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2022 Most Instragrammable Places in Haiti – Best Places in Haiti

The Dominican Republic is located to Haiti’s east, and the two countries share the island of Hispaniola. Haiti is a Caribbean nation. 

The Dominican Republic, which encompasses the remaining portion of Hispaniola, is located to the east of Haiti, while the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are located to the south, west, and north of the country, respectively. Cuba is located approximately 80 kilometers (50 miles) to the west of the northern peninsula of Haiti. The two countries are separated by the Windward Passage, which is a strait that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. 

Jamaica is approximately 70 miles (110 km) to the north of Great Inagua Island, which is located in The Bahamas and is located approximately 120 miles (190 km) to the west of the southern peninsula, across the Jamaica Channel. In the Jamaica Channel, approximately 35 miles (55 kilometers) to the west, Haiti lays claim to the uninhabited islet known as Navassa (Navase) Island, which is governed by the United States.

Beach Side at Moulin Sur Mer Beach Resort, Haiti

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The Best Places Near Haiti During the Day and Night

• L'Observatoire

If you grew up in Petion-Ville or the surrounding area, this place will hold a special significance for you because it is likely that you have spent nights in Boutilliers with friends or lovers overlooking the city of Port-au-Prince. 

If this is the case, you will feel a strong connection to this location. You may not have visited the bar or restaurant, but there’s no doubt that you took a seat on that tiny stone wall and admired the amazing view. L’Observatoire is a sophisticated location, and the proprietors have made every effort to maintain and profit from the splendor of the view from there. The quality of the service is high, and it appears that the proprietor is actively involved in the operation of the business on a day-to-day basis. 

As of late, they have been putting more effort into the restaurant, which has resulted in its transformation into a location that is better suited for eating than for socializing and hanging out with friends.


• Point Bar

The Point Bar is an extremely elegant bar and lounge. It is one of those spots that always has something interesting going on, and it can be found in Petion-Ville. 

It is the most popular spot in Petion-Ville for playing pool, and they frequently have DJs playing there as well. Since quite some time ago, Point Bar has established itself as a popular gathering place for a variety of people. 

The paintings are stunning and expertly executed in every detail. Point Bar is typically a good choice for any activity, including socializing with friends over drinks, dancing, and playing pool.

• Smokey's

In Haiti, hospitality is a major issue, but you won’t find any of that at Smokey’s. The two proprietors are arguably the most hospitable people that work together in the bar and restaurant sector anywhere in the metropolitan area. 

The Petion-Ville establishment known as Smokey’s can be found perched atop Plaza 41. In addition to the excellent service, it is the ideal setting for watching sports with a group of friends while enjoying a beverage of your choice. Oh, and before we leave off this important detail, their grill is incredible.

• Café 36

Café 36, perhaps accidentally, invites extended talks. It offers a very peaceful ambiance, perfect for passing a pleasant afternoon catching up with friends while listening to some wonderful music and conversing with them. 

Recently, on Thursday evenings, they’ve begun holding a variety of interesting events. They typically host their Happy Hour on Tuesday nights with Jan Lou spinning on the turntable, although they have already featured Michael Benjamin, J-Perry, and Akoustik at their “Unplugged Thursday” event. Café 36 rarely ever disappoints.

• La Reserve

Although La Reserve is widely known for its excellent cuisine, most of the time we fail to see that it also serves as a hip and happening hangout spot. It may be found in the town of Petion-Ville, in the midst of a condensed version of a tropical forest. 

The entire area is hemmed in by tall, towering trees on all sides. Spending time there is invigorating, and it is even more thrilling when one realizes that one is still in Petion-Ville. There, you and your pals can enjoy some delicious beverages while shooting some pool. La Reserve is an oasis of tranquility, clean air, enjoyable beverages, and delectable cuisine in the heart of a bustling and dirty city.

La Reserve

• Oloffson

Oloffson may be found in the Carrefour Feuille neighborhood, which is not too far from the Place Jeremie. There are documentaries on its well-known mysticism and the wide variety of people who flock to the hotel to party. 

It is a site with a fascinating past. Those who frequent the location on a regular basis have a good time listening to the voodoo-inspired tunes and mesmerizing drumming that are performed there. There is a peculiar sense that you may be whatever or whatever you want to be, without worrying about being judged or getting strange looks from other people. 

They have gained notoriety all over the world thanks to the weekly event they host with RAM, which is frequently attended by famous people from all over the world.

• Asu

Do you want to get the experience of being on a rooftop in a Hollywood movie while drinking expensive drinks? If this is the case, then you should go to Asu. They are brand new, and the inside design of the space is really stunning. 

They have no justification for feeling envious of a rooftop bar or lounge in New York City or Paris. It is positioned atop one of the Karibe Hotel’s rooftops and can be found in the Juvenat neighborhood. The atmosphere can occasionally be a little bit showy, although this is typical for places of this type. 

However, if you go with a group of friends, you will most likely have a fantastic time at that location.

Institut Francais and Fokal

• Institut Francais and Fokal

These two are glaring exceptions to the rule! The Institut Francais and Fokal are two locations that stand in stark contrast to the aforementioned hotels and restaurants. 

However, this does not in any way diminish their greatness. Both locations are frequented by younger creative types such as poets, actresses, and other creative types, and they frequently host fantastic cultural events. These two cultural institutions are evidence that participating in cultural activities can be just as much fun as shaking your booty and jumping to the beat. There are also occasionally arguments on themes that are thought-provoking from a social, cultural, philosophical, and political perspective. 

These places will have a special place in your heart if you wish to meet cool and creative young brains from Haiti, and they are the best places to do so.

• Rustik

On this list, Rustik is without a doubt the establishment that stands out as the most creative. Everything about this location is unique, from the winding road that leads up to the front door to the building that is quite diverse and draws inspiration from the surrounding natural environment. 

When you were younger, didn’t you always see yourself living in a tree home of your own design? It was constructed by the proprietors of Rustik, who did so on a somewhat larger scale than you could have envisioned, and they loaded it with kleren. The interior design is meant to blend in with the natural environment that is all around. 

Even if there isn’t any music playing, the chirping of the birds or the sound of the wind caressing the trees will make you happy. They do have events from time to time with fantastic bands and DJs, but even if there isn’t any music playing, you’ll still be happy!


• Yanvalou

Petion-Ville dominated the nightlife scene for the majority of the city’s history. Because it is RAM at the Oloffson, some people would go out of their way on Thursday nights to make the trek downtown to attend the show at the Oloffson

On the other hand, the segment of Haitian society that was able to spend their money going out to bars and lounges tended to congregate in Petion-Ville and the areas surrounding it. Then Yanvalou appeared, which ended up radically altering the course of the game. They brought about several changes that significantly altered the nightlife in the metropolitan area. To begin, they did not shy away from the idea of making Port-au-Prince their permanent residence. Second, unlike every other pub and lounge in the area, their prices are not exorbitantly high. 

Third, they appear to work well with the performers, who express how much they appreciate the opportunity to perform there. When giving a performance at Yanvalou, the artists don’t appear to be afraid to take risks or make mistakes because the show always has such an organic feel to it. The DJs don’t mind switching from playing Avici’s newest single to switching to Master Dji immediately afterward. 

This place has a magical quality, and on Thursdays, Yanvalou breaks down societal barriers in a literal sense. When you walk through the front door of Yanvalou, it looks as though everyone leaves their preconceptions, snobbery, and bad manners behind. This location is one of a kind, and if you haven’t been there yet, you absolutely have to do it on a Thursday evening if at all possible.

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Key Takeaways!

Haiti is still a popular destination for vacationers from all over the world, despite the fact that it is sometimes disregarded in favor of its more staid neighbors. 

This is the Caribbean, but in a far more authentic form than its competitors, which are peppered with luxury resorts. It is home to a vibrant and dynamic culture as well as spectacular and interesting sights. 

You’ll also be able to locate a lot of magnificent landscape in Haiti since it is home to a lot of serene and lovely beaches, waterfalls that cascade down into the ocean, and towering mountains.

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