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Is Belize Safe To Visit? – Travel Advisory 2022

We tried figuring out the answer to is Belize safe to visit. And we've found that Americans should stay away from visiting Belize City.

Belize is a melting pot of dynamic and ancient cultures, ranging from the Latin culture of the interior to the Caribbean Rasta vibe of the coast to the old English flavor of some of the islands.

The nation is well-liked by honeymooners, vacationers, scuba divers, and backpackers equally because it caters to all travel preferences and interests. Additionally, tourism is expanding. With just over 410,000 residents, Belize experienced an all-time high of 1.5 million tourists in 2018—a large number! As one of the safest countries in the region to travel to, Belize, tourism will undoubtedly continue to grow in this area.

But just because something seems to be safe doesn’t mean you should completely let down

Before you make travel arrangements, there are a few things you should know about Belize.

Travel Concerns While Exploring Belize

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You need to have a U.S. passport that is valid for the duration of your stay, proof of a connecting flight or return ticket, and enough money to cover the cost of your stay. If you enter Belize by land, you will pay a different entry fee if your stay is shorter than 24 hours or longer. The U.S. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s list of Belize-recommended vaccinations can be found at Belize vaccinations. Belize does not have any specific immunisation requirements for travellers. You do not need a visa if you are visiting as a tourist. Visitors who intend to stay for more than 30 days must have their passports updated by a local immigration office and pay additional fees for each each month they wish to stay, up to a maximum of six months. For stays longer than six months, you might be required to pay more money and supply the local immigration office with additional evidence that explains why you need to stay longer. 

For the most recent information on visas, see the website of the Belizean Embassy in the United States. 

Belize Visa

Traveling with Minors: Immigration officers may request to see U.S. birth certificates for each child if you are travelling with minors. Immigration officials frequently ask for proof that children are travelling with both parents’ consent when youngsters are not travelling with both parents. In cases where one or both parents have passed away, documentation may also include notarized letters from the parent(s), a custody order, adoption documents, or death certificates.

AIDS-related restrictions: We are not aware of any limitations on foreign residents or visitors entering Belize due to HIV/AIDS. Before you travel, kindly confirm this information with the Belizean Embassy. On our website, you can find information regarding dual citizenship or how to stop child smuggling abroad. Even during the day and in tourist areas, violent crimes like sexual assault, home invasions, armed robberies, and murder are frequent.

Gang activity accounts for a sizable share of violent crime. Travelers are urged to use caution when visiting Belize City’s south side due to the high criminality there. Police in the area lack the equipment and expertise necessary to handle significant criminal situations. The majority of crimes go unsolved and unpunished.

For more information about traveling to Belize, read the country information page. Belize is shown to have a high COVID-19 prevalence, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For the most recent travel-related health information, go to the CDC page

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Health Concerns When Travelling to Belize

Emergency services won’t be available or will arrive much later. Evacuation to another country is typically necessary for serious injuries or illnesses.

In most cases, metropolitan regions have access to medical care for mild illnesses. In comparison to rural and distant locations, advanced medical care is scarce or nonexistent in Belize City and Belmopan. In larger cities, pharmacy services are typically acceptable. It’s possible that specialized prescription drugs won’t be available at all. You must have a current doctor’s prescription for each prescription drug you bring if it is a prescription medication. 


Zika Virus: Belize is a region with a high risk of contracting the Zika virus, according to the CDC in the United States. By being bitten by an infected Aedes species mosquito, the Zika virus is transmitted. Both day and night, these mosquitoes sting. An unborn child can contract Zika from a pregnant woman. Pregnancy-related infections can result in several birth abnormalities.

Obtain all vaccines as soon as possible, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Visit the CDC website for more details, including travel advice.

Crime and Safety Concerns in Belize

Belize has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world and a high crime rate overall. Gang members and other criminals settle disagreements with violence. 

Due to high crime rates, visitors should use caution throughout Belize, especially in the south side of Belize City and isolated places near Belize’s borders.

Crime: In Belize, crime can happen anywhere, and it’s common for criminals to target visitors, especially those at resorts, on the roadways, and along rivers. Criminal activity, such as sexual assault, armed robbery, and murder, is still widespread and high. It has been claimed that women traveling alone or in small groups have experienced sexual harassment and/or assault.

The majority of crimes go unsolved and unpunished. The local police are unable to efficiently investigate crimes and catch perpetrators because of a lack of capacity, resources, and training.

Cash and credit card thefts are common in several parts of Belize. There are allegedly multiple credit card fraud organizations operating in Belize right now, especially in San Pedro.

cash theft

Scams happen in Belize, particularly in tourist regions. Travelers are frequently the targets of these crimes, which leads to pickpocketing, robberies, and/or extortion against them. For details on scams, see the FBI and Department of State websites.

Victims of Crime: Call the local police on 911 to report crimes, and call the American Embassy at 822-4011. Keep in mind that it is up to local authorities to investigate and prosecute offences. The Embassy is not a law enforcement agency, cannot protect or look into crimes against U.S. persons, and has no authority to interfere in police or judicial processes, even if it stands ready to help the Belizean authorities with any requests for technical assistance. Visit our website on assistance for American crime victims abroad.

Domestic violence victims in the United States can get support from the American embassy in Belize.

Tourism: The regulation of the tourism industry is patchy, and it’s possible that facilities and equipment don’t frequently undergo safety checks. Staff may not always be trained or certified by the host government or by recognized authority in the field, and hazardous areas/activities are not always marked with the proper signage. Adequate medical care is often only accessible in/near major cities in the event of an injury. Outside of major cities, first responders are typically unable to offer emergency medical care. Citizens of the United States are urged to buy medical evacuation insurance.

Law and Politics in Belize

Criminal Penalties: You must abide by regional legislation. Even unintentionally breaking local laws could result in your expulsion, arrest, or imprisonment. Furthermore, regardless of local law, some crimes are likewise punishable in the United States. 

Arrest Notification: Ask police or jail officials to promptly inform the U.S. Embassy if you are detained or arrested.

LGBTI Travelers: The decriminalization of homosexuality was acknowledged by the Belizean government in September 2016, however a portion of a July 2016 Supreme Court decision that declared “sexual orientation” to be a protected class remains under scrutiny. The Immigration Act forbids the entry of “gay” people, however the immigration officials have not upheld this rule.


Significant hostility toward those who identify as LGBTI is still present. San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, and other tourist-friendly places are still quite accepting of the LGBTI population. LGBTI people, particularly men, are hesitant to show affection in public (including holding hands) outside of these places since there have been cases of verbal or physical abuse, according to reports.

There have been several recorded incidents of violence against LGBTI people, and LGBTI advocacy groups have claimed that the police have occasionally refused to take LGBTI people’s claims of crimes.

People with Mobility Issues: Belize’s accessibility and accommodations for people with disabilities are substantially different from those in the US. Discrimination against people who have physical, sensory, intellectual, or mental impairments is not expressly forbidden by law in employment, education, air travel or other forms of transportation, access to healthcare, or the provision of other public services. Accessibility for people with disabilities is not provided by legislation. A majority of public and private structures, as well as transportation, are inaccessible.

People with disabilities would experience accessibility and accommodations significantly differently in Belize than they would in the US. Discrimination against people who have physical, sensory, intellectual, or mental impairments is not expressly forbidden by law in employment, education, air travel or other forms of transportation, access to healthcare, or the provision of other public services. Accessibility for people with disabilities is not provided by legislation. A majority of public and private structures, as well as transportation, are inaccessible.

Emergency and Natural Disaster Response in Belize

Hurricane season

Hurricane Season

Typically, hurricanes happen between mid-May and the end of November. Even minor tropical storms can intensify into powerful hurricanes during this time.

You could be at risk from these dangerous storms, which also make it difficult to provide basic services.

If you want to visit a seaside region while the storm season is underway:

  • be aware that you put your safety at danger.
  • Be ready to make last-minute changes to your travel itinerary, such as shortening or canceling your trip.
  • keep up with the most recent regional weather forecasts
  • bring your airline or tour operator’s emergency contact information with you.
  • observe the recommendations and directives of local authorities

Earthquakes and tsunamis

Belize is located in an earthquake-prone area.

A tremor or earthquake may be followed by a tsunami in a matter of minutes. Watch out for warnings.

Register with the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System to receive tsunami alerts.

If local authorities advise you to, or if any of the following occur: 

  • a severe earthquake that makes it difficult to stand up
  •  a weak, rolling earthquake that lasts a minute or more 
  •  a sudden rise or fall in sea level 
  •  if you’re close to the shore, relocate quickly to high ground.
  • hear the sea making loud, strange noises

Waiting for official alerts like alarms or sirens is not advised. Once you’re elevated, keep an eye on regional media.

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Final Verdict: Is Belize Safe to Visit Rightnow? ...🛪

We tied figuring out the answer to is Belize safe to visit. And we’ve found that Americans should stay away from visiting Belize City. 

The Southside of Belize City has historically been the scene of a large portion of the violent crime in Belize, which is gang-related. This region (starting south of the Haulover Creek Canal and extending to Fabers Road) does not border any popular tourist destinations. By using sound safety and security procedures, all visitors should uphold a high standard of attentiveness and reduce their exposure to dangers associated to crime.

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