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Most Popular Sports in Cuba You Have to Witness

Ever wondered why is baseball popular in cuba? Baseball is the national sport of Cuba. Despite the fact that it is an amateur sport, it is an important part of the Cuban national identity. In general, Cubans are interested in the sport, are well-versed in it, and love watching long home runs. Baseball is unquestionably the most popular sport in Cuba and the national sport. Baseball originated in the United States, and it is still widely popular there. Despite how surprising it may sound, Cuba, one of the country's adversaries, is a huge baseball fan.

Wondering what are the most popular sports in cuba? Cuba is a Central American island archipelago. It has a very rich cultural heritage, and its capital city, Havana, has a population of 2,130,000 people.

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The significance of sports in Cuba stems from former government dictator Fidel Castro’s interest, though prior to this, a sporting career was a way for a lucky few to escape poverty in Cuba. An interesting part of the country that we wanted to tackle is its most popular sports in Cuba.

Let us tell you everything you need to know about the most popular sports in Cuba in this Article.

History of Sports in Cuba

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Cuba Flag with Gold Medal

Cuba has a long history of association with the United States, which has influenced the country’s sports scene. Unlike most Spanish-speaking countries, which tend to favor football or soccer.

Cuban sports fans prefer North American-influenced sports, which means they share the love for baseball that the United States has for its national pastime. This does not imply that they do not enjoy football. Cubans enjoy sports such as basketball, cricket, volleyball, and even athletics.

They are also a force in amateur boxing, having won numerous medals in various international competitions. Cuba has sent athletes to the Summer Olympics since 1900, but has never competed in the Winter Olympics.

They have won over 200 medals, with their best results coming from the 1992 Barcelona Games, where they won 31 medals, 14 of which were gold. Boxing is their best performing event, followed by athletics.

Cuba is the most successful country in the Summer Olympics without ever competing in the Winter Games. They also have the fifth most medals among countries that have never hosted the Olympic Games. This is a reflection of the significance of sports in cuba. Here is a list of the popular sports in Cuba:

Baseball in Cuba

Basketball Game in Cuba

Ever wondered why is baseball popular in cuba? Baseball is the national sport of Cuba. Despite the fact that it is an amateur sport, it is an important part of the Cuban national identity.

In general, Cubans are interested in the sport, are well-versed in it, and love watching long home runs. Baseball is unquestionably the most popular sport in Cuba and the national sport. Baseball originated in the United States, and it is still widely popular there.

Despite how surprising it may sound, Cuba, one of the country’s adversaries, is a huge baseball fan. Baseball is now the official sport of Cuba, with 62% of the population participating. Many people in Cuba are familiar with baseball, and children begin training and competing at an early age.

Famous Cuban Baseball players include Yasiel Puig, José Iglesias, Yoenis Céspedes, Adeiny Hechavarria, Aroldis Chapman, Yuli Gurriel, José Abreu, José Canseco, Jorge Soler, and Liván Hernández.

Soccer in Cuba

Football is the second most popular sport in Cuba. The Asociación de Fútbol de Cuba, which governs both the national team and the national league, the Campeonato Nacional, is in charge. The Campeonato features 16 clubs.

Football is extremely popular in the country, particularly among the younger generations. This could imply that the country’s future, like many others, will be filled with black and white balls. The majority of these young fans support clubs from Spain’s La Liga, particularly Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Maikel Reyes, the very first Cuban to sign a professional contract after the 1961 sports ban, joined a Mexican team in 2016. Famous Cuban Football players include Juan Tuñas, Rey Ángel Martínez, Osvaldo Alonso, Léster Moré, Jorge Luis Corrales, Ariel Martínez, Yordany Álvarez, Keiler García, and Maykel Galindo.

Basketball in Cuba

Man Playing Outdoor Basketball, Cuba

Basketball is the third most popular sport in Cuba. Despite the popularity of baseball and football in Cuba, basketball remains one of the country’s most popular sports.

The Cuban national team has a long history of success, most notably at the 1972 Summer Olympics, when it won the bronze medal after defeating Italy in the final match. This is yet another popular American sport in the country, albeit on the decline.

As a result, players such as Lázaro Borrell and Andrés Guibert frequently choose to relocate to the United States. Famous Cuban Basketball players include Lázaro Borrell, Jasiel Rivero Fernández, Andrés Guibert, Ruperto Herrera Tabio, Juan Carlos Domecq, Pedro Chappé, Franklin Standard, and Karel Guzmán Abreu.

Athletics in Cuba

Athletics is the fourth most popular sport in Cuba. The Federación Cubana de Atletismo, or Cuban Athletics Federation, governs these sports. It was founded in 1922 as the Unión Atlética Amateur de Cuba, and was thus an amateur league.

It was dissolved in 1961 and replaced by the FCA. On an international scale, Cuba is currently very successful in athletics. The country has 45 medals from the Olympic Games, including 11 gold, 14 silver, and 20 bronze.

Famous Cuban Athletics players include Javier Sotomayor, Anier García, Alberto Juantorena, Iván Pedroso, Maritza Martén, Ana Fidelia Quirot, María Caridad Colón, Silvio Leonard, Dayron Robles, and Osleidys Menéndez

Boxing in Cuba

Boxing is Cuba’s fifth most popular sport. Boxing was once very popular in Cuba, especially before the revolution. In the 1950s, boxers like Kid Gavilan were the pride of the country.

He has been a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame since its inception in 1990. Traditional cockfighting and gambling sports were also popular at the time. It is still valued today, and there are approximately 80 boxers of Olympic caliber, despite the fact that only 12 make it to the Olympics.

Famous Cuban Boxing players include Kid Chocolate, Kid Gavilan, and Teófilo Stevenson.

Volleyball in Cuba

Volleyball is Cuba’s sixth most popular sport. It is the most popular sport on the island. Cuba, believe it or not, shines brightest on the international stage. “The Spectacular Caribbean Girls,” the national women’s volleyball team, is currently the best in the world!

They won three consecutive Olympic gold medals and are widely regarded as the best team in the sport’s history. With all of their success, they quickly became a source of national pride as well as a symbol of Cuban women.

Cuban Sports That Travelers Can Do Too

Surfboard on Sand at Cuba Beach

The variety of outdoor activities available in Cuba is limitless! With six Unesco biosphere reserves, thousands of caves, three mountain ranges, numerous bird species,

The world’s second largest coral reef, almost virgin tropical forests, and vast stretches of undeveloped countryside, it is unquestionably a paradise for outdoor sports.

On your trip to Cuba, you will be able to go hiking through the tropical forest in search of the locations where Fidel Castro hid during the Revolution or swimming among colourful fish in one of the island’s many reefs. If you enjoy bird watching, Cuba is the place to be!

One can find various sports in Cuba, continue reading to find out what sports you can participate in while exploring Cuba. Bike the road, fish like Hemingway, go on guerrilla trail excursions, jump out of a plane, or rediscover a Spanish ship on the south coast. If you enjoy adventure trips, Cuba has it all, from hiking to diving and caving.


Scuba Diving in Caribbean

It is Cuba’s main attraction. The most well-known dive sites are Jardines de la Reina, Mara la Gorda, and Isla de la Juventud. Although the north coast, which has one of the world’s largest reefs, is not a bad option.

The south coast, which is more protected, probably guarantees the balance between clarity and safety of the waters.

The uncontaminated waters, clarity (average visibility under water is 30-40 m), temperature (average of 24 ° C), and abundance of coral and fish are what make diving in Cuba unique.


Cuba has over 20,000 caves, which can be explored by both tourists and professionals. The Great Cavern of Santo Tomás, near Viales, is the country’s largest.

With more than 46 kilometers of galleries; the Cueva de los Peces, near Playa Girón, is a flooded cenote where you can enjoy a colorful snorkeling dive; and the Ambrosio and Bellamar caves, both in Matanzas, will not disappoint.


Take a kayak ride while in the Keys or Varadero to explore the Caribbean Sea while admiring the coast from a distance. Most tourist beaches have a water sports centre where you can rent kayaks.


Because of the Gulf Stream’s rapid passage along Cuba’s north coast, you can sport fish for sailfish, tuna, mackerel, swordfish, barracuda, blue marlin, and shark.

Fishing is a great way to unwind, make new friends, watch the sunsets, and forget about your problems. Cayo Guillermo and La Habana, which has two ports, one in Tarará and the best, in Marina Hemingway, to the west, are among the most popular places to practise this sport.


Panoramic View of Vinales Valley, Cuba

Hiking has always been restricted and heavily regulated, but this has changed in recent years. Cuba has a wide range of excursions, including multi-day hikes.

Excursions of more than one day are possible in the Sierra Maestra and the Sierra del Escambray. The three-day excursion to the top of the Turquino peak, followed by the San Claudio route in the Sierra del Rosario Reserve, is without a doubt the most famous.

If you are looking for one-day excursions in the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, we recommend visiting Las Terrazas and climbing El Yunque, a mountain near Baracoa, or doing the Balcón de Iberia circuit.

Horse Riding

Cowboy culture has always existed in Cuba, and you can ride horses all over the country. If it is hired privately, it is best to first inspect the horses and the material.

Riding horses that have been neglected is cruel and potentially dangerous. Espiritu Travel offers a horseback tour of the Topes de Collantes national park from Trinidad.


Cuba is filled with all sorts of sports activities which not only keep it’s residents fit and healthy, but visitors too! If you are an athletic soul like me, then I would ten on ten recommend that try out the Cuban sports mentioned above!

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