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US Virgin Islands Travel Tour: St Croix

Come explore the stunning and captivating St. Croix Virgin Islands! Take in the gorgeous Caribbean views, white sandy beaches, and sparkling blue waters that stretch on for miles. Embark on an adventure-filled vacation full of fun activities.
Beach Window St Croix US Virgin Islands

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History buffs should make it a point to visit St. Croix has been ruled by a variety of countries, including Spain, the Netherlands, England, France, the Knights of Malta, and Denmark.

Christiansted, the historic capital of the Danish West Indies, is situated on the northern shore of the island and is famous for the butter-colored, red-roofed homes that date back to the 18th century, as well as the picturesque stone lanes that connect them.

A fort that formerly protected the island from attacks by pirates and other nations may be found in its twin city, Frederiksted, which is located to the west of this city. The region is covered with the ruins of a number of sugar and livestock estates, one of which is now home to a botanical garden as well as newly constructed buildings.

Point Udall, which is situated close to the eastern tip of the island and has a striking sundial monument, is the location that is designated as the easternmost point of the United States. On the other hand, St. Croix is not only about its history.

In addition, they are recognized for their magnificent restaurants, resorts of world-class, casinos of the highest caliber, and golf courses of the highest caliber. In addition to this, you will have an understanding of their one-of-a-kind viewpoint toward music, cultural events, and festivals. If you are planning on visiting this wonderful island, then keep on reading!

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Why is St. Croix The Perfect Vacation Spot?

Town Park at St Croix US Virgin Islands

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Relax on the beach first thing in the morning. Ride a horse to one of the sugar mills that has been around since the 18th century.

After you’ve spent the day looking around a historic cathedral, cap off the evening with a deliciously romantic meal. You won’t have any problem finding things to do on a daily basis while you’re staying here. There are plenty of options.

Christiansted and Frederiksted, the two largest cities on the island, are also excellent options for anyone interested in learning about Crucian culture. Put your skills to the test on one of the two courses designed for championship play.

White sand beaches, clear blue water, and warm sunshine are the essential components of a perfect sun worshiper’s heaven. There are over 30 beaches, ranging from highly populated to quite uninhabited in nature. If you want access to a variety of different activities, choose to hang out at one of the beaches that is near Colony Cove or Chenay Bay. If you want to keep to yourself, there are plenty of tranquil beaches in the area around Frederiksted.

On St. Croix, the water sports and activities are just as impressive. Buck Island Reef National Monument, which is found near St. Croix, is one of only three underwater national monuments that can be found in the United States. An underwater road may be explored by snorkelers and scuba divers, where they may come across a wide variety of marine life, such as a coral reef that is protected, native flora and fauna, hawksbill turtles, brown pelicans, and other sea animals.

It surely seems to be quite a lot. This is simply the beginning of all there is to do and see on St. Croix.

Beach at Jack's Bay in St. Croix

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How to Get To St Croix Virgin Islands

To go to St. Croix quickly and easily, you should consider flying. Multiple flights depart daily from the east coast, and passengers may connect in Miami or Puerto Rico to continue their journey.

Seaborne Airlines operates a seaplane service that travels between the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix. St. Croix is a port that is visited by a number of different cruise lines. There is currently a ferry service that runs between St. Thomas and St. Croix; however, the schedule for this service is quite unpredictable.

Is it expensive to travel to this island?

Even though it costs a pretty penny to visit a little island in the midst of the ocean, don’t you think that you deserve the relaxing getaway?

You may be able to cut down on the amount of money you spend on travel, housing, and activities by using the assistance of a travel agency. After that, you should do some research to see whether or not they provide a “package deal” that includes both the activities and the travel that you are considering.

Sunset at Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, St. Croix US Virgin Island

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Should you rent a vehicle once you reach St. Croix?

Think about how you like to spend your time on the island. If you want to spend most of your time in the city and stick to the most popular tourist routes, there are a number of cabs at your disposal to transport you where you need to go.

If you want to go exploring, there are wonderful taxis that have open tops and will take you on a tour of the island while providing you with all of the fascinating facts and historical background. If you have the need to go exploring, you should go.

If you want to travel out of town and explore on your own, we strongly suggest that you hire a car. It is important to think about where you are going to stay since there aren’t many people wandering about outside of the towns.

The Languages Most Commonly Spoken in St. Croix

Even though English is by far the most common language spoken, other languages such as French, Danish, and Spanish have all had a discernible influence on the local dialect or accent.

The people who live in St. Croix are referred to as “Crucians,” and they have a rich cultural history. They are proud people that place a great value on politeness and are generally lovely people. There is an expectation that you will greet everyone with “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” and “Good Night.” A straightforward “Good Day” might also be used whenever it’s appropriate.

Class in the Christiansted high school

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Best Places to Stay in St. Croix

If you wish to go to St. During the high season, which runs from the beginning of December to around the middle of April, you should attempt to make bookings in advance since the best places to stay fill up rapidly. Here are a few of the island’s top accommodation choices.

Company House Hotel

The Company House Hotel in Christiansted is located in a structure that dates back to the 18th century and has been nicely refurbished. The hotel has 33 luxurious rooms.

You should stay at this place since it has a sense of antiquity, the bedrooms are snug, and the courtyard pool is delightful. A fantastic place to begin a tour of ancient Christiansted with your family or your significant other. The meeting rooms might be useful for those who are here on business.

Sandcastle on The Beach

At Sandcastle on the Beach, there are 21 apartments, suites, and villas, some of which have two bedrooms, all of which are flooded with natural light.

This charming mini-resort is perfect for a weekend escape for a family or a couple since it has two swimming pools, a superb seafood restaurant, and direct access to the beach.

Sandcastle on The Beach​

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Carringtons Inn

The Carringtons Inn is a modest bed and breakfast that caters only to adults and has just four rooms decorated in soft pastels and one suite.

From the tranquil hilltop location just inland of Christiansted, guests can look forward to large breakfasts, a magnificent pool, and fantastic views of the surrounding area.

Tamarind Reef Resort

The Tamarind Reef Resort is a laid-back beach hotel that has an abundance of land and sea sports in addition to four tennis courts, two restaurants, stunning gardens, and other amenities.

The bedrooms are spacious and decorated in a traditional style; they are perfect for families and contain private balconies that look out over the water.

Tamarind Reef Resort​

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Fun & Exciting Things to Do in St Croix Virgin Islands

Discover Jack and Isaac Bays

Take a leisurely walk along the gorgeous beaches of Jack and Isaac Bays, which can be reached by going off the main road.

You’ll feel as though you’ve finally uncovered your very own private beach thanks to the 301 breathtakingly beautiful acres that make up this property. This secluded sanctuary does not have any amenities, so be sure to bring enough drinks, snacks, and sunscreen that is safe for reefs (which is half the allure of it).

Have fun swimming and playing in the water, resting on the warm beach, and exploring the reef with snorkeling gear.

See Buck Island

Until you take a boat journey out to Buck Island, you can’t say that you’ve experienced St. Croix to its fullest.

Spending the day on Buck Island, which is often included among lists of the most beautiful places in the world, is a fantastic way to spend a day in St. Croix. Due to the presence of a reef covering an area of 4,554 acres, the snorkeling here is unparalleled, and the atmosphere is relaxing.

Take a stroll down the underwater path and read the informative plaques along the route to learn more about the fascinating flora and creatures you see.

Buck Island

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Eat in The Famous Restaurants of St. Croix

St. Croix is home to a wide variety of food trucks and stands, all of which contribute to the richness of the island’s culinary scene.

Mahi tacos prepared in the style of Baja Mexico may be found at Killer Tacos. What about those times when you’re in the mood for nothing more than a burger? Tiki’s Grill is renowned for its famous burgers, which are known for being on a different level.

Let’s Go Parasailing!

Parasailing is an activity that cannot be rivaled anywhere else on the islands. Only from above is it possible to really enjoy the tranquility and exhilaration of St. Croix’s natural beauty, which is why flying over the island is the best way to do it.

National Historical Park and Ecological Reserve of Salt River Bay

This location continues to be a favorite of both vacationers and permanent inhabitants in the Caribbean due to the fact that there is a history dating back thousands of years right here on these islands.

It contains information on some of the early Native American villages that existed, as well as the relationships that existed between those locations and European colonial powers. Aside from learning about the region’s past, guests may also enjoy hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. They also get the opportunity to go to the living museum in Salt River as well as the prehistoric complex, which is one of the most important historical sites in the area.

However, as a result of the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria, the park is now closed. So, before going double check if it has opened.

Gardens in St. George Village​

“Explore enchanting gardens at St. George Village. Book your tour today!

Gardens in St. George Village

The magnificent botanical collection at the St. George Village Botanical Gardens, which is located on the ruins of a sugar cane plantation from the 18th and 19th centuries, is a display of the natural splendor of the Virgin Islands. The ruins of the plantation are located at the St. George Village Botanical Gardens.

Over the course of its history and culture, the Caribbean has made use of over a thousand distinct types of plants, including those utilized for things like food, medicine, and color. You may acquire some insight into this pivotal era in Caribbean history by participating in any number of the exciting excursions and activities that are on offer. When you want to arrange your visit, be sure to check the official website, as it will provide a list of future events at regular intervals; this list might help you decide what to do.

The fee for self-guided tours is $8 for adults, $6 for senior citizens and inhabitants of the US Virgin Islands, and $1 for children under the age of 12 years old. The garden is open every day from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.


The whimsical island of St. Croix has numerous fun activities to do. Not only that but there are many marvelous options when it comes to places to stay! The Kanana Caribbean team hopes this article helps you plan out your trip to the fascinating St. Croix island.

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