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Best British Virgin Islands: The Most Instagrammable Spot 2022

One of the more intriguing destinations to visit is the British Virgin Islands. Since most visitors arrive by boat from one of the neighboring islands, it is an excellent location for an epic voyage.

A longtime favorite among sailors and mariners, the British Virgin Islands are a collection of extremely beautiful isles on either side of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. The British Virgin Islands is a fantastic Caribbean vacation destination due to its lush interiors, stunning beaches, and a wealth of activities for fans of watersports.

Cooper Island

One of the more intriguing destinations to visit is the British Virgin Islands. Since most visitors arrive by boat from one of the neighboring islands, it is an excellent location for an epic voyage. You can enjoy serene beaches, laid-back restaurants, and unique local attractions because it’s still completely off-the-radar for most tourists. If you’re sick of seeing the same old spots, a holiday to the British Virgin Islands may be a perfect choice. 

The Best Spots During the Day

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The Baths National Park, Virgin Gorda

Vivid Bay The Baths National Park

Wading among the vivid bays and granite boulders of The Baths National Park in Virgin Gorda is unquestionably the most memorable activity in the British Virgin Islands. Visitors must swim or wade through a form maze made of large, rounded, ash-gray rocks of varied sizes that rise from the crystal-clear sea. 

Up until you reach Devil’s Bay, the stunning beach clearing at the end of the cliffs, you’ll find shallow, clean seas perfect for a little light snorkeling or tranquil sunbathing. The contrast between the pure blue water and the pale gray and white of the rocks makes for striking photographs and excellent snorkeling.

Gorda Peak National Park, Virgin Gorda

One of the remaining dry woods of the Caribbean still exists there. Consequently, going there will be a wonderful experience. The top is the highest point at 1,370 feet, and the national park authority has exclusive control over protecting the mountains.

Gorda Peak National Park exploration is a must if you’re seeking a chance to get close to nature inland. It will be a singular experience for you and a worthwhile Instagram tale to share.

North Sound, Virgin Gorda

beautiful place to watch the sunset North Sound

Another beautiful place to watch the sunset. As a result of your visit, you will witness a breathtaking sunset that will make you forget about the craziness in your life and just leave you feeling at peace. I’m sure, North Sound will be the first one to make it to your Instagram posts. 

White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

White Bay is one of Jost Van Dyke’s best beaches for relaxing with a drink in hand. Due to its proximity to Great Harbor, almost all of the island’s bars, and a number of seaside homes and villas, White Bay is frequently busy with activity.

The area’s real beach offers lots of space for people to lay out their towels or set up their chairs to sunbathe, while the bars are more of a rowdy party scene. You may take a beach snapshot that is Instagram-worthy by placing one of those palm trees in the corner of your image.

Smuggler's Cove Beach, Tortola

Smuggler’s Cove Beach is not the raucous beach with tons of facilities that its name suggests; rather, it is the perfect beachfront for a secret beach rendezvous.

perfect beachfront Smuggler's Cove Beach

These sands on Tortola’s western coast are less crowded than other beaches in the British Virgin Islands, and have a tranquil atmosphere, with nothing but the horizon to enjoy.

Travelers who describe perfect snorkeling conditions say there are much colorful fish swimming around and coral to observe. You’ll experience something breathtaking, and it will make a fantastic Instagram photo.

Anegada Island

The gorgeous Anegada is a vacationer’s paradise in the Caribbean, offering over 300 wrecks to dive to and explore, silver sand beaches, and a flock of flamingos. Many people found their time spent on the tranquil Anegada Island was the most calming part of their trip to the British Virgin Islands due to its distant position and virtually empty beaches. 

The benefit is that you won’t have to search for a good place to sit on the beach, but the disadvantage is that you will have to find the closest convenience store. Pictures of this island are sure to cause envy on Instagram because it is so beautiful and has such a small population.

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Clear beach Cane Garden Bay

In the British Virgin Islands, Cane Garden Bay is where most of the action takes place. At this beach in the northwest, you can snorkel towards the western end of the beach, rent a boat or a kayak, and swim in the crystal-clear sea.

As the sun sets, Cane Garden Bay may be seen. It is the most ideal location for capturing your excitement in photographs. This bay in Tortola offers a variety of turquoise blue beaches and abundant flora to enhance the aesthetic of your Instagram.

Soper's Hole, Tortola

For sunrise photographs with hues so vibrant, your friends will think you employed some sort of filter magic, head to Soper’s Hole on the western side of Tortola. The spectacle continues after sunrise, so stay for at least 30 minutes. 

Coastal views, luxury yachts in the harbor, and the thick, Jurassic-Park-like vegetation of the hills also provide the ideal Instagram backdrop. When you’re finished, go nearby Pusser’s Landing for a bite or a cold beverage.

Road Town, Tortola

It serves as the British Virgin Islands’ capital. It is how the islands are represented on the streets. bursting with vivid colors and a vivacious atmosphere. 

It will be a fantastic location for your stunning photo sessions. The breathtaking island beauty and amazing photo opportunities of the neighboring islands, including Guana Location, Virgin Gorda, and others, make Tortola a stunning island to explore.

Rhone National Maritime Park & RMS Rhone Shipwreck Dives

The RMS Rhone is among the best shipwrecks to investigate. The ship’s final journey took place on October 19, 1867, and she sank in a Category 3 hurricane not far from Salt Island, the only park of its kind in the British Virgin Islands. 

The wreck site and the waters around it are now known as the Rhone National Marine Park. While there are some parts that novices can also like, it is a popular dive for intermediate to expert divers. Doesn’t this site sound perfect for your Instagram feed?

The Best Spots for the British Virgin Islands during the night

Myett's Garden & Grille Restaurant

bi-level restaurant Myett's Garden & Grille Restaurant

This bi-level restaurant and bar are crowded day and night for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in part because it is situated directly on the beach. The restaurant offers a lovely setting for unwinding and relaxing because it was built within a natural garden.

Bring some patience, place your orders early, relax, and take in the music and, perhaps, a stunning sunset on a busy night. Service can be slow. While you wait for your food, take as many pictures as you can.

Great Harbor’s night kayaking

When you have vibrant LED lighting and an unobstructed underwater perspective, nighttime is the optimum time to take the ideal photo. At Great Harbor, you may go kayaking on a clear bottom at night to see tarpon, rays, and other marine life. Bonus: Nighttime photography looks amazing with colorful lighting. 

Paradise Club, Lounge, Bar & Restaurant

It would be difficult to refute the fact that the Paradise Club Lounge Bar & Restaurant significantly contributed to the transformation of Cane Garden Bay’s environment into the vivacious, effervescent scene it has evolved into over the past several years. 

In fact, some Paradise patrons drive considerable miles solely to take pictures against the backdrop of the restaurant’s ‘I LOVE British Virgin Islands’ sign.

Sunset Loop Trail

by: Tripbucket

The British Virgin Islands has some pretty incredible hiking trip destinations! Your trip will be great if you take the Sunset Loop trail on Peter Island, a private island resort. The main trail is approximately 8 kilometers long in total. 

You will enjoy stunning sunset views over Pelican Key, Norman Island, and St. John in the distance as we reach the island’s summit and are seated on a vibrant Adirondack chair. As you take in the tranquility and beauty of an amazing view, you will feel one with nature. This location simply demands to be photographed for your Instagram posts, don’t you think?

Aroma's Cigar & Martini Bar

The British Virgin Islands’ only cigar and martini bar, Aromas Cigar & Martini Bar – British Virgin Islands, was founded out of a passion for exquisite wines and terrific music. 

They arrived in Tortola to provide premium cigars, music, and handmade drinks after traversing the world and immersing themselves in various musical traditions. Don’t forget to brag to your Instagram followers about your recent partying spots!

Night diving in Brewers Bay

One of the best snorkeling beaches
by: BVI Diving

One of the best snorkeling beaches in the British Virgin Islands is Brewers Bay, which is situated on the northwest coast of Tortola about the north of Cane Garden Bay.

The vast coral is good for snorkeling, and the beach is less busy than the nearby Cane Garden Bay for people who are merely interested in swimming and sunbathing.

Trellis Bay Market Bar & Grill

At Trellis Bay on Beef Island, full moons are usually a reason for celebration. Amazing photographs can be captured of the enormous fireballs illuminating the coastline.

Tola Beverage Co.

The Tola Beverage Company, which is situated on the main island of Tortola, is proud to be the first production craft brewery in the British Virgin Islands. The Tola Brewing Company is now open to the public after three years of arduous labor and numerous setbacks. 

Visit the British Virgin Islands’ first commercial craft brewery, which offers excellent, fresh, and ice-cold beer on tap without the use of preservatives. Take images to post on Instagram, don’t forget!

Here are the checklist for things to pack when travelling to British Virgin Islands.


The BVI islands are among the best places in the world to go sailing because of the gorgeous, clear sea that surrounds them and the pleasant, tropical temperatures that are sustained by year-round trade winds.

No matter which island you are on, there are a lot of options available. Don’t assume the Virgin Islands are boring despite this list of incredible cities to visit there. Events are open to everyone, not just beach bums.

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