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A Record Amount of Seaweed is Choking Shores in the Caribbean

Normally, people consider seaweed more a blessing than a burden. Seaweed accumulation creates ecosystems like the Sargasso Sea, which provides refuge to turtles, eels, and Sargassum fish. Even though there are ecological advantages to seaweed, this year many nations are in emergency situations as a result of the seaweed’s overuse upsetting the ecology.

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Peaceful Beach at Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico

Most Instagrammable Places in Puerto Rico in 2022

The beaches of Puerto Rico should not be overlooked! All of Puerto Rico’s beaches, as you can imagine, are excellent candidates for photos, but I’ve listed a few of my favorites below. Isla Verde in Carolina, the undiscovered Wishing Wells in Aguadilla, Sandy Beach in Rincon, Crash Boat Beach in Rincon, and Flamenco Beach are some of the photogenic Puerto Rico beaches (Culebra Island). Each of these communities has a lot to offer nearby in addition to these beaches being incredibly Instagrammable.

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The Caribbean – But Not How You May Expect

This area is thrillingly adapted to adventurous breaks, treks on winding routes, and bicycle trips along rural roads. It is mountainous and beautiful in its highest spots, with an extra ingredient of volcanic spice on those summits where the Earth splits open.

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