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Go Bar Hopping: Top 8 Best Bars in Cuba

The bar life in Havana has multiple elements, including renowned establishments that great people visited a century ago (some of these places even originated many of your favourite drinks) and lively hotspots where young Cubans party today. Cuba has the best bars, clubs, and ultimate nightlife!
Drinking a Mojito in Havana

While visiting this beautiful city there are many activities and places to see, one of the best activities is to visit iconic bars in Havana, Cuba. The bars have fantastic views where you can relax and have cocktails, wine, and beer.

There are many rooftop bars with an outstanding city landscape view. Havana is a mix of fancy bars, iconic bars with rich history, and local venues where Cubans socialize and have fun. 

The bar life in Havana has multiple elements, including renowned establishments that great people visited a century ago (some of these places even originated many of your favourite drinks) and lively hotspots where young Cubans party today. Cuba has the best bars, clubs, and ultimate nightlife!

Gay bars and clubs are in Havana but they are very limited as Cuban society is still conservative. Cabaret Las Vegas is one of the gay bars where they hang out. A party for gay guys is held every Friday and Saturday night. Each time, the party’s destination is a surprise that is only made known the day before the event.

Best Bars And Clubs In Cuba!!!

Table of Contents

1. Jazz Club La Zorra Y El Cuervo

It is a subterranean lounge with live jazz music. The Vixen and the Crow is one of two storied and acclaimed jazz venues that welcome huge lines of ardent music fans every night at 10 p.m.

Amazing music is played here, drinks are quite cheap, and Mojitos are good. A special band also performs here and has an outstanding gathering. The sound quality is very good and you will get two drinks which are included in your entrance.

Disco Ayala

2. Disco Ayala

The club is in an actual cave that is 100 feet under the earth. It is also known as Cueva, the dance club which is built in a natural cave. It is a favourite spot for locals and tourists on weekends!

The vast disco is situated on the northern outskirts of Trinidad, a historic Spanish colony that seems even more time-preserved than the rest of Cuba, about ten minutes walk up a hill from the town’s centre.

When you reach there is no sound coming from anywhere which makes you more curious but as you through a tunnel into the jagged cavity that the dance floor opens up and the music starts blaring. Techno music along with salsa are exploding out of the speakers with the screen playing Cuban dancers above the crowded floor. A room filled with colored lights that shine on stalagmites and stalagmites.

3. Tropicana

Beginning as a casino and nightclub, Tropicana attracted a regular stream of famous people, including Marlon Brando and Maurice Chevalier. 

It is located in a lush, six-acre estate tropical garden. The club is a combination of casino and cabaret. An outdoor cabaret has a natural ambiance in the Villa Mina’s tropical gardens. This famous open-air nightclub show presents a song-and-dance performance reminiscent of 1950s Cuba.

4. Club Mejunje

Club Mejunje is a famous spot for tourists dancing salsa, Urban graffiti, children’s theatre, and LGBTQ-friendly performances. 

This club is set in the ruins of an old roofless building given over to sprouting greenery which adds to the overall mystery of this club. It’s famous for many things, for instance, Cuba’s oldest official drag show (every Saturday night).

5. El Gato Tuerto

The “one-eyed cat,” formerly the center of Havana’s alternative creative and sexual scene, is now a meeting place for older fans of classic Cuban boleros (rhythmic ballads) and filing music (jazz crooning). 

The location is tucked away just off the Malecón in a unique two-story house with turtles swimming in a front pool. It is wildly popular with both visitors and locals.

6. Casa de La Trova

The Casa de la Trova is known as the meeting place for Cuban music lovers every Saturday night. The Cuban nightlife has this club filled with people at all times.

Inside, you will be entertained by the wonderful live performances of the best Cuban artists, and dance all night to the most popular Latin rhythms. The most famous national musicians play their fabulous music on the patio and in a concert hall on whose walls you can see have been covered with innumerable photographs of famous artists. 

Enjoy the performances of such well-known artists as Eliades Ochoa, Compay Segundo or Buena Vista Social Club every Saturday night in the Casa de la Trova in the Heredia Street, only one block far from the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Cathedral.

7. Centro Cultural Polo Montañez

The Centro Cultural Polo Montañez is a cultural centre located on the main square in Viñales. This club or cultural centre, as some people prefer to call it, offers live salsa music and dancing. 

This is one of the best places to enjoy on weekends where you can listen to good music, watch salsa shows, enjoy a refreshing drink, dance, and enjoy delicious food, all in one place. The price of the entrance ticket is also very symbolic, which makes it popular, not only for tourists but even for residents of the area, hence the name of the cultural centre.

8. El Floridita

In 1987, the El Floridita Restaurant in Hollywood was established. El Floridita is named after the famed bodega made famous by Ernest Hemingway in La Habana, Cuba. 

From 11:30 AM to 9 PM every day, the Hollywood restaurant El Floridita serves delectable dishes with real Cuban and Caribbean influences. As the original Floridita in La Habana was a haven for old Hollywood, we encourage you to come to experience the most authentic Cuban experience. Don’t be shocked if you find yourself dining next to some of the most well-known artists in the world!

El Floridita has offered live entertainment every Monday, Friday, and Saturday for over 30 years. They open at 7 pm for dinner seating and reservations are highly encouraged because of the number of clients wanting to have dinner there. The cost for dinner is $55 per person and that includes an appetizer, entree, the cost of the live music, and the table for the entire evening. There is even a complimentary salsa dance lesson at 8:30 p.m. on Mondays, Friday, and Saturdays.

The Most Famous Night Club In Cuba

El Tropicana Night Club in Havana is the most famous night club, it has a thriving nightlife, especially with live music. It is located in a lush, six-acre (24,000 m²) estate tropical garden opened on December 30, 1939, at the Villa Mina in Marianao.

El Tropicana Night Club

The Red Light District In Cuba

In Cuba prostitution is not illegal but it doesn’t have a red light district. There are many areas around restaurants, bars, and clubs where you can frequently find these activities!

You must be looking for a good place in Cuba to have fun. When you arrive at your last bus stop is where you may meet attractive women who are willing to become horny for the money. Pictures of scantily clad women on white sand beaches are displayed by travel agencies. The growth of sex tourism in Cuba has been encouraged by the Internet.

What Is A Bar Called In Cuba?

You’ll have a difficult time finding a craft drink or a large beer hall with lots of taps in Cuba

The only beers available in Cuba are light Crystal and dark Bucanero, and the country’s drinking culture hasn’t progressed much beyond the traditional mojitos, daiquiris, and Cuba Libres (all prepared with Havana Club rum, of course). However, where you drink is always more important while you’re out having fun in Havana than what you’re drinking.

Since Cubans don’t understand the concept of going out specifically to drink alcohol, “bars,” like these 11, are either intimate clubs with live music or conversational tapas bars. In either case, when 11:30 p.m. rolls around, everyone will be dancing.


Cuba is renowned for its celebrations and revelry. Check whether there are any festivals or events already scheduled for the time you intend to come in order to maximize your evening.

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