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Top 10 Most Instagrammable Places in The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a true tropical paradise, with photo opportunities ranging from shipwrecks and mermaids to iconic piers, gardens, and historic sites. Whether you're on a romantic getaway or a family vacation, everything seems to offer an Instagrammable opportunity to brighten up your feed

When beachgoers fantasize about the perfect stretch of powdery sand lapped by seas in sublime shades of blue, they’re most likely fantasizing about the Bahamas. 

Crystal Clear Bahamas Beach

The islands, once a haven for pirates and Loyalists, are now a playground for the wealthy and famous, as well as anyone who enjoys world-class fishing, boating, diving, snorkeling, and sailing.

The Bahamas is a tropical haven of beautiful nature full of hidden gems and must-see attractions for Instagram-worthy photos. This network of islands, however, is enormous, and it can be difficult to start. 

The Bahamas is a true tropical paradise, with photo opportunities ranging from shipwrecks and mermaids to iconic piers, gardens, and historic sites. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a family vacation, everything seems to offer an Instagrammable opportunity to brighten up your feed

Nurse Sharks in The Bahamas

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Nurse Sharks in The Bahamas in Compass Cay

Sharks are surprisingly attractive to photograph. You can swim with these gentle giants as they visit Compass Cay all year long because of the docile creatures that frequent the area. 

Float alongside them in the shallow water, or relax on the dock and let them come to you. While nurse sharks have a predatory appearance similar to their Great White cousins, they are generally very passive; however, be warned: they have been known to take inquisitive (but not seriously damaging) nips out of Instagrammers.

Nurse sharks can be found all year on Compass Cay, where you can swim among them and, of course, take photos to share online. This is your chance to tell everyone you went shark swimming and have the photos to prove it—but with a much lower risk of getting hurt. Nurse sharks are actually docile mammals that resemble smaller versions of great white sharks. They frequently take curious nips, but these are rarely harmful.

Taking photos of nurse sharks for your Instagram feed is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t want to miss out on when traveling to the Bahamas, so plan a day trip to Compass Cay in the Exumas.

Pablo Escobar’s Sunken Plane

The sunken plane of Pablo Escobar at Norman’s Cay allows you to photograph the decaying skeleton of an old private passenger jet that can only be reached by guided snorkeling. 

You charter a boat to get to the remote dive site and see a piece of history. The plane was shot down in 1980 while drug smugglers working for Escobar attempted to land on a secret runway. The team survived the wreckage and even made it to the airport, but the plane crashed into a sandbar.

Presently, it serves as an artificial reef, an ecological haven for tropical marine life with glass waters ideal for snorkeling, swimming, and diving. Norman’s Cay is part of the Exumas and makes an excellent day trip. Just off Norman’s Cay is the corroding skeleton of what was once Pablo Escobar’s private plane.

Because this dive site is remote, having a charter yacht is the best way to access this heinous part of history. The sunken plane of Pablo Escobar at Norman’s Cay is a haven for fish and marine life, and the crystal-clear water is ideal for snorkeling and swimming, as well as selfies.

Ocean Atlas

world's largest underwater statue Ocean Atlas

Most visitors come to Nassau, the nation’s capital on New Providence Island. This busy cruise port is a conglomeration of mega-resorts, shops, restaurants, and entertainment complexes. Grand Bahama is ranked second. 

The Ocean Atlas, the world’s largest underwater statue, sits on the seafloor off the coast of Nassau. It weighs 60 tons and stands 18 feet tall.

It was erected there in 2014 and shows a little Bahamian girl who looks to be supporting the ocean. It is envisioned that it will eventually serve as a man-made reef. Even without its remarkable size, this colossal statue is worth viewing, but the best way to get a photo of this ocean-dwelling monster is with an underwater camera. Ocean Atlas is located in Nassau, Bahamas, near New Providence’s western shore. In a nod to the Greek story of Atlas, the Titan who held up the heavens, the artwork shows a native Bahamian girl bearing the weight of the ocean above her.

The largest sculpture to ever be placed underwater is Ocean Atlas. It weighs more than sixty tons and rises five meters above the water’s surface. Due to the sculpture’s enormous size, pieces of it had to be put together underwater utilizing an innovative new technology that Jason deCaires Taylor conceived and engineered.

Coco Plum Beach

Crystal Clear Coco Plum Beach

Over the years, Bahamas beaches have developed a reputation for being among the most stunning in the world. 

People travel from all over the world to The Best Places in the Bahamas for all-inclusive Caribbean holidays because the silky strands that are scattered throughout this region of several islands are so attractive.

Coco Plum is one of The Best Places in the Bahamas with numerous spectacular beaches that distinguishes out for a variety of reasons. This beach may be found on Great Exuma, one of the numerous islands that make up the Bahamas’ tropical archipelago. Great Exuma is the largest of the approximately 365 islands and cays that make up the Exuma area.

Pig Beach

Happy Pig on Pig Beach, Great Exuma Bahamas

Pig Beach is a stretch of powder-soft white sand on an island where you may feed, pet, and take pictures with a colony of wild pigs. 

The pigs’ origins remain a mystery, but the majority of people believe they escaped from a nearby islet and eventually formed their own community. The pigs are curious and friendly, and if you follow your guide’s directions, you can feed them and get close to them.

Pig Beach is a day trip adventure that may be reached by ferry from the Exuma Cays. Additionally, it’s a special and fantastic photo opportunity to enhance your Instagram feed.

The Musician

For this one, you’ll need to cast off, don your snorkeling gear, and pull out your waterproof camera bag. 

The Musician is a small ship that is 14 feet below the water’s surface and is situated on the southern side of Rudder Cut Cay. David Copperfield, who owns the nearby island chain, sunk the stainless steel sculpture here as a unique surprise for intrepid divers. Dive in, sit next to the mermaid, and pretend to play the piano while being photographed.

Nipper’s Beach Bar and Grill

Nipper’s Beach Bar and Grill

Nipper’s Beach Bar Bar and Grill on Terrific Guana Cay in the Abacos is a great place for a laid-back lunch and a sunset photo of your meal

A vivid mural wall and tables and chairs in lollipop colors give the eatery a distinctively Caribbean feel. While chartering in the area, take a seat with a view of the bay and savor a conch salad, a traditional Bahamian specialty that is not to be missed.

Glass Window Bridge

The Glass Window Bridge, one of nature’s true wonders, will leave you speechless as you take in the breathtaking panoramic vista. 

It is one of the few spots on earth where you can compare the peaceful Bight of Eleuthera (often referred to as the Caribbean Sea) on one side of the road with the beautiful blue seas of the Atlantic Ocean on the other, separated by a narrow strip of rock that is just 30 feet wide.

Tiger Beach

Tiger Beach, a well-known underwater sanctuary on Grand Bahama Island for a range of various shark species, is recommended for experienced divers in the mood for an adventure. 

One of the few areas in the world where it is deemed safe to dive with sharks in the wild is this shallow reef. Make sure to dive with experienced instructors who can interpret the behavior of the sharks and will assist make the experience safe and enjoyable. Take a picture of yourself with your new finned friends while you’re down there.

Atlantis Paradise Island

There’s a good possibility that you’ve seen the recognizable pink and orange castle of Atlantis Paradise Island if you’ve ever looked through a travel guide when traveling to the Bahamas. This palatial-looking structure is so much more than just a hotel. Additionally, it is the location of a sizable water park and an aquarium that is home to several fish and marine animal species.

Expect to swim with dolphins, glide next to string rays in the underwater Atlantis ruins, and plunge through a glass slide into the Mayan Temple Shark Lagoon to observe sharks up close. The Atlantis Paradise Island Hotel is full of photo opportunities, and the island even has its own harbor where you can moor your yacht and easily walk on land.


The Bahamas are a tropical hotspot and one of the best vacation destinations in the world. Their beauty, amazing weather, and the fact that there are so many islands (700 in total) contribute to what makes this tropical archipelago unique. 

Great photo opportunities abound here, from capturing the Caribbean Sea and endless stretches of soft, cotton candy-pink sand to getting in the water among sea life to capture an entirely alien world.

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