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Spin On The Best Drinks In the Best Bars In Jamaica

A wide range of atmospheres can be accommodated thanks to the abundance of seating both inside and outside. Both inside on the spacious porch and outside on the enchanted terrace is set up with tables. Sandwiches, seafood, spaghetti, and steaks are just some of the items that can be found on the kitchen's Caribbean fusion menu.
Best Bars In Jamaica

Jamaica is famous for its warm and welcoming people, and the island’s nightlife lives up to that reputation. Jamaican clubs and bars are must-see destinations because of the astounding one-of-a-kind and genuine experiences that can be had there.

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The Best Bars In Jamaica To Grab A Drink Right Now

1. Floyd's Pelican Bar

Take a boat journey to Floyd’s Pelican Bar instead of stopping at the roadside drinking holes when you’re thirsty. 

This thatched cabin is perched on stilts out in the water, making it a fantastic location for spending the afternoon swimming and chatting with friends, whether you’re there by yourself or with a group. It is only thirty minutes away from Treasure Beach (request a boat ride through your guesthouse or resort), and you may arrive for lunch and stay until after nightfall to partake in the freshly caught fish, rum, and chilled Red Stripe that is offered at the restaurant. 

The interior of the hut is decorated with the flags of several different countries, and the patrons who came before have written notes on the planks and benches.

Floyd's Pelican Bar

“Discover a hidden gem that will leave you with memories to cherish. From laughter-filled conversations to breathtaking sunsets, Floyd’s Pelican Bar is where moments become magic. Dive in now!

2. Rick's Café

Even though Rick’s is most likely the most touristy location in all of Jamaica, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to go there at least once because the book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” includes it on the list. 

Get there around 4 o’clock to avoid the crush of tour bus traffic that occurs closer to sunset, then drink a couple of cocktails (Rick’s serves a myriad of alternatives), and stake your claim on a prime viewing point for the sunset and cliff-diving. Rick’s serves up a myriad of possibilities. The local divers descend from the adjacent cliffs, some of which are more than 30 feet above the water, by swinging from trees and dropping into the waves or by plunging from the rocks. 

Even the occasional visitor will risk falling into the water below by jumping off the cliff. A reggae band contributes to the lively atmosphere of the event.

3. Pier 1

The open-air restaurant and nightclub known as Pier 1 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is located on a pier that juts out into the Caribbean Sea. This is the establishment’s primary selling point. 

The restaurant is popular both throughout the day and in the early evening with tourists and residents who are interested in having a satisfying dinner while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the ocean. The nighttime celebrations typically begin later in the evening and continue well into the early morning hours.

Pier 1, Jamaica

Discover the vibrant treasures of Pier 1 in Jamaica, and let your senses soar in a world of captivating flavors, breathtaking views, and unforgettable moments.”

4. Drifters Bar

Luddy Samms, the proprietor of Drifters Bar, shares anecdotes about his time spent singing with Eric Clapton, Stevie Winwood, and Bruce Willis, as well as memories from his time spent performing with The Drifters. 

In 2011, Samms established this popular pub and performance venue on Seven Mile Beach. Since then, locals, tourists, and expatriates have been flocking here for ice-cold Red Stripe, delicious food, and a wide selection of live music performances in a variety of genres. Reggae, on the other hand, reigns supreme here because the establishment is a genuine Jamaican beach bar.

5. Redbones Blues Café

Redbones are the perfect place to kick off your night out in the hip and happening New Kingston neighborhood. Photos of jazz and blues musicians who have played here are hung on the walls of the cozy interior, which is made of wood. 

A wide range of atmospheres can be accommodated thanks to the abundance of seating both inside and outside. Both inside on the spacious porch and outside on the enchanted terrace is set up with tables. Sandwiches, seafood, spaghetti, and steaks are just some of the items that can be found on the kitchen’s Caribbean fusion menu. 

Poetry nights, film screenings, and art exhibitions are some of the other events that take place at Redbones regularly in addition to the usual calendar of musical acts, both local and foreign.

Redbones Blues Café

“Experience the soulful rhythm and flavors of Jamaica at Redbones Blues Café—where music and cuisine intertwine seamlessly.”

6. Uncorked

Uncorked was once a modest wine and cheese shop located in the heart of Barbican, which is Kingston’s preferred “uptown” district. However, it has now transformed into a sit-down wine bar with a menu that is popular with the city’s professional set. Pick one of the starters prepared in the tapas style, such as the dates stuffed with bacon, or go all in and order one of the famous for-a-reason gourmet burgers, such as the Scotchie and Skellie, which is prepared in a Jamaican-style spice rub. 

The salads, seafood, and meat entrees are all delicious, and they won’t let you down. The restaurant’s extensive list of foreign wines, which features vintages from Europe, Australia, and South Africa, can be paired with any of the available entrees. It is very busy during noon, so if you want to avoid waiting for a table, you should arrive as early as possible. Alternatively, you might come in the evening for cocktails and cheese and olive platters.

7. Memorabilia Bar & Grill

The Memorabilia Bar & Grill is a beachfront bar and restaurant that is located just outside of Montego Bay in the Ironshore neighborhood. It is one of the hippest and most trendy establishments of its kind, yet it is relatively unknown. 

It is the perfect midday retreat from the crowds, with an on-site seafood restaurant, serving seafood and burgers, as well as affordable beverages (around US$5 for a rum punch), and is a favorite hangout of certain reggae stars as well as locals and expatriates. It is also a favorite haunt of some reggae stars. The icing on the cake is that there is a modest-sized but stunning beach with white sand and a wide variety of seats. 

Even though you’re only a ten-minute drive from the city, it will feel like you’re in another world. There is even a gazebo suspended over the ocean, where you can relax with a drink in your hand and soak in the heavenly breeze of the Caribbean.


“Unwind and let the spirit of Jamaica ignite your senses. From the first bite to the last sip, our memorable dining experience will transport you to the heart of the Caribbean. Taste the essence of Jamaica at Memorabilia Bar & Grill today!

8. Regency Bar & Lounge

The Regency is a posh bar and lounge that serves a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The owners have recently decided to renovate the property, which has turned it into a popular destination for both locals and foreigners. 

You have the option of sitting inside or enjoying the sophisticated ambiance found within. Either way, the choice is yours. In addition, Regency Bar and Lounge host salsa nights, which serves as the perfect date-night idea for you and your partner.

9. Fiction Nightclub

Fiction Nightclub is regarded as not just one of the top clubs in Kingston, but also one of the best clubs in all of Jamaica. It is open from Wednesday to Saturday. 

The venue offers a lot of space, and it is here that you will find the most talented DJs from Jamaica. Celebrities and influential people, such as Usain Bolt, are regulars at this club. Despite this, the costs are within a reasonable range, so don’t be afraid to give this nightclub a try!

10. Kingston Dub Club

Kingston Dub Club is an excellent choice for listeners that are enthusiastic about reggae music. You will have the opportunity to get your groove on all night long at this venue, which features some of the most talented Jamaican musicians. 

You will be able to get a magnificent view of Kingston from this site, even though it is located on the outskirts of the city.

Experience the vibrant rhythms and soulful beats at Kingston Dub Club in Jamaica, where music takes you on a journey of pure bliss and enchantment.”

Best Brewery & Distilleries In Jamaica

1. Clubhouse Brewery

Clubhouse Brewery & Tap Room is the place to go for the ultimate drinking-dining experience guaranteed to delight our patrons and beer enthusiasts with the best in uniquely brewed, Jamaican craft beers, set against the backdrop of this 20th Century 18-hole golf course. 

This is the place to go for the ultimate drinking-dining experience guaranteed to delight our patrons and beer enthusiasts with the best in uniquely brewed, Jamaican craft beers. It’s a tried-and-tested option for Jamaicans to enjoy.

2. Brewery Sunset Restaurant & Lounge

Jamaica’s Montego Bay may be found at 32 Jimmy Cliff Avenue, which is the location of the Brewery Sunset Restaurant and Lounge. 

This brewery is well-known for creating some of the highest quality alcoholic beverages, and they even supply major clubs and pubs with their distilled alcoholic beverages.

3. Red Stripe

Red Stripe

“Cheers to good times, great friends, and the Jamaican way of life. Get ready to savor the true taste of Jamaica with Red Stripe!

Desnoes & Geddes, based in Jamaica, brew Red Stripe, a pale lager with an alcohol content of 4.7% by volume. In 1928, it was first made available to the public using a formula that had been devised by Paul H. Geddes and Bill Martindale. Additionally, the Dutch company Heineken is responsible for its production there. Desnoes & Geddes was acquired by Guinness Brewing Worldwide, which is now known as Diageo, in 1993. 

As part of this transaction, Guinness Brewing Worldwide assumed responsibility for international distribution in several markets. Heineken completed the acquisition of Diageo’s interest in 2015 and announced that it would make a bid to purchase the shares it did not already own.


Be sure to visit these bars and breweries for the ultimate Jamaican nightlife experience during your stay in Jamaica!

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