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In the Caribbean the temperature never changes, the sun just goes down!

Take a break from your daily stressful routine to unwind, relax and recharge your soul in the Caribbean Islands. The land with lush vegetation, exotic sights, turquoise water, and ocean warmth.  Dip your feet in warm water, sit in the sun, or under the shade of beautiful palm trees. 

Let’s loosen up with cocktails and happenings in the Caribbean nightlife. From breathtaking views of the day to funky nights, Kanana gives you a dive into Caribbean life.

Explore Cuba and The Bahamas! Take a walk through the beaches of Belize and taste new dishes in the British Virgin Islands. Enjoy the striking sight of the Cayman Islands or stroll by Jamaica’s museums. Cruise Puerto Rico along Haiti, Turks & Caicos, and the United States Virgin Islands.

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Choosing a destination for your holidays or wedding is not a task but what you are going to do after reaching there needs some planning. That’s where Kanana has your back! Simply sit back, relax and let us tell you everything you need to know about your travel destination.

Just browse through the Kanana Digital magazine and find yourself sunbathing, relaxing ad enjoying the tropical winds with just one click. Let us take you to the Caribean heaven where you can enjoy fresh cocktails, have tropical fruits, dive into the ocean and try traditional foods.


Kanana Caribbean brings the best deals in town for all the dads out there. From finding the best hotels and resorts for you to giving you the best deets, Kanana is with you from the time you plan your vacation. We spill the beans on every piece of information that a traveler needs. Telling you where to eat, sleep and drink, we have got you covered.

For our cool moms, we have a whole list of malls and local places that you can go and splurge to find the best deals in town. For all those hustlers out there, we also have the plan to get you out of all the drama and gossip of your life. We also have curated the list of the best wellness centers where you can treat yourself and relax. Just leave all your worries behind and say goodbye to stress forever.

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Hotel suggestions, packages and deals, tips and packing ideas, bars, and restaurants - Kanana Caribbean is the only magazine that I have come across which has details for each and everything! They make me want to travel more and more and explore every single island of the Caribbean with their well-researched and detailed blogs on every single topic I could possibly need information for while traveling.

Kanana Caribbean is the magazine I turn to when I need a break from reality and want to plan my next vacation! They have all the information you could possibly need all under one website.

I was planning a trip to Belize with my friends and we could not figure out where to start planning, shortlisting hotels to stay at, and what to do when we actually get to Belize. Then my mum’s friend suggested that why don’t we look up a bunch of different travel magazines. After browsing through what felt like a million magazines, Kanana Caribbean really stuck!