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Exploring Honeymoons In The Bahamas – Some Of The Best Resorts You Need To Know Of!

The Bahamas are a popular choice for beach-loving honeymooners, just like many Caribbean locations. It's a good alternative for couples who prefer to spend their days by or in the ocean because of the stunning lake, year-round pleasant weather, and abundance of activities like scuba diving and communal fish fries.
Date at the Beach of Bahamas.

Have a winter wedding but want to head somewhere warmer for your honeymoon? Don’t worry; the Bahamas and its exclusive honeymoon resorts have you covered! 

Thanks to its vibrant local customs, picture-perfect beaches, adventure-focused activities, and ideal position off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas welcomes thousands of honeymooners each year.

From south Florida to Haiti, the Bahamian archipelago covers roughly 100,000 square miles and comprises about 700 islands, only about 30 of which are inhabited, and 2,000 cays. The country is home to the third-largest barrier reef in the world, just off the coast of Andros, and has approximately 900 square miles of coral reefs throughout. 

The Bahamas are a popular choice for beach-loving honeymooners, just like many Caribbean locations. It’s a good alternative for couples who prefer to spend their days by or in the ocean because of the stunning lake, year-round pleasant weather, and abundance of activities like scuba diving and communal fish fries.

The country boasts some of the most transparent water in the world, and people love it for its beauty, rich culture, and hospitality. Hence, you’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking for a post-wedding holiday. Continue reading to see which Bahamas honeymoon resorts are the best!

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Top 10 Honeymoon Resorts In The Bahamas

Honeymoon Written on the Sand, Bahamas

Before moving any further, let us tell you the best time to go to the Bahamas. The Bahamas are one of the most loved vacation spots, with year-round temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

However, the Atlantic hurricane season, June through November, and the busiest travel seasons, mid-December to mid-April, should be avoided. Snowbirds from the United States generally flock to the Bahamas at this time, and the increased demand raises hotel and airline prices.

Hence, couples can take advantage of lower hotel costs and often more romantic surroundings during the off-season. For example, having uncrowded beaches all to yourselves! Yum! New Providence Island, Paradise Island, and Grand Bahama are among the most developed islands.

You will find  Mega-resorts like Atlantis, Bahamas’ all-inclusive resorts, casinos, and vibrant downtown neighborhoods here. For instance, New Providence Island’s Cable Beach is dotted with opulent resorts that have long operated beside the powder-soft sand. Nassau, the nation’s capital, is also situated in New Providence. 

The city is well known for its Mardi Gras-style New Year’s carnival, known as Junkanoo, and is full of colonial history and charm. The tradition basically features parades and festivities with vibrant costumes, coordinated dances, and Bahamian music. How cool is experiencing all of this on your honeymoon?

Let’s get there!

BahamasAir Planes, Airport at Bahamas

Before you choose the resort, you need to get there. Let’s see what’s most convenient for you! Flying to the Bahamas is very convenient due to its proximity to Florida’s east coast. The busiest and most well-liked entry point is Nassau.

Lynden Pindling International Airport is the primary airport here (NAS). Additionally, it is the hub for several other distant Out Islands. Direct flights are available to Nassau from various locations, including Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, and Philadelphia. It’s only about a half-hour flight from Miami to Nassau.

Also, most tourists to the Bahamas won’t require a rental car to get around. Using cabs or public transportation to get around is common on the major islands. Lastly, don’t forget to check whether pick-up and drop-off alternatives are available from your hotel or accommodation provider.

Sandals Resort - The All-Time Famous

The Sandals Royal Spa & Resort in Nassau brings unmatched luxury to the Bahamas’ laid-back rhythms deep within the gorgeous waters of the Exumas. The 408-room Sandals Resort, whose motto is ‘Love is all you need,’ was formerly the renowned Balmoral Club in the 1940s.

With Roman columns, statues, fountains, three levels of opulent lodging, ten different restaurants, and eight bars, this resort manages to amaze guests from the moment they arrive. It is specifically created for couples.

Pool View of Sandals Emerald Bay, Bahamas

Many visitors opt to unwind at the beach or use one of the two central pool bars to drink and socialize despite receiving a wealth of information at check-in, including a calendar of both land and water activities and daily events. A boat departs from the offshore island every hour, and there is a Jamaican restaurant and cabanas for rent. How cool!

This opulent Bahamas all-inclusive resort is a sanctuary created to make you feel like you are the only people on earth. Like all of Sandal’s resorts, the service is excellent and includes five-star luxury.

The Bahamas-style architecture with opulent villas and suites combines with nature on a 500-acre tropical island in seclusion. A half-acre, zero-acre pool with a dramatic fire pit in the middle, three magnificent pools, 11 outstanding restaurants, and an award-winning golf course cohabit with unique adventures along the mile-long beach.

Indeed, it is the perfect honeymoon getaway!

Bahamas - Home To So Many Beaches

Looking for a romantic beach honeymoon or simply wanting to try something new? The Bahamas truly provide something for everyone, whether a couple wants to do something new together or just wants to unwind and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Honeymoon Dine in the Beach, Bahamas

Yes, the Bahamas’ beaches are a significant lure, which is obvious. Taking up most of the eastern side of the island of New Providence, vibrant Nassau serves as the country’s entry point. This region is a well-liked honeymoon destination due to its stunning beaches, luxurious resorts, and exciting nightlife, to name a few factors.

Cable Beach on New Providence Island offers a four-mile stretch of sandy shoreline and a variety of water sports for newlyweds. Then, Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island/Eleuthera is one of the most amazing Bahamian swimming beaches.

Lastly, consider Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island or Xanadu Beach on Grand Bahama Island to unwind.

The Cove Atlantis - Come, Find Your Paradise!

As its name suggests, Paradise Island is the best place to spend your ideal Bahamas honeymoon. Pure white sands surround this beautiful island, and calm, turquoise waters are the Caribbean region’s geographic center and a true paradise on earth.

Hence, the Cove Atlantis is the pinnacle of this stunning island with amazing swimming pools, endless dining and entertainment options, and an exciting water park. 

The Cove at Atlantis, Bahamas

The Cove at Atlantis offers lavish, abundant, and top-notch amenities to keep newlyweds occupied day and night. For couples vacationing away from the resort, “The Dig” is a must-see attraction. It is the largest artificial marine ecosystem in the Caribbean and is theatrically designed after the ancient Atlantean ruins.

This 600-suite tower opened in 2007. Families and couples who like to be a little farther away from the busiest crowds are drawn by the stylish outdoor spaces, oceanfront suites, and a feeling of exclusivity.

Modern technology, balconies, and extra-large bathrooms are features of the elegant, modern suites, many of which have vistas. The hotel shares a private beach and a sizable family pool with Reef Tower. 

Still, only visitors to the Cove have access to the adult-only party pool Cain at the Cove, which features private cabanas, outdoor gaming, and a live DJ. Like all Atlantis pools, the Cain closes early, allowing well-dressed visitors to spend their money at posh eateries nearby like Mesa Grill or by taking a shuttle to Royal Towers and Marina Village for a wider variety. Sounds impressive, right?

The Shanna's Cove Resort - Smaller But Cheaper!

Shanna’s Cove Resort is a dream for those seeking a relaxing beach vacation in the summer. Enjoy the pristine, uninhabited white sand beaches on Cat Island and explore the subtropical surroundings.

The Shannas Cove Resort at Cat Island Bahamas

The tiny hotel has five individual bungalows with beautiful sea views, perfect for taking in the breathtaking Cat Islands sunsets. The restaurant will undoubtedly satisfy everyone in your company with a variety of fresh cuisine, including unusual island specialties.

Join them for lunch and try one of their well-liked pizzas while taking in the scenery and sea wind. Aah, someone take us there ASAP!

Activities & More

This resort provides a playground of thrilling activities for adventurous couples to enjoy. Spend the day swimming with dolphins, shopping for homemade items, sampling Bahamian rum punch, or exploring underwater caverns.

Sand, sun, adventure, culture, and private time for the two of you all await you on your Bahamas honeymoon. Deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddling can all be done on clear seas.

Spend your days exploring the islands, going bonefishing in the bay, or strolling the Atlantic beaches. The island’s people are incredibly friendly and inviting, eager to share their fascinating history and culture with you!

Small Hope Bay Lodge

Small Hope Bay Lodge Andros Island, Bahamas

A short flight from Nassau takes you to the casual, natural, all-inclusive Small Hope Bay Lodge on Andros Island. Here visitors can be found relaxing in hammocks, Adirondack chairs, or on one of the property’s two beaches if they want to get lost in the secluded, calm, and wild surroundings. 

A wide range of excursions is also available to keep visitors busy and entertained. These excursions include diving, fishing, snorkeling, and nature hikes. The 21 cabins lack Wi-Fi and TVs and are worn down, but they all have porches facing the ocean.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere prevails as people congregate to share meals in the restaurant, have drinks at the bar, or linger by the outside grill. Do you know what the best part about it is? Given its features, it has one of the best rates on the island.

Why Small Hope?

They provide a spot where you can escape the distractions of modern life since they are set against a backdrop of untouched, essentially unexplored beauty. The simple things are what matter most during a Bahamas vacation, you realize once you have cleared your thoughts of those nagging distractions.

The resort in Small Hope Bay provides beachfront cottages, authentic international food, hiking, snorkeling, fishing, nature walks, and more. Be as far away as you can while enjoying the conveniences of home by staying in a condo perched on the edge of the third-largest barrier reef in the world.

Small Hope Bay, Bamahas

Nevertheless, secure, quiet, remote, unspoiled Andros Island is ideal for a romantic honeymoon or wedding party. It is almost like there is no other location on earth!

Let’s Dive!

When in the Bahamas and Small Hope Bay launch, the nation’s wreck locations and coral reef patterns will undoubtedly awe divers. Start your diving adventure by going to Shark Wall, about 10 miles from the southwest coast of New Providence.

Be astounded by the vivid fish and the opportunity to swim with sharks. Also, you can find a six-mile underground cave network with spiral staircases at Lucayan National Park.

Or Go Fishing?

The Bahamas is a fishing enthusiast’s mecca thanks to its diverse marine life. Look to reel in some mahimahi, blackfin tuna, wahoo, and barracuda by casting your line with Reef Tours on Grand Bahama or Born Free Charters on New Providence.

Or even better, travel to Bimini, the island dubbed the “Big-Game Fishing Capital of the World.” The local waters are frequently visited by marlin, swordfish, and sailfish. How lovely!

One&Only Ocean Club - Four Seasons Resort

The opulent One&Only Ocean Club is the perfect destination for couples seeking a touch of luxury during their ideal Caribbean honeymoon. This five-star resort is the perfect setting for a lavish honeymoon because it offers unmatched luxury, a golf course, a casino, and a lot more!

About One&Only

There is nothing like it on Paradise Island or anywhere else in the Bahamas, which is why it is called One&Only. The 106 rooms and suites, divided into two parts, are opulent, albeit those in the more recent Crescent Wing are a little more cutting-edge and fashionable. 

One&Only Ocean Club at Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas

In addition to having access to the Atlantis’ amenities, visitors benefit from being away from the hive. The well-kept grounds feature a charming garden and statues styled after Versailles, two outdoor pools, an infinite stretch of white sand beach, and turquoise waves.

With daily yoga, an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, an indoor/outdoor fitness facility, and a Balinese-style spa with private villas, health and wellness enthusiasts are spoiled for choice. 

After a day in the sun, visitors are welcomed back to their rooms with champagne and strawberries. Many often decide to start their evenings with drinks at Jean-Dune George’s restaurant during the sunset. Sounds perfect, right?

Perfect For Snorkeling & Kayaking

It’s not too difficult to arrange a snorkeling expedition while staying at One&Only. In fact, the same is the case for all resorts in the Bahamas. Couples may easily pick a trip that meets their needs, thanks to the abundance of fantastic snorkeling locations across the nation.

Paradise Island and New Providence both have beautiful places to visit. For instance, the Rose Island Reefs and Goulding Reef Cays are easily accessible and worth exploring. Don’t miss the discovery at Gold Rock Beach on Grand Bahama Island.

Beach Front of Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas

No wonder there’s something for everyone in the Bahamas, whether it’s sailing to Abacos, kayaking the numerous cays around Exumas, exploring shipwrecks in Nassau, or simply lounging on the beaches at Eleuthera.

For example, the Bahamas have been an ideal spot for kayakers and are home to the gorgeous Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. More than 350 cays make up this protected marine sanctuary, which also boasts stunning white-sand beaches, magnificent reefs, and an abundance of aquatic life, birds, and plants.

2 Perfect Hotels In Harbour Island - The Dunmore & Rockhouse

One of the earliest settlements in the Bahamas is Harbor Island, situated a mile off Eleuthera’s northern coast. With its isolated location, stunning scenery, friendly locals, and three miles of pink sand beaches, the island has grown in popularity with tourists looking for an exceptional vacation. 

Find out the most comfiest and inexpensive places to stay in the Bahamas.


Aerial View of Dunmore Town, Harbor Island Bahamas

This boutique hotel, located on Harbour Island’s well-known pink-sand beaches, is extremely challenging to beat. The Clubhouse’s on-site restaurant and bar serve traditional Mediterranean cooking and have amenities like a heated oceanfront pool, a tennis court, and concierge service.

Each of the large guest rooms is stylishly furnished with modern pieces in soothing blue tones, with the addition of natural fibers, warm woods, and woven textures.


On Harbour Island in the Bahamas, the opulent boutique hotel known as Rock House warmly welcomes tourists. With only ten custom-designed rooms and suites, a renowned restaurant.

An unmatched degree of individualized care, they provide the ideal setting for romantic weekend getaways, opulent vacations, and destination weddings in the Bahamas’ Out Islands.

Andros Beach Club

Outdoor Living Room at Andros Beach Club, Bahamas

The Andros Beach Club is a refuge for lust and serenity. With its atmosphere reserved for adults only and abundant activities, each day is a fresh start for your marriage. In fact, The Bahamas’ center for ecotourism is Andros Island.

You may enjoy a stunning natural setting on Andros, the largest island in the Bahamas and the fifth-largest in the Caribbean. The Andros Beach Club offers a cozy, laid-back environment for unwinding and soul renewal. A 4-mile stretch of quiet, private white sand is just steps from your hotel at the all-inclusive boutique resort, The Andros Beach Club.

Some of the best kayaking, diving, snorkeling, bonefishing, reef fishing, and deep-sea fishing in the Bahamas are available at the Andros Beach Club & Andros Diving. Visit the Andros Blue Holes or the Andros Barrier Reef to snorkel.

South Andros Island is one of the Bahamas’ safest, most unique, and untouched islands. The year-round tropical weather enhances every seasonal visit. The welcoming locals are eager to greet you, make you feel at home, and educate you about their island home and distinctive way of life.

SLS Baha Mar

All around the world, honeymooners now had a chic place to stay only minutes from the airport when Baha Mar, a three-hotel mega-complex, finally opened in Nassau in 2017. 

SLS Baha Mar, Nassau Bahamas

An adventurous traveler who enjoys beaches is introduced to the standards of style, luxury, and service by SLS Hotels as they present a variety of experiences and enjoyable activities along with their top-notch décor and outstanding dining and nightlife experiences.

Couples can escape to the hippest hotel, the SLS. It provides chic lodging and upscale dining options like Michael Schwartz’s Fi’lia, a Philippe Starck-designed Katsuya, and the Cleo Mediterráneo of renowned chef Danny Elmaleh.

You may also use the beach, pools, casino, and other amenities at Baha Mar. How cool!

Ready, Steady, Sail!

A trip to the Bahamas wouldn’t be complete without a sailing expedition, thanks to the region’s abundance of islands, blue waterways, and vibrant marine life.

You’ll have the experience of a lifetime, whether you choose a sunset sail, a half-day catamaran trip, or a multi-day island-hopping adventure. Choose from a range of tours, including snorkeling and sunset cruises, when you sail with Seahorse Sailing Adventures.

Top 3 Places To Eat From With The Love Of Your Life!

Italian Cousin at Cafe Matisse, Nassau Bahamas

Queen Couch - Bahamian

This vibrant snack bar is the best place to find authentic Bahamian food. The super-fresh conch salad, diced and cooked immediately in front of your eyes, is the other big draw in addition to the fantastic sea views from the deck.

Cafe Matisse - Italian

At this renowned restaurant in Nassau, indulge in varied Italian cuisine. The environment is equally lovely, with its yellow walls, Matisse prints, and quaint courtyard garden.

Nobu - Japanese

Come to Nobu, Japanse lovers! It is possibly the most coveted restaurant in the country, especially in light of the popularity of Nobu Matsuhisa’s New York establishment. This will be a unique Japanese dining experience, from the creative menu to the magnificent sake cellar.

Mahogany House

This Cable Beach classic is defined by its sophistication and simplicity. This will undoubtedly be a delightful honeymoon dining experience with the wood-fired pizzas and melt-in-your-mouth pork belly.

The Bahamas - Just The Two Of You! ...🛪

For newlyweds and couples looking for a romantic holiday this year, the Bahamas is now running for one of the top spots. That might have something to do with Nassau, the island’s capital, home to many high-end resorts that provide luxurious lodging.

The excellent climate, immaculate beaches, and charm will tempt any couple interested in a Bahamian honeymoon and the abundance of world-class resorts available. 

So what are you waiting for? Read the article above and choose the best hotel for you and the love of your life today!

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