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Fun Activities & Things To Do In British Virgin Islands Vacation – The Ultimate British Virgin Islands Bucket List!

People go to great lengths to look for a tropical paradise all over the world, but in reality, it has been right here the whole time, hanging out in plain view. The British Virgin Islands are, without a doubt, the ideal destination for a vacation. You can participate in various activities and have a great time no matter what. So what are you waiting for? Book a flight to the British Virgin Islands and get ready to have the best time of your lives!

After some challenging few months filled with arduous work, the pandemic, and restless nights, we all need a holiday; thus, one of the best ways to relax and renew your thoughts is to take a vacation.

Every journey has its joy, whether you take it with your significant other, family, friends, or yourself. Whether you’re planning a business trip, adventure trip, culture trip, or even planning on moving there, the British Virgin Islands has to be your top priority! 

From exquisite sandy beaches to swimming with pigs to unique pearls and gems awaiting discovery in one of the British Virgin Islands, both land and sea, it is the ideal dream destination for tourists and people who wish to experience island life. It’s no wonder why people keep coming back time and time again.

Beach Swing at British Virgin Islands

After all, they have so many unique places and things to do in the British Virgin Islands for you to experience! Most people’s fantasy vacation is to escape from dreary gray skies and experience a tiny bit of tropical paradise. Well, there is a piece of good news as this is exactly what the British Virgin Islands has to offer.

Indeed, the British Virgin Islands are noted for their calm, turquoise waves lapping against sandy white beaches and high-end, sophisticated resorts. Each year, the island welcomes so many people in the form of tourists. Hence, today the British Virgin Islands has quickly grown to become one of the world’s most popular summer holiday destinations! 

Now, we’ve compiled a list of the top experiences and best things to do in the British Virgin Islands to get you started on your trip to this paradise on Earth and ensure that those lifelong memories and adventures never stop flowing! Happy reading!

Best Things To Do In The British Virgin Islands

Table of Contents

Scuba Diving

Caribbean Scuba Driving

Who doesn’t love scuba diving? It’s on everyone’s bucket list and one of the best things to do in the British Virgin Islands! 

Indeed, the British Virgin Islands are among the best places in the world for snorkeling and scuba diving, and tourists swarm here to discover the area’s warm seas and the astounding variety of life above and below the surface. For example, the Rhone is the island’s most well-known and often visited dive location.

It is located about west of Salt Island and is a three-site dive, with each component lying at different depths ranging from 20 to 80 ft. However, Apart from the Rhone, there are many many additional shipwrecks in the British Virgin Islands.

The most prominent of which are the Chikuzen, a group of four purposefully sunk wrecks off Cooper Island’s ‘Wreck Alley,’ the Inganess Bay, the Fearless, the Parramatta, and an aircraft off Great Dog Island. The BVI boasts the typical profusion of coral reefs that one would anticipate in a Caribbean diving destination, in addition to wreck diving.

British Virgin Island scuba diving

Here you can find a list of dive operators as joining a local tour is one of the finest ways to have a British Virgin Island snorkeling or dive trip. You can expect to pay roughly US$80-100 for a two-tank dive and around US$50-60 for a one-tank dive on a guided tour, while cheaper bargains can be found as part of a package.

Most dive operators do not charge extra to use their equipment if you leave yours at home, and most are happy to pick up passengers staying aboard boats en route to dive sites. Do you know the best part? Visitors can even customize their trips to include lunch stops, beach time, and perhaps a few drinks at an island bar before returning home.

The cost of the tour includes the use of all equipment as well as soft drinks, water, fresh fruit, and snacks. Also included are fuel, cruising permits, and national park fees. The National Parks Trust has installed permanent marking buoys in almost all BVI dive locations.

You can see all these beautiful ocean wildlife while doing scuba diving.

Go Hiking To The Sage Mountain National Park!

Sage Mountain National Park

If you are a gym freak, remember that while visiting the British Virgin Islands, hiking is a fantastic way to work out and stretch your legs. Although the beaches in the British Virgin Islands are stunning, this group of islands is worth visiting for many other reasons such as Hiking.

Many islands farther inland are more mountainous due to the tropical climate, with rolling green landscapes and abundant tropical plants, trees, and flowers making this sport one of the most amazing and memorable activities for you to experience in the British Virgin Islands!

The Sage Mountain National Park on Tortola is the largest of all the islands and almost all the fantastic hikes are found here! The entire area is draped in the emerald-green rainforest, making it one of the region’s wildest and most challenging national parks.

Here, there are several kilometers of hiking routes to choose from; the Mahogany Forest Trail is one of the better-forested trails, while walkways like the Joseph R. O’Neal Trail provide magnificent views of the outlying islands. Nevertheless, all of these make Hiking one of the best things to do in the British Virgin Islands!

Bathe In The Baths

The Bath stony beach National Park, British Virgin Island

The Baths are one of the most breathtaking coastal sights on the British Virgin Islands and a must-see for any tourist. They are a combination of winding tunnels and hidden caves, plunge pools, and sand boulders that surround Virgin Gorda’s southern reaches.

The entire bay, now a national park, is ideal for snorkelers, swimmers, animal enthusiasts, nature photographers, and rock climbers. It’s recognized for the massive granite stones that litter the beaches and shoreline, setting it apart from the other Virgin Islands’ more rugged volcanic makeup.

A Quick Trip To Anegada Island

Anegada Island tree swing

Anegada, like The Baths, is known for its contrasting geological story in the British Virgin Islands. Instead of volcanoes or granite erosion, coral lifted this small cay above the Caribbean swells millions of years ago, giving it a relatively flat appearance – this is hardly mountain-speckled Tortola! 

Anegada is surrounded by one of the region’s most diverse and exciting reefs, the Horseshoe Reef, thanks to its low-lying geography. This turquoise and coral-colored swath that stretches south from the isle is home to many shipwrecks and bone fishing locations, as well as some of the freshest lobster, catches in the BVI. Please, only one Thermidor! 

Moreover, the Anegada Beach Club has a lot of onsite gourmet restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines, including freshly caught seafood, which is a specialty on the islands.

Many establishments are staffed so that you may enjoy the services of not just a laundress and a maid but also a cook, ensuring that you will be served great and traditional Caribbean cuisine every night. Aah! No wonder visiting Anegada Island while you are on your vacation is one of the top things to do in the British Virgin Islands!

A Walk To Smuggler’s Cove

British Virgin Island Smuggler’s Cove

Smuggler’s Cove is remote and private, lacking the beach bars, condos, and surrounding highways that have sprouted up around many of the archipelago’s other beaches. You can almost see pirate ships docked in Lower Belmont Bay, bobbing sailboats delivering Spanish doubloon chests to shore!

With swaying palms and sea vine patches at the back sloping softly down to an abandoned shore of lapping blue and crystalline Caribbean waves, it has a genuinely untrodden, Castaway-type feel. Snorkelers can also enjoy the bay’s coral gardens and unusual fish if they bring their equipment.

Have Fun In Cane Garden Bay And White Bay

British Virgin Island Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay is the most popular beachside area on the famous island of Tortola, surrounded by a wall of lush palms and volcanic rocks. It has everything you’d expect of a proper Caribbean vacation spot, from sea kayak rentals to jet ski rentals, immaculate sands to crystal-clear coastal seas that look unbelievable!

When you add in a smattering of exciting beach bars like Quito’s Gazebo and The Big Banana, as well as some excellent after-dark eateries, it’s clear to see why Cane Garden attracts such large numbers all year.

No wonder Cane Garden Bay’s expansive and well-protected anchorage makes it an ideal location for the most fun things to do in the British Virgin Islands, including but not limited to swimming, boogie boarding, waterskiing, jet skiing, and surfing.

Similarly, on the minuscule island of Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands, sunbathers, divers, yachties, and barflies congregate on a white sand cove that is backed by a turquoise sea. Put on a snorkel and swim amid schools of small, silvery fish, or watch as pelicans fly through the skies in search of an easy meal.

After enjoying the calm seas and making a splash, head to one of the beachside restaurants for a platter of conch fritters or the notorious Soggy Dollar Bar for a frozen “Painkiller” cocktail.

Choose The Best Activities For Your British Virgin Islands Vacation! ...🛪

People go to great lengths to look for a tropical paradise all over the world, but in reality, it has been right here the whole time, hanging out in plain view. The British Virgin Islands are, without a doubt, the ideal destination for a vacation.

You can participate in various activities and have a great time no matter what. So what are you waiting for? Book a flight to the British Virgin Islands and get ready to have the best time of your lives!

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