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The Top Cafés in the British Virgin Islands

A group of 60 beautiful islands in the Northeastern Caribbean known as the British Virgin Islands has long been one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. Visitors swarm to this area, which is surrounded by blue waters that are impossibly clear, to enjoy the warm weather, sunny days, and oceanic pleasures.

The British Virgin Islands, a collection of 60 lush islands in the Northeastern Caribbean, has remained one of the world’s top travel destinations for decades. Surrounded by crystal clear, aquamarine waters, tourists flock here to indulge in sun-drenched days, balmy nights, and oceanic pleasures. 

Sailing, by far and away, is the most popular activity, as the views are breathtaking and there are ample bays with mooring buoys. But other water activities, including snorkeling, fishing, and kiteboarding, are top-notch. And if relaxing is more your speed, there are plenty of powdery beaches where you can kick back, soak in the rays, and chill out.

British Virgin Island

As for the culinary scene? It is far more varied than you may anticipate. The best British Virgin Islands restaurants serve delicious Caribbean cuisine using unusual local ingredients and freshly caught fish. 

There are also many restaurants that provide high-end fusion, American, and foreign food. Even better, virtually all of the best restaurants provide expansive ocean views in addition to beverages and wines that complement the flavorful cuisine and tropical environment.

You’ll find anything you’re looking for, regardless of your hunger or preferences. Therefore, we’ve listed the top ten restaurants in the British Virgin Islands below.

1. Beach Club Restaurant at Oil Nut Bay

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Beach Club Restaurant at Oil Nut Bay, Scrub Island Resort, British Virgin Island

What I consider to be the greatest restaurant in the BVI has a small catch. You must be a visitor to Oil Nut Bay, a gorgeously remote, sustainable resort and development community established by David Johnson, in order to eat at the Beach Club Restaurant. 

Beach Club, the single dining option at the resort, shines in every way. The cuisine is really fantastic thanks to Chef Lenny Sorce’s crowd-pleasing menu of sophisticated classics, and the service couldn’t be more friendly and attentive. 

Every member of the family will enjoy the distinctive twist on traditional favorites that their upscale BVI restaurants provide. The Beach Club is where the world-class resort experience really gets going. It’s an elite refuge for homeowners and rental visitors alike with an exquisite restaurant, Al Forno pizza oven, swim-up pool bar, and views of the white sand beach and beautiful sea beyond. 

The Beach Club offers traditional club fare with an island flavor. Order a delicious, custom-made burger that has been grilled to your preferences, or split an artisan pizza with your preferred toppings. A portion of Oil Nut Bay’s renowned fries could go well with our mouthwatering hand-rolled sushi and farm-fresh salads.

The bar program is also no slouch thanks to head bartender Lennox’s love for making some truly entertaining drinks and for fostering a laid-back yet lively atmosphere.

A delectable lunch is laid up in open-air, poolside seating. After lunch, you may relax by one of the three turquoise pools or stretch out on a large daybed beneath a canopy, go snorkeling in the turtle-filled bay, or simply lay on the white beach with a cold drink in your hand.

2. The Sugar Mill

Gourmet Cuisine at The Sugar Mill Hotel ,Scrub Island Resort, British Virgin Island

The Sugar Mill, housed in a 400-year-old former rum distillery by the coast, is the perfect setting to indulge in Caribbean gourmet cuisine. It’s a convenient choice for guests of the Sugar Mill Hotel, but outsiders are also welcome. 

Take a seat on the lighted patio and order from the filling menu, which has dishes like beef stroganoff, conch fritters, and pig belly. Fresh lobster, treats from its steak bar, and duck-chicken curry is among the menu items that are often ordered. Choose between lounging inside the cozy Rum House or on the balcony to enjoy them.

A fine dining establishment serves fresh lobsters, the best steak at the “Steak Bar,” scallops in champagne sauce, pate de foie gras, escargots, gourmet risottos, duck, chicken curry and roulade, white fish, as well as vegetarian and Caribbean specialties.

A 400-year-old ruin that has been renovated to create one of the Caribbean’s most distinctive locations serves as the estate’s focal point. The restaurant, which has won awards, is housed in this old structure. 

The Sugar Mill is well known for its vegetarian and vegan menu, although it also caters to meat and seafood enthusiasts. In particular, if you want a dinner reservation, you might wish to reserve your table in advance. On weekdays, breakfast is served from 8 to 10 am.

3. CocoMaya

Asian Ambiance Influence at The Coco Maya Hotel, Scrub Island Resort, British Virgin Island

Owners Aaron Seddon and Kim Takeuchi’s beachside restaurant in Virgin Gorda dazzles with a stylish interior – think basket pendant lighting, a unique stone bar, and bamboo elements throughout – and a tempting menu of shared appetizers with an Asian influence. 

Fans of sushi will go crazy for the inventive rolls. (Seddon suggests trying the famous, deep-fried CocoMaya roll with tempura shrimp, avocado, and spicy mayo.) Southeast Asia and Latin America cuisines are combined at the CocoMaya Restaurant to offer special treats.

The restaurant, an elegant yet laid-back eatery specializing in great street cuisine with unique flavors, is situated between two enormous rocks in a national park. Shrimp lettuce wraps, tempura shrimp, and the CocoMaya House Ribs are all popular choices from the menu.

If you’re craving something heartier, the grilled skirt steak with onion rings and chimichurri or the well-known Korean rice cakes coated with a sweet and sour sauce, kimchi, and sausage are both excellent choices.

The wine selection is wide, and the cocktail menu is entertaining as well. The Cojito, a quirky take on the traditional mojito that includes coconut water and a coconut rim, is the top seller.

The food served at this beachfront eatery is casual. Burgers and Caesar salads are always available, but the chicken wrap with sweet-and-sour sauce is a delicious substitute. Try the mahi mahi with rice and sautéed veggies for supper.

Beach front Eatery at The CocoMaya Hotel, British Virgin Island

Reservations are required at the popular CocoMaya Restaurant. If you want to tour the adjacent Little Fort National Park, which has water walls, a wildlife refuge, and an old Spanish fortress, this is a terrific place to dine.

4. Saba Rock

After arriving at this little island resort—which is only reachable by boat—, the fun really begins. But once you get there, you’ll see why both residents and visitors have long regarded this as a favorite.

Happy hour is extremely busy here, and tarpon feedings at 5:00 pm every day are customary. Regarding the food, it is plain and cozy. Start your dinner off with a house specialty called Lobster Escargot, which is made with locally caught Anegada lobster cooked with lemon, garlic, and butter.

Then dive into one of the chef’s specialties, such as the Caribbean spiced chicken or the tropical beef stir fry. With a cool cocktail, you can wash it all down. Dine-in at their outdoor restaurant while taking in the Caribbean scenery, the sounds of nature, and the ocean wind.

Their tiny enclave is a must-stop for any hunger, with daily lunch and dinner specials, distinctive cocktails, bar nibbles, small dishes, and fresh sushi. This waterside restaurant, which is situated on a tiny 112-acre island in the midst of North Sound, is worth the trip by private boat or ferry, thanks to its accommodating staff and friendly customers.

Little Island Saba Rock Resort, British Virgin Island

Burgers and fish tacos are popular lunchtime menu items, while steak and shellfish are popular dinnertime choices. Fresh fish straight off the hook and locally sourced ingredients are included in the island-inspired international cuisine, which is delivered with top-notch service.

You don’t need to depart just because your dinner is over. Enjoy the secluded beach on the island, unwind in a hammock, or simply laze about and take in the breathtaking scenery.

5. Hog Heaven

This casual cafe lives up to its name since it is perched high above North Sound and offers expansive views. Buttery conch, and all the fixings, including fried plantains, potato salad, and coleslaw, are served in a welcoming environment.

Hog Heaven is the ideal place to stop when visiting the island for the day. Despite being the lowest position on our list, it is nevertheless one of the most cherished. Then why? It’s difficult to think of any location where you’d be treated to more breathtaking sunsets and broad views of the nearby islands.

The restaurant has a view of the North Sound and is perched on a hill on Nail Bay Road. The atmosphere is laid back and welcoming, the beverages are always delivered with a grin and in a plastic cup, and the BBQ prepared in the little kitchen is delicious.

The lovely deck surrounding the restaurant offers a stunning view of the entire North Sound. You can see the whole area above, including Moskito Island, Colquhoun Reef, Necker Island, Eustatia, Prickly Pear, Saba Rock, Leverick Bay, and Pajeros Point at the island’s northernmost tip.

Expansive Views at The Hog Heaven Cafe, British Virgin Island

The vista is reason enough to travel to this Virgin Gorda treasure. The terrace at Hog Heaven is set high in the island’s cliffs and has breathtaking views. This laid-back eatery offers a large selection of beer, wine, and cocktails, along with mouthwatering ribs, barbecue pork, and fresh fish for lunch and supper.

Hog Heaven has quickly become one of my favorite dining establishments on Virgin Gorda, and the breathtaking views certainly don’t hurt. The vista and the clean air greatly improve appetite. Bring a hearty appetite if you decide to order the ribs.

6. The Dove Restaurant

On Tortola’s Main Street, The Dove Restaurant is a well-liked dining establishment that specializes in fusion cuisine and is set in an old West Indian villa. The a la carte menu is available, and you may either eat in the cozy dining room or on one of the patios while taking in the scenery.

Their modern food is definitely of the highest caliber. The seasonal menu features inventively tasty meals made with the best ingredients from across the world and fresh, regional vegetables.

In their small, air-conditioned dining area, they provide a sophisticated à la carte eating experience. Or choose one of their numerous covered patios for a small dish of their delectable bar snacks. Both of The Dove’s menus provide top-notch choices that are sure to delight.

Craft drinks that are expertly made may be enjoyed on the terrace beneath a mango tree. Alternatively, enjoy the ocean breeze on the top deck next to The Dragonfly Lounge “at the Dove” before dining in their dining room, which is lit by a chandelier.

Fusion Cuisine The Dove Restaurant, British Virgin island

With the help of their vast wine selection, you may choose your favorite kind and the ideal cuisine to match it with. Every palette may find the perfect wine in their well-stocked cellar. The Dragonfly Lounge “at the Dove” is located upstairs and is ideal for socializing, sipping on a beverage, or waiting for your boat (across the street).

Offering creative drinks, happy hour deals, and light hors d’oeuvres. Their expertly created drinks contain their own homegrown herbs, homemade syrups, and infusions.

7. 1748 Restaurant

The 1748 Restaurant offers the Caribbean and European fare inside a historic structure in a chic, modern atmosphere. This uncomplicated yet elegant dining establishment is housed inside an 18th-century rum distillery and is inspired by Caribbean food. 

There is sitting upstairs, below, and on the shady patio. The best quality organic produce is brought from the island to the table in fresh and wholesome meals gathered from neighborhood fishermen, island farms, and the resort’s herb and vegetable garden. There is also a beach bar with specialty drinks.

Favorites at lunch and supper include the 1748 Wagyu Beef Burger, soft flour tacos, and seared ahi tuna. Additionally, shared platters are available, including the restaurant’s handcrafted Tuscan bread and baby vegetable crudites. We suggest having their Caribbean French toast or the famous 1748 Pancakes if you visit over for brunch.

During supper, unwind in this outdoor restaurant at Long Bay Beach Club. There is adequate room between the tables for private chats. The daily menu fluctuates; however, a few meals are always available. A shellfish cocktail, creamy carrot soup, or mixed green salad might be served to start your dinner. 

Modern Atmosphere 1748 Restaurant, British Virgin Island

A grilled London broil served with a rosemary mushroom sauce, roasted potatoes and vegetables, a grilled tuna steak in a hot cilantro-coconut sauce, and a platter of grilled veggies marinated in pesto are just a few of the entree options.

At least five desserts are always served, and they might be Belgian chocolate mousse, strawberry cheesecake, or a light lemon-coconut cake. Public parking is accessible directly next to the bar and gift store, which is a wonderful location. All-day long, the bar is open till it closes at 10:00 or 11:00 pm.

Long Bay Beach has both highly sunny and much-appreciated shaded areas. Both are easily accessible just in front of the restaurant. It’s an excellent location for boogie boarding!

8. Quito's Gazebo

The beach bar and restaurant are situated just on the edge of a white sandy beach, just a few feet from the Caribbean Sea. It looks like something out of a postcard. You can tell you’ve put your concerns far behind you when you have a Painkiller in one hand, your toes in the sand, and music floating from the bar.

With the opening of the first Quito’s Gazebo at Cane Garden Bay in 1983, Quito invented the reggae beat. Since then, the Gazebo has undergone several transformations, some caused by man and some by hurricanes.

Quito’s Gazebo is a well-liked beach bar and restaurant in Cane Garden Bay that both tourists and locals frequent. On the patio, you may sample a local specialty from the Caribbean, or you can have a fast meal and a drink to enjoy on a beachside table under a parasol. A reggae band usually plays live music most evenings.

Beach bar Restaurant Quito's Gazebo, British Virgin Island

Island native Quito Rymer, a multi-talented recording sensation who plays and sings alone on Tuesday and Thursday and performs with his reggae band on Friday, owns and runs this rustic seaside bar and restaurant. Although there is a strong focus on fresh fish in Caribbean cuisine, you should also try the conch fritters or the BBQ chicken.

We advise making a reservation for a table for supper in advance because it’s a popular local hangout as well as a destination for tourists. For breakfast and lunch, reservations are often not necessary. Overall, it’s a fantastic location to dine while enjoying a day at the beach.

9. The Restaurant at Leverick Bay

Enjoy ocean views from the outdoor patio and a selection of Caribbean cuisine at The Restaurant at Leverick Bay. Anegada lobster and house-cut steaks are among the most popular menu items, while locally obtained seafood is another standout. There are also several tasty vegetarians and gluten-free options available.

This beachfront restaurant attracts tourists from cruise ships, hotel guests, and locals with its relaxed fare. The menu offers burgers, pizza, roti, chili, and fish and chips for lunch. An elegant restaurant located upstairs provides supper that includes dishes like Anegada lobster and wild fish.

The Restaurant is among the top venues in the Caribbean to have a fantastic meal and a fantastic culinary experience thanks to years of dedication and hard work. Excellent service is a need for a fantastic lunch, and Yates and his employees worked hard to achieve this goal every day.

The exquisite cuisine pairs nicely with the flawless service, which makes you feel at home because it is delivered with a smile. Stanley Ramotar, the executive chef, was able to grasp Alex Yates’s vision and cooking methods to continue bringing this vision to life.

Ocean View Restaurant at Leverick Bay, British Virgin Island

The Restaurant at Leverick Bay provides the greatest house-cut beef and fresh Anegada lobster in the British Virgin Islands, making for the ideal evening dining experience. On our open patio in the Caribbean style, take in the breeze and the ocean views while dining from our upscale wine list.

An exquisite assortment of wines from across the world may be found in our wine cellar. In Virgin Gorda and the Lesser Antilles, you may sample the most unusual and diversified wines.

After a day of scuba diving around Mosquito Island, The Restaurant at Leverick Bay, situated on the northern tip of Virgin Gorda, is the perfect spot to enjoy an upmarket Caribbean dining experience. Over the weekend, we advise making a reservation; however, walk-ins are always welcome.

10. Brandywine Estate Restaurant

Unique and imaginative cuisine with French and local inspirations is created at the Brandywine Estate Restaurant on Tortola’s southern shore. The seafood plate, mussels in white wine sauce, and pan-fried salmon are favorites among seafood lovers.

Conversely, meat lovers have alternatives like lamb shank and beef tenderloin. They take great care to get the best and freshest components. While their menus give a general idea of what’s available, they also offer daily specials and always go above and beyond to meet your unique dietary needs.

Imaginitive Cuisine Brandywine Estate, British Virgin Island

Their shaded garden and covered patio are perfect for a leisurely meal. Best savored in the afternoon without any important commitments and a cool glass of wine. They provide a nice assortment of supper entrees with French and Mediterranean influences and some delectable dessert options.

Best enjoyed on the terrace after pre-dinner cocktails, where you can take pictures of the sunset and enjoy the fresh winds. Their menus provide a fantastic assortment of seafood, as one may expect from a French chef and being surrounded by a gorgeous ocean. There is a wide variety of wines available, blending French and New World styles with a focus on value and quality. 

At Brandywine, there’s always something special to anticipate, whether it’s the Valentine’s or Christmas dinners or their yearly Pig Roast. For a private event, the Brandywine Estate restaurant is a gorgeous sight. They can accommodate you stylishly for anything from office gatherings to weddings.


The islands of the BVI are one of the finest sailing vacation spots in the world, with the stunning, crystal-clear sea surrounding them and mild, tropical temperatures sustained by year-round trade winds. 

The BVI’s food scene, which naturally reflects Caribbean influences, will dazzle your hunger with everything you want to enjoy, not to mention the immaculate white sandy beaches that beg you to relax, soak up some sun, and unwind, or the excellent sailing conditions from island to island.

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