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Have A Relaxing Stay At One Of The Best Hotels In Cuba

All but one of them are all-inclusive resorts, and they are dispersed across the sandy 13 miles of Varadero, which is the largest resort area in Cuba, and the offshore coral cays of Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Coco, and Cayo Cruz in the center of the island; at the other end of the island are the more secluded beach hotels of Guardalavaca, which are located north of the eastern city of Holguin.
Salsa Performer in Trinidad, Cuba

Cuba, a destination frozen in time with its colorful streets, vintage cars, and rich cultural heritage, has always intrigued travelers. As a seasoned explorer, I recently embarked on a journey to Cuba in April of 2023, discovering a land of enchanting beauty and incredible hospitality. In this blog post, I’ll share insights into some of the best hotels in Cuba, based on my experiences, that will elevate your Cuban adventure to new heights.

In addition to this, it features a wealth of outstanding hotels that will make your vacation in the Caribbean one that you will remember for the rest of your life. To make the process of trip planning as simple and stress-free as possible for you, we have compiled a list of hotels in Cuba that are worthy of consideration. 

Cuba’s allure lies not only in its vibrant culture but also in the remarkable hospitality of its people. In 2024, these best hotels to stay in Cuba continue to showcase the country’s diverse offerings, from the urban elegance of Havana to the beachfront bliss of Varadero. Whether you’re exploring historic Havana, relaxing on pristine beaches, or venturing into the countryside, Cuba invites you to embark on a journey through time and culture. It’s a destination that truly captivates the heart of every traveler. Explore the best of Cuba through its extraordinary accommodations and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here's A List Of The Recommended Best Hotels In Cuba

Table of Contents

Cayo Guillermo Resort Kempinski

The first resort to arrive on Cuba’s magnificent northern islands that can truly be considered posh and are part of an all-inclusive chain. 

The rooms at Cayo Guillermo, which are situated on stilts in the middle of a calm bay, lend a taste of the Maldives to the island that is the largest in the Caribbean. On the way to the beach is a huge and inviting spa that features massage beds both indoors and outdoors, in addition to a sizable fitness center. The beach features hardwood loungers, which are quite uncommon in Cuba, and a well-equipped station for several activities, one of which is a Laser dingy.

Cayo Guillermo Resort Kempinski​

There are 222 deluxe rooms, 12 sunset villas located on the beach, and seven water suites that are perched just over the water. Inside the suites, spidery furniture made of warm wood is placed beneath palm ceilings. In addition, there is a door next to the enormous circular bath that leads to a plunge pool and a stairway that leads to the warm sea. The deluxe suites at this hotel are large and have large bathrooms, chunky, block-colored furnishings, and nice terraces. The sunset villas each have their private plunge pool.

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski

When it debuted in 2017, Havana’s first five-star hotel in Cuba created a roar. Since the former Habana Hilton opened on the eve of Fidel Castro’s revolution in 1959, there has not been a glimmer of luxury comparable to it in the Cuban capital. 

The Manzana de Gomez, Havana’s first large retail center built at the end of the 19th century, was the shell from which the Kempinski emerged, shining, white, and brand-new. Come for the best position in the city, the sumptuous suites decorated in hot pinks, silver, and sea blue, the best breakfast in Havana, the glistening Constante bar, the spa, and the rooftop pool and bar with its breathtaking views of the baroque structures around Parque Central.

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski​

Grand Muthu Rainbow Hotel

Couples can count on a bright and enjoyable weekend trip to Cuba at this adults-only hotel in Cuba, which features a beautiful beach and fascinating activities. 

This resort offers its visitors a variety of entertainment options, from a bowling alley to a hip local nightclub. Additionally, it includes roomy, comfortable suites that are furnished with a variety of comforts. This 5-star LGBTQ-friendly hotel is well situated in Playa Playuelas and offers an exceptional luxury getaway.

Pullman Cayo Coco, Cayo Coco, Jardines del Ray

Playa Las Coloradas is a narrow stretch of white sand that gently curves into sapphire-colored water. The Pullman is the last hotel in Cuba in a short row of resorts on scenic Cayo Coco, and it occupies an enviable location. 

Turn right after walking on the sand to claim your spot in the untamed wilderness. Bird lovers will find this hotel to be very valuable! Bring your binoculars to see the pop-pink greater flamingo and the metal-grey Cuban gnatcatcher. A unique idea in Cuba, the Pullman has a hint of an urban beach ambiance. 

Few Cuban beach resorts can match the diversity of food and drink options offered by its ten bars and eight restaurants. Additionally, the elegant bathrooms and clean-lined rooms feature stylish nautical touches. One of the most popular accommodations is the large, pool-centered Collection rooms for adults alone.

Pullman Cayo Coco, Cayo Coco, Jardines del Ray​

Iberostar Heritage Grand Trinidad

This five-star hotel in Cuba is located in the center of Trinidad and exudes old-world elegance and charm. Iberostar Heritage is a fantastic choice for a downtown hotel for opulent visitors and history aficionados. 

This hotel, located in a fascinating area, puts you right in the middle of a well-known UNESCO World Heritage site. Additionally, Casa de la Trova and the Trinidad Architecture Museum are nearby historical and cultural landmarks. Additionally, it features all the amenities you would anticipate from a 5-star hotel, like a bar and fast WiFi.

La Reserva, Havana

The best boutique hotel in Cuba, Havana is most definitely La Reserva. There can’t be enough good things said about it, from the gracious welcome to the stunning suites, patio area, and concierge. 

In the artistic neighborhood of el Vedado, a group of architects renovated and recreated two white classical homes to create a beautiful environment with tiled rooms, contemporary furniture, Cuban art, Murano glass, and opulent baths. Have breakfast in the seductive patio garden, ask the concierge about insider excursions, eat regional seasonal home-cooked Cuban cuisine at La Bodega restaurant, and drink a mojito at the garden bar at night.

La Reserva, Havana​

Paseo 206, Havana

A very opulent boutique hotel in Cuba located on a quiet street lined with embassy residences and opulent estates. From a 1930s villa, Paseo 206 has been painstakingly transformed into a modern, glassy ten-room hotel. 

The Italian-Cuban proprietors provide excellent hospitality with a personal touch. Dine on potato-crusted swordfish fillet and artisanal dark chocolate gelato at Paseo’s Italian restaurant after a day spent seeing the city and learning about Havana’s secrets from the hotel’s concierge. 

On the terrace, unwind with a Cuban cigar and an aged 11-year-old Santiago rum as night falls. What makes this hotel in Cuba even more attractive is the rooftop suite that has a private outdoor hot tub.

A Few Ways to Completely Relax During Your Stay In Hotels In Cuba

Practice Mindfulness

Frequent travel and moving from one place to another can have a big impact on the mind in addition to taking a physical toll. 

We recommend learning yoga or meditation to maintain your mind happy and healthy. Even though this may seem like a difficult undertaking, both have been proven to be potent stress relievers, even when done for only a short while each day. If that still isn’t enough, you can even meditate while lying in bed! 

Practice Mindfulness​

You can therefore take care of your mental health no matter where you are or what bed you’re in. A 2007 study discovered that 10 weeks of yoga significantly lowered individuals’ stress and anxiety levels and increased their quality of life scores. It can be quite overwhelming to be away from home. 

So, keep in mind to take care of your physical and mental health by making time for yourself. Utilize all the hotel services to the fullest while maintaining the crucial separation between work and home.

Look For Different Ways To Have Fun And Enjoy Yourself

It’s always crucial to set aside time for yourself. It doesn’t follow that you shouldn’t take breaks from your desk even if you don’t go home at the end of the day. 

Treating the hotel as your home is a practical method to do this. You may rent a movie to watch in your hotel room, for instance, if you like to watch movies at home. Or perhaps you miss having poker nights with the boys at home every Friday. You can share it with your friends back home as well! Make sure to keep doing the things you love to achieve complete hotel relaxation while on business.

Watching movies

Be Disciplined

Your everyday routine can be negatively impacted by frequent travel. Additionally, if you value consistency in your behavior, this could also lead to a decline in your emotional and mental health. Without a routine, you could experience anxiety and excessive fatigue. 

Therefore, we strongly advise making minor adjustments to the program to match your vacation lifestyle rather than doing away with it altogether. An excellent place to start is by looking at your hotel’s amenities, as many will have sports and wellness centers. You can continue your training while on the go if running is important to you.


Make sure to use this article as your guide while you plan your vacation and book the best hotel in Cuba to make your vacation one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life!

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