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Spend a Wholesome Family Vacation to Cuba with Their Best Wedding Resorts

Cuba offers a picture-perfect setting for your Caribbean destination wedding, with breath-taking beaches and gorgeous nature around every corner. This hidden treasure, south of Key West and midway between the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, is a haven for adventure, vivacious culture, and nonstop entertainment.

Hole like Window in Town of Trinidad, Cuba

Your family vacation to Cuba will be a great time whether you choose to explore a historically significant city or just relax on one of the island’s beautiful beaches. All of the essentials for your ideal vacation wedding will be included in Cuba wedding packages.

We could go on and on about the perks of being married in Cuba resorts, but I’ll just mention a few of our favourites. The special couple can also combine their honeymoon with thier wedding there, the photography will be nothing short of stunning, and their incredible deals mean you’ll save big so you’ll have extra money to spend on those celebratory cocktails! Your wedding will be held in a dreamy beach or magical city location.

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Why is Cuba the Perfect Destination to Get Married?

The beaches in Cuba are among the most stunning in the world. Varadero and Cayo Santa Maria are beautiful locations to say those two crucial words, “I do.” 

Compared to comparable beaches around the world, Cuba’s beaches are generally well maintained and much less crowded. This gives the important day a more personal sense. The wedding also doubles as a memorable beach vacation thanks to the hotels’ proximity to Cuba’s coastline, providing guests time to unwind before and after the ceremony.

Although Cuba offers some of the best Caribbean beaches, there are many more locations you should think about for your special day. There is always something for your destination wedding vision, from the renowned Varadero Beach to the Jardines del Rey archipelago of Cayo Cruz and Cayo Santa Maria, the cobblestone streets of Havana, the picturesque downtown parks in Holguin, the dramatic Castillo del Morro in Cayo Largo’s “City of Heroes,” and more. Additionally, with 330 days on average of sunshine per year, bad weather won’t be on your mind!

Cathedral in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

At Iberostar Resorts, Cubans offer excellent wedding planning services. Iberostar Hotels and Resorts are the ideal location to celebrate your wedding at such a momentous occasion. The greatest services and a qualified crew should be provided for your special day. The resorts Cuba have everything you require, ensuring that nothing is overlooked on your big day.

You have come to the correct place if you are an old romantic looking for a magical location for a wedding. With notable former guests like José Marti and Anna Pavlova, the Hotel Inglaterra has been one of the most popular hotels in the centre of Havana since it first opened in 1875.

Since more than a century ago, the Gran Café el Louvre, its lively and vibrant sidewalk café, has welcomed musicians, travelers, poets, teachers, and tourists of all kinds. The rooftop terrace at The Inglaterra, which has a bar and grill, is frequently named as one of the best Havana experiences and is ideal for a wedding in Cuba. 

Find out about family vacation packages to Cuba and hold your wedding celebration in a beautiful setting. Plan your wedding near the Caribbean Sea, where there is lush vegetation, a spa resort, and high-end amenities. 

Discover stunning locations where nature and the sea coexist in perfect harmony to create an almost untouched atmosphere. Their beaches are bordered by enormous sand dunes and have incredibly fine sand that is tinted in the most amazing colours of blue-green. On a Cuban beach, have a memorable day with your family and friends.

Facade of Cathedral of Havana, Cuba

According to a recent survey, a wedding in Cuba typically costs over £30k. However, planning an exceptional wedding in Cuba typically costs a lot less than doing so in the UK. Additionally, Cubans are pro at customizing vacation packages to fit your unique needs and budget. To ensure you receive the wedding you desire, they will be providing a variety of wedding options.

How to Plan a Family Vacation to Cuba

Everyone’s tastes would be catered to in Cuba, whether they be young or old, female or male. Regardless of the size of the group, families with many generations will all enjoy themselves. 

The island’s finest attractions are natural parks, stunning beaches, practically uninhabited “cayos,” and fortifications.

Prior to your all-inclusive family vacation to Cuba, you must make plans for the city you wish to visit. We advise you to pick Havana because it is ideal for weddings and family-friendly. The capital of Cuba is a welcoming city for families. Even though many of the major sights are ancient, the city’s vibrant street life offers plenty to discover. 

The artisanal chocolate factory and museum, Museo de Chocolate, in Habana Vieja is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Parque Coppelia is another location where you may share ice cream with Cuban families. The Acuario Nacional, in the Miramar neighborhood, typically hosts dolphin and sea lion displays on the weekends. The Circo Nacional nearby presents a circus show under a huge tent. Combine it with a trip to Fusterlandia, where youngsters may have a Dr. Seuss-like experience with the quirky public art.

Cuba is a big country, so getting about on your own requires careful planning. The freedom that comes with renting a family-sized vehicle is always a plus, but if you’re taking very young children, be aware that Cuba’s state-run rental firms do not provide child seats; you’ll need to bring your own.

Book Festival Feria Internacional Del Libro De La Habana, Cuba

Although Víazul offers consistent, air-conditioned bus service throughout the nation, traveling between popular tourist locations can be time-consuming. Consider traveling nearby regions rather than, say, trying to travel from Havana to Santiago de Cuba.

Consult your doctor before you leave. It is advised to make sure your family has received at least tetanus, typhoid, and hepatitis A vaccinations. Even though it’s extremely unlikely that anyone in your family may contract rabies, make sure they stay away from street dogs and other animals.

Bring rehydration salt packets and sunscreen for both your family and yourself. Since Cuba is in the tropics, where the sun is intense, use plenty of sunscreens and think about getting your family to wear caps and sunglasses. Make sure they consume enough of refrescos or bottled water (soft drinks).

You can easily travel to Cuba as it is the popular Cayman location and there are no quarantine restrictions for properly immunized travelers and no inbound testing procedures. To enter the nation, you must show proof of COVID insurance coverage as well as proof of complete immunization (or a negative PCR test). Additionally, you must complete a health declaration form online within 72 hours before your travel. This form will generate a QR code that must be scanned when you arrive. Additionally, you can be chosen at random to take a COVID exam at the airport.

Family Vacation Packages to Cuba

Looking for the perfect family holiday packages to Cuba that include everything? Kanana also offers frequent, reasonably priced flights to Cuba. 

Master Bedroom at Hostal Balcones Muralla Havana, Cuba

All of the lodging options we provide adhere to the exacting standards of our holiday package specialists, who go above and beyond to secure the finest offers and bonuses for our esteemed clients. We are your go-to resource for a memorable all-inclusive family holiday to Cuba as a result.

Kanana works to make vacationing stress-free, especially when it comes to selecting the best package. Because of this, we choose the local hotels and resorts based on strict criteria and work hard to negotiate the best prices. 

Additionally, we enhance your holiday by offering extra benefits like eating credits and entertainment coupons, in addition to exclusive offers from our partners. Essentially, you can rely on us to handle the planning, freeing you up to anticipate your upcoming family vacation.

Key Takeaways!

People who wed in Cuba typically remark on how much less stressful it was than if they had opted to wed in the UK. 

Cubans have years of expertise in organizing trips for British tourists to Cuba and take pride in assisting you at every stage of the process, from the time you make the booking until the time you return to the UK. 

There will be a large number of staff in Cuba at your disposal to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. The relaxed pace of life and welcoming character of many Cubans further alleviate tension, allowing you and your friends and family to unwind and enjoy not only the special day but also the country as a whole. 

You can contact Kanana Caribbean at any time without any reluctance, and our team would be happy to advise you on the deals and family vacation packages to Cuba.

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