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Experience Bahamas Tours Through the Eyes of a Local Private Guide!

This tropical paradise, which spans 700 islands and more than 2,000 tiny cays dispersed over the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas, is barely 80 kilometres from Florida at its closest point.

Beach lovers often think about the Bahamas tours when they envision the ideal stretch of fine, powdery sand being kissed by waters that are an exquisite shade of blue. 

Travel to Bahamas

This tropical paradise, which spans 700 islands and more than 2,000 tiny cays dispersed over the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas, is barely 80 kilometres from Florida at its closest point. The islands, which were once a haven for pirates and Loyalists, are today a playground for the wealthy and famous as well as everyone who appreciates sailing, boating, diving, snorkelling, and fishing of the highest calibre. 

The city of Nassau, located on New Providence Island, is where most tourists go. Mega resorts, retail establishments, dining establishments, and entertainment hubs are all present at this busy cruise port. 

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Why Go To The Local Bahamas Private Tours?

Private Bahamas tours in Nassau, Bahamas are the greatest way to experience the nation, whether you’re staying there for a day or a week. What makes Bahamas tours so valuable? 

Touring in Bahamas

The majority of visitors that go to the Bahamas stay in or close to Nassau. Although the nation’s capital is lovely, the archipelago boasts 700 distinct and stunning islands. Even though you probably won’t have time to visit them all, you should make an effort to leave the city! You may achieve that with excursions to the Bahamas’ Nassau. 

When you book Nassau Bahamas tours with Bahamas tours, you get to fly to the Exumas on a comfortable and opulent aircraft. Sign up for day tours from Nassau to Exuma to see the finest that the lovely islands have to offer with Bahamas tours. Renowned for its turquoise sea, smooth powdery beaches, and of course, its swimming pigs. Large Bahamas tour groups typically have set itineraries. 

Bahamas tours frequently take visitors to the most well-known locations in an area or country, but there is little room for customization. Due to that restriction, a lot of people unavoidably experience disappointment. The fact that you have complete control over the schedule is what makes private tours in Nassau, Bahamas, so wonderful. 

As previously stated, there are never more than nine passengers on a typical Bahamas Tours flight. You can extend your stay at Pig Island or Compass Cay if everyone in the group agrees to it. Travellers can also take entirely private tours through Bahamas Tours. When you embark on such a trip, you have entire control over the itinerary and can decide with your Bahamas private tours which stop you will visit. 

One of the most well-known attractions in the nation is Pig Island, home to the Exuma pigs. Unfortunately, not everyone decides to take private tours from Nassau, Bahamas, to the Exumas, and as a result, they lose out on viewing the well-known pigs. The pigs are unique since they are solitary inhabitants of an empty island. Pig Island (or Big Major Cay, as it is officially known) is a place where there are only pigs, a few goats, and a few cats. 

The pigs are sociable and they also live alone. Since local farmers have been bringing them food for years, they now connect the arrival of boats with humans. When the boat reaches Big Major Cay, don’t be startled if you see them jump into the ocean and approach the boat. You will have plenty of time to spend with the pigs on the beach and in the water when you sign up for a Nassau, Bahamas swim with pigs excursion with Bahamas tours. 

Additionally, you may see Big Major Cay’s splendour up close and learn why it’s one of the top private tours Nassau, Bahamas has to offer.

Best of Bahamas Tours, Sightseeing, Cruises, & Adventures

Diving in Bahamas

The Bahamas’ immense expanse and diversity are the country’s best-kept secrets. The Bahamas is an unequalled vacation location with 16 major islands spread across 100,000 square miles of the cleanest ocean in the world. 

Most people say that the Bahamas are the epitome of a relaxed Caribbean holiday, thanks to their stunning beaches and vast golf courses. Nassau and Freeport both have vibrant markets and historic landmarks. Put on your diving gear and explore the coral reefs, or go hiking around The Glass Window Bridge, if you’re searching for more energetic activities. This is an excellent family vacation spot as well because of kid-friendly attractions like the waterpark at Atlantis, and Paradise Island on Paradise Island.

Bahamas Travel Tour Tips: What You Need to Know

Check the best months to visit the Bahamas

The Bahamas’ peak season, which lasts from mid-December to mid-April, is the ideal time to travel to experience the best of the Bahamas

Although it rarely drops below 60 degrees here year-round, the islands are in the hurricane zone, so between June 1 and November 30 hurricanes may be a concern (the Atlantic hurricane season). The majority of these months (including May) are also wet months in the area, so you might have fewer opportunities to enjoy the outdoor activities on the islands during these times. 

Keep in mind that the perfect weather from mid-December to mid-April draws throngs of visitors, so costs will be at their highest and crowds will be at their densest during these months. Hence mid-December to mid-April is the best time of the year to go to the Bahamas. 

Check the Weather in The Bahamas

Since the winter season is the busiest in the nation, many hotels and resorts (particularly well-known ones like Atlantis, and Paradise Island) are fully booked months in advance. 

Girl Enjoying in Bahamas

The season’s pleasant daytime temperatures (in the high 70s to low 80s) and clear skies make these months ideal for going snorkelling or diving, relaxing on immaculate Bahamian beaches, and exploring outdoor havens like Lucayan National Park and The Glass Window Bridge. However, prices soar and you’ll probably have to wait in line for everything from car rentals to meals. Just remember to prepare properly because the extremely popular Junkanoo Festival and spring break (March) attract more people. 

The finest accommodation rates, which may save you up to 60%, are available between late April and early December when crowds at popular destinations are also noticeably fewer. However, a lot of Bahamas resorts schedule maintenance around these times, which can result in raucous environments and a reduction in services. 

The wettest months of the year are from May to October, and between June and November there is a chance that storms will hit; therefore, you should think about getting travel insurance.

Check Bahamas Culture & Bahamas Customs

The Role of Hospitality in Bahamas

The Bahamas are renowned for their informality, friendliness, and warmth. They are really polite and uphold etiquette, though. They enjoy getting to know people, greeting strangers and opening their homes to them as an extension of their hospitality. The most typical technique to develop a relationship is through meal sharing. 

Humour in Bahamas

Bahamians frequently use humour in a variety of contexts and have an excellent sense of humor. The usage of self-deprecating remarks or jokes is one aspect of this that has a distinct cultural component. This is essentially a result of the populace’s intolerance for superiority and contempt. 

People who are modest and humble are respected. Self-deprecation shows their grounded senses, especially if it is done in a humorous way. They are adept at making fun of others while also making fun of themselves. The act of making fun of one another is considered to be amusing banter. 

Religion in Bahamas

People going to church in Bahamas

In general, Bahamians are serious about their faith. They are all fervent Christians. Everyday speech frequently includes Bible quotations, references to official initiatives or events, and brief prayers at the beginning. Sunday is a day for attending church and praying. 

When attending religious services, people dress to the nines. In the Bahamas, the week following Christmas is one big party. Bahamians dress in masquerade costumes and dance to goombay music from Boxing Day to the Junkanoo Parade on New Year’s Day. The African slaves who created goombay, an indigenous musical style, utilized songs to pass down traditions and provide social commentary.

Check On How to Get Around The Bahamas

Car Rentals in Bahamas

A car is not required for daily use, but if you plan to explore the surrounding neighborhoods on your own and are staying in a vacation rental property outside of the tourist areas, you may wish to rent one. Be mindful that Bahamians drive on the left and be cautious of the many potholes. At the airport in Nassau, rental cars are available from American businesses. Your hotel is the greatest place to discover a neighborhood rental company in the Out Islands because there aren’t many possibilities there.

Buses in Bahamas

Riding a bus in Bahamas

Locals in Nassau refer to buses as “jitneys,” and they can be loud and occasionally dirty. To go from downtown to Cable Beach within the tourist area, hail a No. 

10 or 10a bus whenever or wherever you see one coming. In order to exit the bus, shout “Bus stop”! As you leave, the driver receives the $1.25 fare (exact change required). The Out Islands lack public bus service.

Taxis in Bahamas

In Nassau or Freeport, taxi stands are situated outside sizable hotels, well-liked eateries, and significant attractions and are the proper place to hail a cab. 

In the Out Islands, calling a private cab is the sole option available for pickup. Get recommendations for businesses to use from your Out Island hotel and tips on negotiating prices. Zone rates are difficult to calculate in Nassau; also, there are no meters to be found. Instead, haggle over the price before you leave. 

Bahamas tours offer wheelchair-accessible taxis for people who are disabled or handicapped.

Check The Bahamas Entry and Exit Requirements

Vaccinated Travelers in The Bahamas

Fully immunized travelers won’t need to undergo pre-travel COVID-19 testing in order to enter the nation as of June 19, 2022. As an alternative, legitimate immunization documentation must be shown before boarding a trip to The Bahamas.

Unvaccinated Travelers in The Bahamas ...🛪

Beginning on June 19, 2022, all unvaccinated travelers aged 2 and older will need to get a COVID-19 test that is negative—either a negative RT-PCR test or a negative Rapid Antigen test—and present the negative test results at check-in before traveling to The Bahamas.

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