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Puerto Rico Drinks For You To Discover On the Island

There are numerous world-famous distilleries located on the island of Puerto Rico. Some of these distilleries make Bacard, Don Q, Caribe Rum, Ron del Barrilito, and others.

In addition to being the origin of the famous and delicious pina colada, Puerto Rico is also known as the “rum capital of the world.”

Famous Pina Colada
by: cookingwithcurls.com

Puerto Rico, famous for its rum and other cocktails, is the perfect place to be for people who identify themselves as “drink connoisseurs.” Puerto Rico drinks are famous worldwide and people all over the world recreate Puerto Rican drink recipes. Anywhere you go looking for Puerto Rico drinks, you can expect to find fresh ingredients, tropical flavors, good quality local rum, and a lovely atmosphere. That sums up everything there is to know about the culture surrounding Puerto Rico drinks

There are numerous world-famous distilleries located on the island of Puerto Rico. Some of these distilleries make Bacard, Don Q, Caribe Rum, Ron del Barrilito, and others. The Island is alone responsible for the production of more than 70 percent of the rum that is sold on the mainland of the United States. That’s quite a bit! In addition, well-known watering holes such as La Factora, Jungle Bird, La Casita de Rones, and La Central can be found on the Island.

To award-winning newcomer mixologists like Luis Pagán and Nicole Fas (who are currently among the best mixologists in the world), the bars across the Island are jam-packed with bartenders and mixing professionals ready to serve you and satisfy your quench — whether it is a traditional Old Fashioned, a refreshing Mojito or an innovative drink concocted just for you.

Puerto Rico Drinks & Classic Cocktails Everyone Should Drink Once

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Pina Colada

Puerto Rico's national drink Pina Colada
by: punchdrink.com

The pina colada is Puerto Rico’s national drink and with good reason. The city of San Juan is generally acknowledged to be the birthplace of this famous beverage. 

Some tales say an inventive bartender at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in 1954 came up with the recipe for the drink for the first time. On the other hand, if you go to the Barrachina restaurant, you’ll find a plaque at the entryway that claims this is the genesis of the cocktail and that a Spanish mixologist came up with the idea for it in 1963.

Even though we aren’t sure who exactly is responsible for the creation of this tropical drink, you can still find it served in a variety of different ways all across the island! The original recipe calls for the pineapple juice to be filtered before it is combined with either coconut water or cream, crushed ice, and a local rum such as Don Q. 

It is traditionally garnished with a dollop of whipped cream, a piece of pineapple, and a maraschino cherry in the traditional shape. You won’t miss the rum at all when you switch to the non-alcoholic version of this drink because it carries all of the fruity deliciousness of the original version with alcohol.

Amaretto Colada

There are many variants of the pina colada, such as the chi chi, which is prepared with vodka. However, one of the pina colada variants that is particularly well-liked on the island is the amaretto colada. 

Almond liqueur Amaretto Colada
by: mixthatdrink.com

Almond liqueur was added to this wonderful twist on the traditional drink, which resulted in a flavor that was more strong and more nutty. Although this sounds like a minor adjustment, it has a significant impact on the flavor profile, elevating it to the level of sophistication required for an evening drink rather than a drink best suited for sipping poolside or on the beach.


Pitorro, often known as Puerto Rican moonshine, is a traditional alcoholic beverage made from the distillation of molasses or sugarcane. To impart taste to the spirit, either hazelnuts or fruits are infused into it. 

It contains a high percentage of alcohol, pitorro can be highly powerful, even for inexperienced users. The flavor of pitorro can best be described as sweet. It is a terrific drink to warm you up in Puerto Rico, and it also makes a good mixer for various types of cocktails. In the past, it was not easy to get your hands on a bottle of Pitorro because the consumption of this spirit was primarily restricted to the inhabitants of the area. 

On the other hand, legal pitorro has recently begun to make its way into the market, so it should be simpler to locate one in a supermarket in Puerto Rico.


Bili fermented beverage
by: Denise

This fermented beverage is quite well-liked on the island of Vieques, which benefits greatly from the summertime availability of its primary component, the quenepa. Quenepas is a type of fruit that grows on mamoncillo trees and has a sour flavor. 

When quenepas are available, they are one of the ingredients that are mixed in with rum along with other things like brown sugar and cinnamon to produce bili. Fermentation of the mixture takes around one month and takes place in a dark location; nevertheless, every family has its recipe and method. 

When it’s done, it makes for excellent shots that aren’t too heavy or sweet, and they’re great for getting the party started. Because bili is so easy to drink, you should make sure to only consume it in moderation.


Coquito is a traditional Christmas drink from Puerto Rico that is similar to eggnog but is created with coconut milk and cream, white rum, evaporated milk, condensed milk, and spices. If you like eggnog, you are sure to adore coquito. 

traditional Christmas drink Coquito
by: The Novice Chef

Assuming you go to the island around the winter holidays, you’ll find coquito sold in every store; it comes neatly packaged in bottles and is ready to be given as gifts (if you don’t end up drinking it all yourself, that is). Similar to bil, every family has their secret recipe for making a coquito. Vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and other spices may be included. Some people even substitute homemade pitorro for rum when they make it. 

If you want to serve it chilled or over ice, it will bring to mind the winter holidays you celebrate at home while also bringing a touch of the tropics. At Salitre Meson Costero, they have a delicacy called Coquito Tres Leches that is made with this famous drink which you should try out.

Medalla Light Beer

Medalla is a form of beer that is mass-produced in Puerto Rico, and it is a lager-style beer that is predominantly brewed in Mayaguez. 

Beer has already cemented its place as one of the most popular drinks consumed in the United States of America and is now making its way to Puerto Rico. The flavor of Medalla is described as being similar to that of carbonated water, with a hint of sweetness on the tongue. 

However, the malty flavor of Medalla light beer is what sets it apart from other beers in its category. In Puerto Rico, you can pick up a six-pack of Medalla light beer at any gas station convenience shop, bar, or club.

Don Q

Don Q Alcohol Drink
by: Whiskey Exchange

If you enjoy more pure kinds of alcohol, Don Q is an excellent choice for you to consider. Because of its deep and robust flavor, it is well known in the area for being used in a wide variety of different cocktails. You may find delicious Puerto Rican drink recipes that include Don Q on many different websites. 

Many people consider Don Q to be an amber rum due to its distinctive golden color and clear appearance. Don Q is produced at the Destileria Serrallés in Ponce, and before it is sold to the general public, it is often aged for more than three years. Because Don Q is so well-known in Puerto Rico and the rest of the world, you should have no trouble locating it in any club, bar, or liquor store you visit.


If you enjoy rum, you will most likely take a liking to Chichato as well. Rum and Chichato go hand in hand. When you’re hanging out with locals in the south of Puerto Rico, you’ll probably run into this beverage more often than not. 

Honey and lemon, when added to licorice, can help lessen the effect of the licorice on those who are sensitive to its flavor. To properly prepare this traditional Puerto Rican dish, you will need to combine white rum and anise-flavored liquor in equal proportions. The majority of the residents in the area favor utilizing Palo Viejo rum. 

After that, you will need to shake the mixture with ice so that you end up with a smooth and sugary shot. Chicha is typically served in shot glasses and is done so by the locals. You can get your hands on the beverage in the southern part of Puerto Rico.

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre rum drink
by: Bacon is Magic

This rum drink, whose name translates as “free Cuba,” is a popular drink choice all around the Caribbean. A classic combination of rum, Coca-Cola, and a touch of lime juice, this drink is best enjoyed over ice. 

Not having lime in your Cuba Libre makes it not a Cuba Libre! Don Q Aejo, an amber rum that has matured for at least three years, is the ideal rum to use in this cocktail.


Do try these famous Puerto Rico drinks on your next visit there, or you can simply ask the bartender to surprise you with a drink; being the rum capital of the world you know you can’t go wrong with any alcoholic beverage here!

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