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Shopping In Jamaica – The Go To Guide If You Are On A Budget

For compulsive shoppers, it's an entirely different universe. For everyone, shopping in Jamaica is a must-do activity. Here, you'll discover all different kinds of shops providing the most fantastic goods.
Best Shopping Place in Jamaica

Pick up a piece of paradise before your trip to Jamaica comes to a close. In Jamaica, the awareness that many products are created and made locally enhances the satisfaction of evaluating a thing before you buy it—feeling its durability, smelling the ingredients, and observing the genuine quality. 

When you go for shopping in Jamaica, you may get almost anything, from cheap trinkets to high-end goods, leaving you with a variety of keepsakes.

The Best Jamaica Shopping Spots For Every Budget!

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• Negril

Laid-back Negril is renowned for its smooth sands and Seven Mile Beach’s serene waters. Every day, street vendors ply the streets, enticing customers with everything from handcrafted goods to delectable fare and inventive services like massages on the beach and hair braiding. 

Both the sandy and rugged parts of the city are home to stall collections like the Negril Craft Market and the decades-old Rutland Point. Duty-free goods are available at Time Square Shopping Mall for more selection. This spot will make your shopping in Jamaica experience worthwhile.

Shopping in Negril, Jamaica

• Port Allen

The preferred produce market in Port Antonio is Musgrave Market. Its seaside site has Musgrave Craft Market, which sells genuine goods such works made by Maroon ancestors. 

The Craft Village is made up of a number of little huts that front Fisherman’s Beach. There are restaurants, a bar, and a children’s playground outside in this shopping haven. This is one of the best places in Jamaica.

Smart Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money

• The shopping in Jamaica centers do not resemble the enormous malls found in the US

Many of Jamaica’s “malls” are substantially smaller than those in the United States, even in tourist districts. There are no outlet shopping centers.

Most malls are only one or two storeys tall. Most don’t have many different types of high-rise stores. Malls in tourist destinations are typically anchored by duty-free jewelry stores and ringed by your typical gift shops.

Jamaica Colosseum Mall

• Never think that just because Jamaica is a distant nation, everything there must be inexpensive

Keep in mind that not much is manufactured in Jamaica, hence the majority of goods are imported. 

Additionally, energy expenditures (such as gasoline and electricity) are relatively high. Therefore, anticipate that anything brought into Jamaica will cost more than it would in the US. Hawaii and other popular island getaways share this characteristic. Therefore, since a $10 bottle of wine will most certainly not be the same in the US, I wouldn’t purchase it. Similarly, shopping in Jamaica is not as expensive as it is in St. Bart’s, where everything costs an arm and a leg.

• Don't travel to Jamaica with the intention of shopping at the malls for the newest trends

Jamaicans love to dress up, but the reality is that those who can afford it buy their clothes when they travel beyond the island to cities like Miami or New York. Many people who don’t travel much have friends or family who live overseas who bring these items back as presents or for sale.

If you don’t mind traveling out of your way a little, you should check out the amazing local designers, who are primarily in Kingston and Montego Bay.

• Walmart does not exist in Jamaica

Sam’s Club or Costco-style stores Megamart and Pricemart are available in Jamaica. These places carry affordable groceries.

• Don’t believe everything you hear!

Craft market vendors in particular have a reputation for being pushy, which can be a significant turnoff for some customers. Before you make a judgment, observe for yourself.

• Ensure that you have done your own research so that you are aware of the price range for these items at home.

Duty-free shops offer a large selection of designer handbags, perfume, and jewelry. 

Like every Caribbean island, St. Lucia frequently offers “$3000 jewelry for 50% off exclusively for you” deals. If you don’t have a frame of reference, it may sound like a good deal and may even be one.

Shopping in Jamaica

• The general consumption tax (GCT) rate in Jamaica is 16.5%

On taxable items, established retailers—aside from duty-free shops—will charge this. 

The open marketplaces and craft dealers don’t. This tax is not a gratuity or a service fee. It is comparable to a sales tax in Jamaica.

• In the tourist destinations, the US dollar in particular is commonly accepted

Unless you are living like a local, there is no need to exchange much money for Jamaican dollars. Tourist-oriented businesses accept both US and Jamaican currency. 

The majority of hotels and attractions charge in US dollars. To receive Jamaican prices in some businesses, you need a Jamaican ID.

• Carry little bills to ensure that your change is as accurate as possible

First of all, several locations offer Jamaican dollars as a change. Avoid saving up a lot of local currency so you don’t have to bother about exchanging it when you leave. 

Second, foreign currency is not recognized. Thirdly, you can’t just pull out a $50 bill to pay while haggling over a $5 cup!

• Check the rates

Always check the currency rate offered before paying if you are given a price in Jamaican dollars but only have US dollars or British pounds. The ability of vendors to determine their own prices may or may not work to your advantage.

• A lot of people use credit cards

The majority of local businesses don’t charge a fee, but you should check with your credit card provider to see if there is any kind of convenience cost. 

Find out the currency rates that will be applied to your transactions as well. It’s also a good idea to inform your credit card provider that you will be traveling and to anticipate expenses from Jamaica. By doing this, the possibility of your card becoming frozen when you try to use it will decrease. If this occurs, it is not enjoyable. The most popular credit cards are Visa and Mastercard. Leave your American Express card at home if you must. Most locations won’t accept it.

Therefore, it will be much simpler to shop in peace if you are aware of the ground rules and some insider Jamaica shopping tips for shopping in Jamaica. As a result, you can make informed plans.


Since the water in Jamaica is so clean, it is perfect for water activities and is most famous for its beach vacations. All kinds of tourists like visiting this place. 

For compulsive shoppers, it’s an entirely different universe. For everyone, shopping in Jamaica is a must-do activity. Here, you’ll discover all different kinds of shops providing the most fantastic goods. 

Truly compulsive shoppers would want to bring everything home. You may find some of the most unusual jewelry, handicrafts, souvenirs, and other items in Jamaica. Verify everything, and don’t forget anything.

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