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2022 Most Instagrammable Places in Jamaica

Jamaica has a lot of problems, but they also have a lot of beauty. The island is incredibly gorgeous, with lush, steep mountains, crystal-clear rivers, spectacular waterfalls, breathtaking rainforests, charming beaches, and stunning sunsets.

Jamaica Scenic Area

There are so many other beautiful areas that might have been included on this list, but after careful consideration and without regard to order, I’ve decided that these locations merit a spot on Jamaica’s top 15 most Instagrammable spots.

Bob Marley Museum

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The former residence of the reggae legend is now the Bob Marley Museum. The wonderful memories and irreplaceable mementos that fill Bob Marley’s home services honor his life and career as a famous Jamaican singer. The Bob Marley Museum is one of the most memorable locations in the entire globe, not just in Jamaica

Bob Marley’s magnificent guitar, along with other priceless items, collections, artifacts, etc., can be found in the museum. In the museum, there are plenty of subjects for photos that your Instagram followers will find fascinating.

Strawberry Hill

A hilltop town named Strawberry Hill Jamaica Luxury Resort features houses and villas that expertly fuse traditional elements of colonial architecture with contemporary concepts. The Strawberry Hill Hotel in Irish Town, located in the Blue Mountain region, is picture-perfect and has a number of stunning locations for Instagram-worthy photos. 

While admiring the views of Kingston, stand on the slender wall of the infinity pool to give the impression that you are walking on water. Or relax in a lawn chair while looking out over a valley.

Emancipation Park

Emancipation Park is a free public park in Kingston, Jamaica. The day before Emancipation Day, on July 31, 2002, New Kingston’s Emancipation Park received its official opening. Emancipation Park, which honors the abolition of slavery, is unique among locations in Kingston, Jamaica. The park’s legendary statues and monuments seem fascinating. 

The Emancipation Park is incredibly distinctive because it has waterfalls and beautiful tropical vegetation. Instagram posts promoting social justice and world peace receive a lot of views and likes. The monuments in the famous park are both visually appealing and have high moral worth.

Devon House

Foreigners, local tourists, and onlookers are always drawn to Devon House and are compelled to take pictures of this magnificent mansion because of its attractiveness. One of Kingston, Jamaica’s must-visit Instagrammable locations is this lovely National Heritage Site. In its sizable area, Devon House has parks, eateries, shopping, and relaxing amenities. 

You can enjoy the rich history of Jamaica in Devon House, which is realistically represented by photographs and documents. You can get your most popular Instagram photo while visiting Kingston, Jamaica, on the Devon House website.

Hope Botanical Gardens & Zoo

Royal Hope Botanical Gardens

In the 1870s, Europeans constructed the Hope Botanical Gardens. These grounds, also known as the Royal Botanical Gardens, are home to a wide variety of plants and tourist attractions. The Hope Botanical Gardens are home to ornamental ponds, an orchid garden, and a cactus house. You can rest your mind and soul in the serene ambiance of the wonderful gardens. During sunny days, birds and butterflies make brief appearances in the gardens.

Jamnesia Surf Club

The liberating nature of surfing is maximized by Jamnesia Surf Club. Even if you don’t enjoy surfing, a beach is still a beach. Therefore, you can still enjoy the other things that a beach has to offer, such as wandering on the shore and collecting seashells or swimming in the water, while you watch your friends or family surf (which, let’s face it, is as wonderful as walking on water). And who doesn’t enjoy seeing photos of beaches on Instagram?

Loose Canon Tours

A company known as Loose Cannon Boat Charters and Tours is dedicated to discovering Kingston, Jamaica’s most stunning beaches. They are setting the standard for a full, all-inclusive, first-class service that will give their customers comfort and safety while they cruise the sea on a 69-foot power catamaran that is very roomy and stable. 

As you pass through the seventh-largest natural harbor in the world, Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, will be illuminated by the ocean at night. Don’t forget to capture photos for your Instagram posts as well.

Victoria's Pier on the Waterfront in Downtown Jamaica

Center of Downtown Victoria's Pier on the Waterfront
by: Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica’s Victoria’s Pier, which is on the waterfront and is located in the center of Downtown, has a long and rich past. The Tainos fished in its waters, the Spanish used it as a port, the British used it as a base to launch an attack on the Spanish Main, and Jamaicans have lived and done business there for more than three centuries. 

It is clear that the area is quite active, and versatile, and can draw both domestic and foreign tourists. This is unquestionably the ideal location to capture images for your Instagram stories.

Mahogany Tree Bar

Mahogany, one of the island’s few outdoor bars, is the perfect location to unwind with a drink and some finger foods on a lonely evening or with friends. Kingston’s historic Devon House complex’s dense foliage encircles the lovely Mahogany Tree bar. 

It’s a nice place with lovely fairy lights and the bar itself is built around a huge mahogany tree, perfect for a few cocktails and live music. The weekends also include live performances.

Regency Bar and Lounge

Regency Bar and Lounge

The Regency Bar & Lounge is ideal for catching up with friends or bringing life to your evening thanks to its stylish interior design.  Regency has a well-designed layout with comfortable nooks, a complete bar, and an outside cafe area. 

The Regency Bar & Lounge serves delectable fare in a chic yet relaxed setting that ensures a night of entertainment and relaxation. As you wait for your meal, don’t forget to take pictures of their beautiful interior.

CRU Bar & Kitchen

When Cru Bar & Kitchen opened in 2013, it quickly became a popular hangout for young professionals who frequent the rooftop bar in large numbers on their way home from work. Cru Bar & Kitchen is owned and operated by Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ), one of the island’s top food and beverage importers and distributors. 

With a sophisticated, modern environment, premium cocktails, wines from the CPJ portfolio, and finger foods to hold you over till dinner, Cru is especially well-liked on Friday nights. Additionally, a food photograph fit for Instagram is necessary for the full gastronomic experience.

The Macau Gaming Lounge & Bar

The Macau Gaming Lounge & Bar

The Macau Gaming Lounge & Bar is a posh bar, restaurant, and casino that is situated in Kingston, Jamaica. There are a ton of electronic gaming machines on its gaming floor, including video slots, video poker, video keno, electronic blackjack, and automated derby/horse racing games. 

Visitors can also have a great time at the rooftop bar, where delectable drinks and cocktails are served to satisfy their thirst while a live DJ spins all of your favorite music all night long. By the end of the day, I guarantee you would be itching to share the photos of this casino/dining/bar.

Jojo’s Jerk Pit

Jerk is a popular culinary tradition in Jamaica. Every street in Kingston seems to have jerk stops. One of the best is unquestionably Jojo’s Jerk Pit. You get the impression that you’ve entered a Brooklyn hipster hangout as soon as you pull into the parking lot. At the lot’s edge, there is stage equipment that has been folded up, and the restaurant and bar both have outside seating. 

The area has wonderful, cozy elements like DIY lamp strings strung from the rafters and trees, as well as barrels converted into seats. It has a relaxed, understatedly sophisticated atmosphere. This location just demands to be featured in one of your Instagram posts, don’t you think?

Distill Bar

Wednesday nights are Wine Wednesday’s inclusive events at Distil Bar. You can choose from an endless variety of red, white, and sparkling wines, as well as rum and vodka specialties, for a set price. The laid-back atmosphere is the ideal setting for unwinding. 

Distill Bar
by: The Jamaica Observer

This outdoor bar is located in the middle of Marketplace. a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Mediterranean, are all around. Distill is the ideal beginning or finale to a night out at one of the various eateries. Don’t forget to tell your Instagram followers about the fun you had at Distil Bar as well.

Medusa Bar & Grill

For those on a tight budget, Medusa Bar and Grill is the ideal location. The bar serves a wide variety of beverages every Wednesday night for just $8.50. There most likely won’t be a greater offer in the nation! The best reggae songs, dance music, and the newest singles are frequently played here by DJs. Additionally offering meals, Medusa Bar and Grill frequently hosts events. Locals frequently visit this location for karaoke evenings and to sample the special cuisine offers. Don’t forget to share the mouthwatering food photos you take for Instagram.


If you follow accounts that inspire you, Instagram may be a terrific platform. Many individuals, especially millennials, like capturing and publishing attractive images for Instagram as a means to inform their friends and family about the more glitzy aspects of their lives and travels.

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