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US Virgin Islands Activities: The Fun Things to Do

St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John are the three primary islands that make up the United States Virgin Islands, which are located in the Caribbean and include a number of smaller islands as well. The United States of America acquired possession of what is now known as the Virgin Islands in 1916 after they had previously been a part of the Danish West Indies.

The United States Virgin Islands are famous for their beaches with white sand, such as Magens Bay and Trunk Bay, as well as their deepwater harbors in the Anegada Passage, such as Charlotte Amalie and Christiansted. 

Trunk Bay, United States Virgin Island

St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John are the three primary islands that make up the United States Virgin Islands, which are located in the Caribbean and include a number of smaller islands as well. The United States of America acquired possession of what is now known as the Virgin Islands in 1916 after they had previously been a part of the Danish West Indies.

The cultures of Europe, America, and Africa have all left their mark on the United States Virgin Islands, which is reflected in the rich diversity of historical monuments and cultural pursuits that are available to tourists. 

The water around the islands is known for being very clean, so make sure to take advantage of this by participating in some fun outdoor activities like swimming and snorkeling.

US Virgin Islands Activities - Popular Things to Do in The US Virgin Islands

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Visit US Virgin Islands National Park

Stunning View of Virgin Islands National Park, St. John US Virgin Island

While on vacation in the Virgin Islands, if you find yourself on St. John, chances are that you are right on the outskirts of Virgin Islands National Park. 

The majority of Love City’s most popular tourist destinations, such as Annaberg Plantation and Trunk Bay Beach, are located within the boundaries of the parkland that covers two-thirds of the island.

This lush tropical paradise can be enjoyed in a myriad of different ways. Hikers, whether they are families or intrepid explorers, have their pick of more than 20 different pathways to explore.

Take A Day Trip to Trunk Bay

Some people consider Trunk Bay to be the epicenter of all beaches. You will have a difficult time finding another Caribbean beach that has sand quite as white or water quite as blue as this one. 

Moreover, because it is encircled by the Virgin Islands National Park, Trunk Bay has been able to preserve the otherworldly calm that it is famous for despite the steady influx of visitors.

Relax at Magens Bay

Long Beach at Magens Bay, St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

There isn’t a more well-known beach in St. Thomas (or possibly anywhere else in the Virgin Islands archipelago) than Magens Bay. Let us, therefore, add our own lyrical spiel to the mix.

This beach on the northern coast of the Virgin Islands has the potential to be the most scenic and swimmable beachfront in the entire archipelago. However, after years of positive reinforcement, Magens has achieved an extreme appeal among tourists, and these tourists are more than happy to pay the entry charge in order to experience the town’s allure.

Visit Annaberg Plantation

Visit Annaberg Plantation, United States Virgin Island (1)

In the latter half of the 18th century, Danish colonists laid the foundation for what would become the Annaberg Plantation. Slave laborers cultivated 1,300 acres of sugar cane, which resulted in the annual production of 100,000 tonnes of sugar. 

Molasses and rum were also manufactured at this location. Today, visitors are given the opportunity to learn more about the plantation’s role in the African slave trade as well as the process by which it generated its goods by touring the Annaberg plantation.

The plantation and its mill are both in a state of moderate disrepair, but parts of each have been rebuilt. You will have the opportunity to view the living quarters of the enslaved people, as well as the work locations and the guardhouse that kept them from fleeing.

You may also be able to observe a demonstration of basket weaving or bread baking, although this will depend on the day you visit. The excursions to the ruins were very enjoyable for the tourists. Visitors were particularly pleased with the informed staff members, despite the fact that they enjoyed the ruins as well as the breathtaking views that could be seen from the location.

They also cautioned that individuals who struggle with mobility may have difficulty navigating some of the steps located on the premises.

Go to Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, St. Croix US Virgin Island

Leatherback sea turtles call the beach at Sandy Point, which is located on the southwestern edge of St. Croix, their home. This beach also functions as a nearly 400-acre natural refuge for the turtles.

The movie “The Shawshank Redemption” was filmed in this location, so you might remember it. In the movie, the location was depicted as being in Mexico, although the conclusion of the movie was shot exactly on the beach at Sandy Point.

You can go swimming in the waters that are not very deep, or you can sunbathe on the sand that is a beige-colored tone. Reviewers were really enthusiastic about the beach, stating that it is in excellent condition and deserving of a visit.

They cautioned that there would be no bathrooms or other amenities available and that there would be very few opportunities for shade. This was the trade-off. Be aware that there are just a few parking places, and that the beach is located at the very end of a very lengthy road that is not paved.

Visit Estate Whim Plantation Museum

The lives of the individuals who lived and worked on the Estate Whim plantation in the 18th century are chronicled in detail at the Estate Whim Plantation Museum. 

The Virgin Islands are home to just one sugar plantation museum, and this one is it. The sugar mill, a cookhouse, and the quarters for the enslaved people are some of the buildings that are located on the plantation’s grounds.

Exhibits provide insights into the economics of the plantation as well as the cultivation and processing of sugar by enslaved laborers on the plantation. As a result of the hurricanes that occurred in 2017, certain areas of the complex, including the “great mansion” and the “oft-lauded windmill,” are currently inaccessible due to construction.

Visitors felt that their time to the museum was well spent even though several of the attractions were closed. Reviewers expressed that they had a better understanding and appreciation for the varied and rich history of the Virgin Islands as a result of reading this book.

Take an Educational Trip to Buck Island National Monument

Buck Island, which is situated around two and a half miles off the shore of St. Croix, is widely regarded as the premier location for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

The island is surrounded by a barrier reef that is managed by the National Park Service. The reef is home to a variety of tropical fish as well as elkhorn coral. On the property, there is a subtropical dry forest for you to explore.

After you’ve finished snorkeling, you can go for a walk or a hike on one of the island’s pathways, which are interspersed across the terrain. On one half of the island, there are areas designated for picnics and restrooms, but you will need to bring your own food and drink with you.

Those who have recently visited Buck Island agreed that this is the best place to snorkel, although they cautioned that the coral isn’t quite as impressive as people make it out to be. A number of tourists have observed that the coral does not appear to have the same vitality as it formerly had.

Despite this, they recommended that future tourists include a visit to Buck Island on their itineraries, adding that visitors should not pass up the opportunity to explore the island’s forest.


It is not necessary to have a passport in order to travel between the United States and the United States Virgin Islands; but, if you intend to travel to the British Virgin Islands while you are there, you will need to have a passport with you. 

The months of April through June offer pleasant temperatures and very little chance of precipitation; as a result, these months are the ideal time to visit the United States Virgin Islands.

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