle or, in most cases, delay. 

It helps you not only organize all your documents but also help you easily detect the file. All your belongings, such as your passport, boarding pass, and other important documents, will be in the same sleeve file; it will save you a lot of energy and ensure a stress-free stress-free experience. 

Thanks to this simple but helpful way of keeping your paperwork will save you the embarrassment of opening your luggage at the airport in the effort to find your documents.

Hand Sanitizer

Traveling Hand Sanitizer

In today’s world, Sars Cov-19 has been a global pandemic, and the need for hygiene is constantly reinforced. A hand sanitizer has become such a vital part of your everyday life, especially since covid made people realize how many germs are coming in contact with on an everyday basis.

Now imagine this, but on things used by the general public, you never know who came in contact with what, so it is always wise to keep a sanitizer with you on the go. 

Even if you are not concerned about the number of germs you may be touching, a sanitizer is still a great choice since you never know when you may need it.

First Aid Kit

As we have already discussed how important it is to always be prepared, especially when you are out traveling and exploring through adventures, First Aid Kits are a necessity too. 

These things should be with you regardless of where you are, as emergencies can occur anywhere. It is always better to add a little bit of the burden by carrying it than to be stuck in an emergency where you desperately need something yet cannot get it.

As safety cannot always be guaranteed regardless of how many preventive measures you take, there should always be a way for you to treat your injuries in case the accidents occur. Make sure you have your pain killers, bandages, and ointments in case of injuries. Also, do not forget your eye drops!

Waterproof Neck Pouch

As you are having your trip to an island, I would like to believe that there is a huge chance that you will go underwater at some point to explore marine life. 

This can be helpful, especially if you are a solo traveler and do not wish to rely on others to take care of your belongings. All you need to do is get a neck wallet in which you can put your Mobile phone, important cards, and some cash, and you should be good to go.

Power Bank Charger

Travel Power Bank Charger

One of the most important things when traveling has to be your mobile phone, especially since it helps you navigate a foreign location. Not only that but also to document memories. 

Your mobile phone needs to be accessible at all times, so it is only right to advise you to carry a power bank with you when traveling. This is essentially a life saver if you have a cellphone with not the best battery life.

You truly never know when you may need your phone, and it is not only smart for you to have a backup in case your mobile phones battery is running low but also safer as you will not have to worry about your phone not being charged in case you do run into trouble.

Underwater Camera

snorkeling with Underwater Camera

The marine life of the British Virgin Islands is to die for! It Is such a beautiful sight that you can never seem to have enough of. 

Due to this, you should invest in an underwater camera, especially if you are concerned about taking pictures with your cell phone underwater and are unsure whether your phone is waterproof. A waterproof camera is always a safe bet, and the picture quality is also good.

These underwater cameras are great for you as you will not only be able to click pictures but also capture videos with this camera and also contain rechargeable batteries.

Travel Insurance for the British Virgin Islands

travel insurance

As we have already talked about how island safety and preventive measures are, it can be well understood that a first aid kit is not the only form of safety that you would like to look into when traveling. 

It is not a very common type of investment for travelers to look into; however, travel insurances are a good investment. It would help you in case you run into medical emergencies, lost items, or face damages on the trip, including trip cancellations and trip interruptions.

Bug Repellant

Bug Repellant

As you are traveling to an island, it is well understood that the weather will be wetter and more humid; there is a huge chance that you will struggle with an array of bugs.

A bug repellant can be your best friend in such a situation as swatting and itching the affected areas does not sound like a fun time. You should opt for a travel-sized version of it as they do last a long time.

Packing Bags

As we have already talked about how important it is to pack smartly and strategically, another important aspect of packing is making sure that you pack in an organized manner so that you do not have to look through all your bags in search of just one item. 

Organizing Clothes at Packing Bags

Organizing helps you know exactly where you have placed what, which not only helps you save time but also saves you the trouble of losing your belongings. Almost all of us have lost an item of clothing one way or another, even if we never took it out from what we could recall.

This is mainly because we all are guilty of throwing our stuff around in search of that one item without really paying attention to how unorganized and messy that whole ordeal is. Using packing bags to organize and label things into categories can help resolve this issue greatly.

A Quick-Dry Travel Towel

Outdoor Quick-Dry Travel Towel

This can be a great addition to your travel backpack, especially when you outperform activities such as rock climbing and trekking which can generally cause you to sweat. It would help you wipe your face and neck with a clean cloth instead of your clothes. 

Hygiene-wise, this is a great idea. This is also a great idea for beaches as you are near the water body and if you wish to sun tan, all you need to do is rest on one of these towels. Due to their quick-drying properties, you would not have to wait too long to put it back in your bag.

Beach Bag

Beach Bag Full Of items

Just like we discussed how important it is to have a backpack to carry your belongings, the need for a beach bag is equally important as you would be on the island, so naturally, there is a great chance that you will visit the towel. 

A beach bag will help you carry all the necessary belongings thanks to the multiple compartments of the beach bag, not just inside but also outside of the bag. A beach bag also contains flexibility, so it should be fine even if you stuff one or two towels in it and flip flops, sunscreen, and other valuables such as cover-ups.


Travel VPN

Similar to travel insurance to ensure safety measures, as discussed previously, it is also important to have a Virtual Private Network ( VPN ), which many tend to overlook. 

Most travelers rely on the free internet provided by the hotel or resort, and they often forget about the risks of using public wifi; they often do not realize that they are putting their sensitive information such as logins, passwords, and much other important information. You should consider investing in this device to protect your information.

Windproof Travel Umbrella

It is important to note that June to November is officially considered the rainy season when it comes to the Virgin Islands, due to which it will be a smart idea to pack a heavy-duty umbrella to take with you, especially if you plan to go out and about. 

You also need to ensure that the umbrella is compact enough to put it back into your carry-on in case it is no longer raining.


Toiletries are one of the most forgotten items when packing, even though they are deemed as some of the most important and much-needed. 

You should always have a hanging toiletries kit with you that packs everything in it, especially for sailing, as bathroom space is minimal. Spf is another important but highly forgotten product that is needed if you wish to perform outdoor activities to protect you from sun damage.

Cleansing Wipes

If you are a girl, you will know the struggle of finding the motivation to get up and properly clean your face. Almost all girls apply at least some kind of makeup, and even if not, it is important to clean your face before sleeping to ensure you do not clog your pores. 

Travel Cleansing Wipes

Now imagine this with a very long day full of activities and coming to your room; I am sure that you, like any other person, would just want to crash on your bed and sleep.

This means you sacrifice your skin for sleep; with the help of wipes, you no longer need to do this. Wipes should not be a regular thing; however, if you really cannot find the energy, it is better to use them than to sleep with makeup on.


One of the most important products you need to keep with you, especially to practice good hygiene, is a good deodorant so that you are not a sweaty mess outdoors. 

It not only saves you the embarrassment of smelling sweaty and bad but also helps you feel more confident in yourself.


As you are planning to travel to the British Virgin Islands, I would expect you to enjoy the water in some way, even if you do not participate in the water activities.

You should always keep a swimming costume in your bag just in case you decide to visit the swimming pool. This is better than you regretting not carrying a swimming suit and making a purchase there to get one or sulk in your room because you no longer have the option to go out and enjoy the water.

Comfortable Outdoor Shoes

As you are on the island and most likely would be commuting on foot, you need to have comfortable footwear to ensure that you do not end your day with swollen feet, which not only cause you troubled sleep and hurting feet but also end up wasting your next day simply to provide rest to your feet. 

It is better to look for comfortable footwear to ensure that your feet are not being overly strained, and this would also help lower, if not prevent, the likelihood of getting blisters on your feet.

Lightweight Sweater

Travel Lightweight Sweater

You should always carry at the very least one lightweight sweater or jacket just in case you feel cold since the wind gets chilly once the sun is down. 

You should have something to cover you up and protect you from the cold breeze to ensure you do not end up sick. Although the weather in virgins is generally warm, January is considered the coldest month; however, even that is not that cold.

Flip Flops or Sandals

Just like comfortable outdoor shoes, which are meant to be worn when performing strenuous activities such as hiking and rock climbing, or even if you have a long day of walking, it is important to keep a pair of slippers with you. 

As you are planning to visit a British Virgin Island, it would only be a smart idea to keep in mind that sand will also be present there, you would not want to ruin your expensive shoes there, and what better form of footwear than flip flops when you know that you will be walking around in the sand.

Travel Flip Flops on Beach

They are very easy to slip on and off, along with the fact that you also walk in the water with them on without having to worry about ruining them. Flip Flops can easily make your experience 10x better.


As you are supposed to be on your vacation, it is well understood that you would want to dress up; however, as the weather conditions are usually quite warm on the British Virgin Island, it would be a smart idea to not only think of the aesthetics but also about the functionality of your clothing. 

You should pack up a few t-shirts as they are very comfortable, take up very little space when packing, and also can be worn in many different ways. You should also keep Lightweight sleeping wear with you so that you have comfortable clothing to put on when you are finally ending your long day.

Travel Clothes on backpack

Nothing is better than ending the day by putting on a fresh pair of sleeping wear and going to bed after skin care. Another thing you can look into is packing a ton of summer dresses and skirts. 

They are flowy pieces of clothing that will ensure an open flow of air and photograph beautifully in your pictures. You do not need to sacrifice your style just to meet the functional needs of your clothing, as there are many options you can look into.


This has to be one of the most important accessories you need to carry with you on your vacation; keeping up with our theme of styling along with functionality, it is safe to say that your photographs will come out beautiful in sunglasses. 

However, the main reason you will need sunglasses is that you need to have them available just in case it is too sunny outdoors. You would not want to spend a majority of your day squinting simply to have some form of sight to see your whereabouts. Comfort should always be a priority on trips, so sunglasses should be something you pack for your trip.


Using Travel Flashlights at Night

If you decide to live the good life and enjoy camping outdoors on your trip, you may feel the need for flashlights at some point. 

Whether it is to tell spooky stories under the night sky or not, flashlights would always come in handy. Bonfires are a much-loved activity when camping outdoors, and flashlights help create that scary environment needed to build up a scary story.

Beach Hat

As we have already understood that it will be hot outside, especially when the sun is out, it is very easy to have a heat stroke, so you should look into wearing beach hats or any kind of hat to cover your head from direct sunbeams. 

This lowers the intensity of heat that would come in direct contact with your head. Along with functionality, it will help you get some amazing pictures.


Hopefully, the list above will help you better plan how to pack for your British Virgin Island vacation and also ensure that you do not forget any necessary things you may need to carry.

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