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Browse Through The Top Reviewed & Best British Virgin Islands All Inclusive Family Resorts

The British Virgin Islands places a premium on quality and refinement. Therefore, they'll pamper you whether you stay in a cottage, a luxury villa, or a hotel. You'll be waking up to a vista that's practically impossible to match, with views of the ocean, mountains, or pool. How surreal!

Most people’s fantasy vacation is to escape from dreary gray skies and experience a tiny bit of tropical paradise. Well, there is a piece of good news as this is exactly what the British Virgin Islands has to offer.

Indeed, the British Virgin Islands are noted for their calm, turquoise waves lapping against sandy white beaches and high-end, sophisticated resorts. The British Virgin Islands’ all-inclusive family resorts consist of a group of islands that offer both luxurious accommodations and pure natural beauty.

Also, one of the great features of the British Virgin Islands is the wide range of activities available, Woohoo! They are known for their exclusivity, and no matter where you go on the islands, you won’t be inundated with commercial activities.

Relax at Rosewood Little Dix Bay British Virgin Island

As a passionate traveler with a penchant for exploring the world’s finest destinations, I can’t help but eagerly anticipate my upcoming journey to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) in 2024. This captivating cluster of islands has always held a special place in my heart, and it’s a destination that promises unforgettable experiences, especially for families seeking an all-inclusive paradise. In this blog post, I’ll delve into some of the best Us Virgin Islands all inclusive family resorts and provide a glimpse of what’s in store for travelers in 2024.

Some islands, however, are busier than others, while others provide a particularly relaxing and serene respite from the worries and strains of regular life. Moreover, the British Virgin Islands’ all-inclusive family resorts place a premium on quality and refinement.

Therefore, they’ll pamper you whether you stay in a cottage, a luxury villa, or a hotel. You’ll be waking up to a vista that’s practically impossible to match, with views of the ocean, mountains, or pool. How surreal! So what are you waiting for? Book a resort today!

To help you pick the right spot, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top hotels in the British Virgin Islands. Fun fact; British Virgin Islands resorts are also among the world’s most opulent hotels! How cool is that?

Top British Virgin Islands Family Resorts

Table of Contents

Scrub Island Resort, Spa, and Marina

Scrub Island Resort, Spa, and Marina British Virgin Island

This wonderful resort with five stars is a great option if you’re planning a trip to the British Virgin Islands and want to treat yourself while you’re there.

Scrub island resort provides you with the opportunity to experience a level of luxury that is unsurpassed by anything else, as well as a sense of exclusivity like all other British Virgin Islands’ all-inclusive family resorts out there. We know that your top priority when choosing a resort for yourself is always going to be food!

Well, let us tell you that the scrub island resort is known for its exquisite dining and breathtaking views. Both local and foreign ingredients in this amazing resort in the British Virgin Islands are at their peak of freshness. You can choose to indulge in mouthwatering Caribbean standards, or you can go for a hand-cut, superior-aged steak or chop.

No wonder dining at Scrub Island Resort is an adventure in itself. Lastly, this resort in the British Virgin Islands provides guests with a wide variety of activities to choose from, some of which include canoeing, hiking, and snorkeling. How cool is that?

Anegada Beach Club

Anegada Beach Club British Virgin Island

The British Virgin Islands are unique in that they are easily accessible while being a peaceful haven. Each voyage is unforgettable thanks to a network of boat docks and airports forming a cascade of links. It’s a breeze to get here and find your way about once you’re here. 

Hence, the Anegada Beach Club in the British Virgin Islands is often considered to be the most attractive tourist destination all around the world. It is indeed the ideal vacation destination for you if your image of paradise consists of a thatched-roof tent perched on a cliff overlooking a turquoise sea and an island whose shores are defined by white sand and coral reef. 

Just don’t come here thinking you’ll be roughing it; the beachfront and ocean-view glamping accommodations at this luxury property have contemporary canopy beds topped with pristine white linens, as well as wooden terraces furnished with hammocks for snoozing away the afternoon.

If you absolutely must have a television and air conditioning in your room, the hotel also provides traditional rooms. Moreover, private pools, jacuzzis, and waterfalls in these amazing hotels in the British Virgin Islands give the ideal setting for a swim.

At the same time, onsite gourmet restaurants serve a variety of cuisines, including freshly caught seafood, which is a specialty on the islands. Many establishments are staffed so that you may enjoy the services of not just a laundress and a maid but also a cook, ensuring that you will be served great and traditional Caribbean cuisine every night. Aah!

Oil Nut Bay

Beach Club Restaurant at Oil Nut Bay, Scrub Island Resort, British Virgin Island

About one kilometer to the west of Pajaros Point in the British Virgin Islands is where you’ll find the coral reef bay known as Oil Nut Area. This bay is located on the northeast coast of Virgin Gorda. 

Oil Nut Bay in Virgin Gorda is one of those British Virgin Islands’ all-inclusive family resorts that is a great spot for a family vacation, with villas with up to six bedrooms, private pools, hot tubs, and fully equipped outdoor kitchens.

However, built into a cliff overlooking a secluded cove on Virgin Gorda’s Eustatia Sound, the 400-acre luxury resort is only accessible by boat or helicopter. It features individually appointed glass-and-stone villas and suites with outdoor showers, plunge pools, and, in some cases, furnishings by Fendi Casa.

However, once you get there, you won’t ever want to leave again. Aah, someone take us there ASAP! You also have a wide variety of activities to choose from such as paddleboarding, hiking trips, spa treatments, and dinner reservations at any of the three restaurants located on the premises, including one that has a view of a private white-sand beach.

Providing, of course, that you can drag yourself away from the three-tiered pool and swim-up bar, both of which offer spectacular views of the setting sun. Lastly, the resort’s eco-friendly rentals have spectacular views of the 400-acre private island surrounding waterways and amenities like fire pits and electric golf carts.

Spend a day at the resort’s three-tiered pool, the ever-famous spa, and the hotel on Instagram! Travel to the British Virgin Islands today!

Rosewood Little Dix Bay - Pinterest Or Real?

Rosewood Little Dix Bay is one of those British Virgin Islands’ all-inclusive family resorts that comes out on top. This upscale resort is located on a deserted beach with a view of Little Dix Bay.

It is 2.2 kilometers away from the Virgin Gorda Airport and 10 kilometers away from the Leverick Bay Marina. This former Rockefeller estate was converted into a hotel in 1964 and has since become one of the Caribbean’s most famous resorts.

It reopened in late 2019 following a multimillion-dollar renovation and now features architecture that is inspired by local cultural motifs and native materials. The rooms are like a Pinterest board of “Dream Beach Houses” come to life.

Lots of sleek lines, an earthy color palette, and exposed stone walls with an abundance of driftwood, coral, and woven baskets on the shelves define the mid-century modern–meets–the–ocean vibe. 

Moreover, in this British Virgin Islands’ all-inclusive family resort you have outdoor showers are available in the 80 rooms and one- and two-bedroom suites, just steps from the property’s half-mile white-sand beach. Every guest is also assigned a personal butler who is well-versed in the island’s intricacies.

We came over many positive reviews when it comes to Rosewood Little Dix Bay. One of them said ‘The breathtaking natural scenery took our breath away the instant we stepped foot in the location.

We stayed in the beach cottage, which has a great patio with a view of the ocean and the beautiful tropical plants that surround it. It has a large amount of available space and is tastefully furnished.’ How surreal!

Anam Cara Villa

Anam Cara Villa British Virgin Island

Given that there are just hills and trees in the area, this one is the real deal when it comes to getting away to the country. The residence here in Anam Cara villa is an excellent option for groups of individuals who want to take a vacation from their typical lives in the British Virgin Islands because it can house up to twelve people.

There are five bedrooms with individual bathrooms and ocean views, a swimming pool, and free wifi. Moreover, due to Gorda Peak National Park’s proximity to your home, there are endless opportunities to go trekking and capture the surrounding area on camera. Woohoo!

Have The Best Days Ever In the All Inclusive Hotels in The British Virgin Islands ...🛪

A terrible hotel may ruin a vacation more than anything else. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious suite with amenities or want to be close to the action of the city’s nightlife, finding the ideal hotel is essential.

Hence, whether you’re looking for a romantic break or a family holiday, the British Virgin Islands provides all-inclusive resorts to suit all budgets and travel preferences. When you arrive at these tropical coastlines, you can just sit back and enjoy food and beverages and enjoy the variety of activities that await you.

We hope this article helped you in choosing your best inclusive British Virgin Island hotel. Happy Traveling!

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