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Browse a List of Islands Within British Virgin Islands

You'll discover top-notch eating, lodging, and service in this location, where the glittering Caribbean meets the huge Atlantic, in a legacy of understated elegance that has been honed through almost a century of family management. There is a tiny resort on the island, which is essentially a nature preserve. Luminaries from art, literature, politics, and business have long sought refuge at Guana because of its subtle elegance and complete solitude (only registered guests are allowed).

One of the most incredible places in the Caribbean for luxury tourism is the British Virgin Islands, which include Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, and Scrub Island, among many other smaller islands. 

The British Virgin Islands are roughly 60 Caribbean islands ranging in size from the biggest, Tortola, which is 20 km long and 5 km broad, to tiny uninhabited islets that cover a combined area of about 150 square kilometers.

Yellow Sky at British Virgin Islands

Many activities may be done on the British Virgin Islands, such as renting private yachts, sailboats, and catamarans, driving a Moke automobile around the islands, visiting The Baths National Park, and other enjoyable activities.

You will like the British Virgin Islands if you enjoy stunning beaches, ideal weather, opulent hotels and villas at reasonable prices, and the most fantastic rum drinks on earth.

Tortola - British Virgin Islands

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Town Port at Tortola British Virgin Islands

The largest of the more than 50 British Virgin Islands—only 15 of which are inhabited—is the Caribbean island of Tortola. Volcanic activity created the hilly island of Tortola. The northern shore is where you’ll find the superb beaches.

Divers and snorkelers will enjoy the abundant marine life, hikers will enjoy the national parks and a botanical garden, and art enthusiasts will be amazed by the vibrant street art and local painters’ studios.

The island of Tortola is vibrantly colored. This also includes the homes, the flowers, the cuisine, the clothing, and the evergreen forest covering the upper heights. Unlike several other Caribbean islands, Tortola is renowned for its laid-back attitude and lack of pretentiousness.

Check out this news about those whales who are stranded in the British Virgin Islands beaches.

Jost Van Dyke - British Virgin Islands

Scuba in Jost Van Dyke ,British Virgin Islands

Jost Van Dyke, named after a Dutch pirate, is one of the BVI’s smaller islands, yet it nevertheless possesses a wealth of beauty and history. The area is home to several diverse species of wildlife and the remains of ancient sugar mills and explorer pathways.

Archaeological evidence indicates civilizations as varied as the Arawak tribe, Caribs, Africans, the British, and — unsurprisingly — the Dutch visited Jost Van Dyke. Despite its small size, Jost Van Dyke has produced some of the most sumptuous cuisines in the Caribbean, with BBQ, Indian, and seafood predominating the menus at the island’s several coastal restaurants.

Visit Bubbly Pool while you’re here; it’s a naturally formed swimming hole on the northeast coast that resembles a “hot tub.”

Virgin Gorda - British Virgin Islands

Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda, BVII

Given how breathtakingly gorgeous the islands in the archipelago are, the island is recognized as one of the BVI’s most beautiful, which is great praise. Visitors to Virgin Gorda will find several natural preserves, walking pathways surrounded by flora, and a breathtaking vista from Gorda Point.

You may get a panoramic view of the island’s gorgeous beaches and national park area. However, there are other types of beauty available than natural beauty. Several historic sites may be found on Virgin Gorda, including the remains of ancient African, Spanish, and Indian towns.

The central city on the island, Spanish Town, is a must-visit for its world-class dining, unique souvenirs, yacht clubs, opulent hotels, and native culture.

Anegada Island - British Virgin Islands

Anegada Island tree swing

This island is a favorite destination for snorkelers and scuba divers since it is surrounded by stunning reefs, underwater caverns, tunnel structures, and ancient shipwrecks. Expect to see native species, including parrot fish, stingrays, needlefish, and bonefish.

Thanks to a primarily isolated ecology that includes several fascinating local species (including rock iguanas, wild orchids, lush tropical foliage, and colorful exotic birds), nature lovers will also find a lot to appreciate in Anegada. During your trip, check out the Nutmeg Point vistas and the nature walk at Bones Bight.

Looking for a serene beach where you may swim or sunbathe? View the tranquil Cow Wreck Beach, Flash of Beauty, Bones Bight, and Windlass Bight shorelines.

Moskito Island - British Virgin Islands

Aerial View of Moskito Island British Virgin Islands

Moskito Island, Sir Richard Branson’s newest private island getaway just a few miles from historic Necker Island, is the perfect place to spend your luxurious British Virgin Islands vacation. 

This unspoiled 125-acre slice of paradise offers an exclusive home-from-home made up of a trio of luxury estates that can be rented separately, each offering a distinctive design and first-rate amenities. It is surrounded by pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters filled with magical marine life.

One of the most exclusive private islands and the Caribbean’s newest treasure. In the most remote, pristine environment in the British Virgin Islands, Moskito Island, which spans 125 acres, offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

The range of activities on offer includes hiking, mountain biking, snorkeling, team games, and visiting the native flamingos. Children will enjoy the outdoor experiences designed just for them.

Norman Island - British Virgin Islands

Quick Stop at Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

Norman Island, part of the British Virgin Islands, is the destination for everyone who likes to imagine themselves as competent pirates in the past. Norman Island is a delightful little retreat from real life and a must-add stop to any sailing schedule in the vicinity.

The Norman Island caverns, most renowned for their cave investigations, provide intrepid travelers the chance to explore this island’s orange cup coral and red sponge tunnels at a place called Treasure point in the southwest of the island.

Put on your snorkel mask if you want to explore the underwater animals and see what stunning vistas are hidden beneath Norman Island’s seas.

Necker Island - British Virgin Islands

Snorkeling at Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

One of those legendary, no-introduction-needed locations that most people can only dream of is Necker Island, which is part of Sir Branson’s elite Virgin Limited Edition portfolio. 

Many people know it as the world’s most well-known private island, where the rich and famous holiday at exorbitant fees.

Necker Island, which is 74 acres, is bordered by coral reefs, has lovely white sand beaches, and is home to the most amazing animals. If you’d want the whole area to yourselves, then leasing Necker Island exclusively is the way to go.

What might surprise people is that Necker is relatively low-key, more of a location for leisure and serenity than partying, though there’s a time and place for that here.

Guana Island - British Virgin Islands

Lovely View of Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands’ most pristine gem is still Guana. Few visitors get exclusive access to the resort’s 850 acres, seven beaches, mountains, gardens, organic orchards, dozens of hiking routes, and even its colony of flamingos throughout their stay.

You’ll discover top-notch eating, lodging, and service in this location, where the glittering Caribbean meets the huge Atlantic, in a legacy of understated elegance that has been honed through almost a century of family management. There is a tiny resort on the island, which is essentially a nature preserve.

Luminaries from art, literature, politics, and business have long sought refuge at Guana because of its subtle elegance and complete solitude (only registered guests are allowed).

Little Thatch Island - British Virgin Islands

Small but Pretty Little Thatch Island, British Virgin Islands

The extremely lovely and privately owned Little Thatch Island is located off the western edge of Frenchman’s Cay, not far from Tortola and directly across from Great Thatch Island. 

At the mouth of Soper’s Hole, it designates the entrance to the Thatch Island Cut. The British Virgin Islands’ Little Thatch Island offers visitors total solitude, privacy, and quiet as one of the few privately owned islands accessible to tourists.

Swim, unwind, engage in water sports, or board a boat for an enjoyable day excursion to Tortola are all options. With hand-curated trail maps, driving instructions, and insightful reviews and images from hikers, campers, and nature enthusiasts like you, explore the most well-liked trails in Little Thatch.

Beef Island - British Virgin Islands

Resort View of Beef Island, British Virgin Islands

Beef Island is an excellent harbor for visiting yachts and is home to the tiny airport that services the BVI and is connected to Tortola by the Queen Elizabeth bridge. Visit the unique stores, boutiques, and art galleries while sipping a cocktail at the de Loose Mongoose beach bar and restaurant on Trellis Bay’s white sand beach.

The complete moon celebration, when Aragorn (a famous artist) ignites his enormous metal fireballs that punctuate the night sky, is one of Beef Island’s most enduring and stunning events. Along with the impressive fire dancers who wow bystanders with their poi exhibitions, the colorfully costumed Moko Jumbies, the neighborhood stilt dancers, also perform. 

This celebration is a one-stop shop for fun since calypso music plays late into the night, Caribbean food is served, and local artisans’ goods are for sale.


A picture-perfect paradise may be found in the British Virgin Islands. However, not everything in this place is hammocks and pina Coladas. If unending leisurely days (and late-night partying) aren’t your style, this corner of the globe has enough to keep you occupied, from festivals and diving to picturesque hiking trails and private tidal pools.

There are several possibilities available regardless of the island you find yourself on. Don’t imagine that the Virgin Islands are uninteresting despite this list of incredible cities to visit there. There are activities for everyone, not just beach bums.

You must cruise around these islands if you visit them, even though it is expensive. That would be wrong. Jet around the islands, whether for a single day or several. It’s the only way to avoid the crowds, explore the farther-flung islands boats skip, and find your secret snorkeling sites.

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