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Cayman Islands Travel Advisory 2022

Travelers seek out secure places to unwind while on vacation in addition to beautiful and quiet locations. Check out the Cayman Islands to see whether that's where you should go next.
Cayman Island

The magic number is three.

Three is always the perfect number when two is too few and four is too many. In the Cayman Islands, a trio of hideaways comes together to offer the ideal getaway. As these islands complement one another well, you may make a name for yourself in Grand Cayman, go off the beaten road in Cayman Brac, and then have the entire place to yourself in Little Cayman. This location should be on your bucket list but before traveling do read on about whether is cayman Islands safe. This article is all you need to read.

Travel Concerns

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Is the Cayman Islands safe when it comes to travel?

Anyone can travel to or within the Cayman Islands without any restrictions. 

There is no longer a need for travelers to:  

  • When arriving, quarantine or isolate. 
  • Receive a vaccination before traveling to the Cayman Islands. 
  • Before departing, travelers are advised to research the requirements of their location. 
  • Visit the Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control website for further details about moving to or visiting the Cayman Islands. 
  • Before departing, double-check your passport and other travel documents. 
  • Make sure your passport and other travel documents satisfy their requirements by checking with your travel company.

Validity of Passport


Your passport must be valid for the entirety of your anticipated stay in the Cayman Islands if you are traveling there.

For further information, see the Cayman Islands Government website.

UK Travel Documents in an Emergency

The Cayman Islands recognize UK Emergency Travel Documents for entrance, airside transit, and departure.

Health Concerns When Traveling

Is the Cayman Islands safe for traveling with health conditions?

At least 14 days prior to your departure, make sure you receive the appropriate vaccinations and any additional doses.

Please read the COVID-19 and International Travel Travel Health Notice. Avoid non-essential travel to any locations if you have not finished your COVID-19 vaccination series. 

Medical Care in Cayman
by: ekarenursing.ky

You could require specialized medical care abroad if you have a health issue or are pregnant. Verify that the country you are traveling to can provide the healthcare you require, and make sure you have the right travel insurance to cover any unplanned medical evacuation or local treatment. 

On Grand Cayman, there are three modern hospitals: two are in the island’s capital, George Town, and one is on the eastern side. Faith Hospital, a smaller institution in Cayman Brac, can handle the majority of common medical and dental issues. Due to the high cost of treatment, more severe illnesses are often stabilized in the Territory before being flown to Miami. 

Make sure you have access to finances to cover the cost of any medical treatment received overseas as well as proper travel health insurance. Your insurance should cover air ambulance, medical care in a foreign nation (such as the USA), and repatriation. 

Call 911 and request an ambulance if you require immediate medical care while traveling. If you are sent to a medical institution for treatment, you should get in touch with your insurance or medical aid provider very once. Check the TravelHealthPro website for the most recent health recommendations from the National Travel Health Network and Center (NaTHNaC) at least eight weeks before your trip. Information on vaccine recommendations, any ongoing health hazards or outbreaks, and factsheets with advice on remaining healthy abroad are all available on each page for an overseas country.

If you need additional prescription medication while visiting the Cayman Islands, you must see a registered doctor who will either countersign your UK prescription or write you a new one. You’ll probably need to pay for your medication upfront and then submit a claim for reimbursement through your travel insurance. Traveling can be fun, but it can also be difficult at times. It is crucial to take care of yourself while traveling and while living abroad because there are definite connections between mental and physical health.

Crime and Safety Concerns

Cayman Island Regiment
Cayman Island Government

Is the Cayman Islands safe from crime?

Both visitors and locals can feel very safe on the Cayman Islands. Families can take a holiday safely in Grand Cayman as well.

Let's Examine The Statistics

In comparison to other Caribbean islands, the Cayman Islands have comparatively little violent crime.

There is seldom any crime. Pickpocketing and pocketbook snatching are examples of petty crimes that occasionally happen. Keep your valuables in the hotel safe, but make sure it is secured to the wall or the floor with a bolt. 

  • Always take care to keep your personal things, such as your passport and other travel documents, secure. 
  • Always keep a duplicate of the identity page of your passport with you. 
  • Don’t take expensive items to the beach 
  • After dark, avoid going alone to deserted beaches or dimly lighted areas.

Is Grand Cayman Safe For Visitors to Condos and Hotels?

It is very safe to stay in a hotel or condominium on Grand Cayman. 

You are free to depart your resort without any problems. Jamaica is one of several Caribbean islands that can be riskier.

Is Grand Cayman Safe For Visitors On Cruise Ships?


Yes, it is extremely safe for guests on cruise ships. Visitors from cruise ships touch down in George Town, Grand Cayman. George Town is safe enough to go around without being concerned about potential threats. Passengers on cruise ships can travel locally in taxis and buses with great safety.

Outside of the cruise ship terminal, George Town has a large number of stores and dining options. To reach these stores and eateries securely, you can leave the cruise ship port.

Grand Cayman Hotspots To Stay Away From

There aren’t many areas in Grand Cayman that visitors or locals must deliberately avoid. 

On a Friday night, it would definitely be best to avoid the neighborhood bars in George Town, but even then, it is still rather safe. Nearly all first-time visitors to Grand Cayman consider their safety. Thankfully, there aren’t any places you should actively avoid.

Do The Cayman Islands Have Terrorism?

The Cayman Islands do not experience any terrorism.

In the Cayman Islands, there has never been a terrorist attack. You may arrange your holiday in one of the safest places by going to the Cayman Islands. 

The Cayman Islands are a fantastic place to go on vacation and are really safe. One of the factors that draw so many families to Cayman each year for vacation is the high degree of safety. Every year, more than two million tourists travel to the Cayman Islands, and seldom anyone experiences any problems.

Law and Politics

Court in Cayman
Cayman Island Government

The Cayman Islands have their own laws and are a separate legal jurisdiction from the United Kingdom. 

Any drug-related infraction has severe sanctions. It is forbidden to own or import any type of firearm or ammunition, including empty magazines and air pistols, and catapults. Those who are discovered will face harsh punishments. 

Regarding the import and export of agricultural goods as well as the preservation of marine and animal life, observe customs requirements. Numerous marine and animal specimens are prohibited from being taken from the islands. If unsure, contact the customs office before importing or exporting such things or trying to purchase them.

In the Cayman Islands, same-sex matrimony is no longer permitted; however, legislation legalizing civil partnerships was enacted in September 2020. Regardless of sexual orientation, hotels and resorts are generally friendly. Local sentiments can be conservative, and some people might not be in favor of same-sex couples showing public affection.

Emergency And Natural Disaster Response

Caribbean storm On September 25 and 26, 2022, Ian is anticipated to intensify into a hurricane and make landfall on the Cayman Islands.

Both significant rainfall and strong gusts are predicted to accompany the storm. The following vital services might be severely disrupted, including flash flooding and landslides: 

  • Emergency services; transportation, including airport operations; electricity distribution; water and food supply; telecommunications networks; and medical care 
  • Avoid making unnecessary trips to the impacted region. When residing in the Cayman Islands
  • Exercise caution, keep up with local news and weather reports, and heed local authorities’ orders

Season Of Hurricanes

Hurricane Season

Typically, hurricanes happen between mid-May and the end of November.

Even minor tropical storms can intensify into powerful hurricanes during this time. You could be at risk from these dangerous storms, which also make it difficult to provide basic services. 

If you want to visit a seaside region while the storm season is underway: 

  • Be aware that you run significant dangers to your safety. 
  • Be ready to make last-minute changes to your travel itinerary, such as shortening or canceling your trip. 
  • Keep up with the most recent regional weather forecasts 
  • Bring the airline or tour operator’s emergency contact information with you. 
  • Heed the guidance and directives of regional authorities


Is the Cayman Islands safe from earthquakes?

The Cayman Islands are situated in a seismically active region. Rarely do earthquakes occur, and the majority of seismic activity goes unreported. In the event of a natural disaster, abide by the local authorities’ instructions.


There is no map to follow when traveling to the Cayman Islands in order to find out what makes the place unique; it is clear as soon as you land.

All of it. Or simply do nothing but take in the breathtaking scenery, the friendliness of the locals, and the ideal weather. 

Islands that may be visited at your own speed go wonderfully with the laid-back environment hotels, resorts, and villas provide. It stands out from the conventional mega-resort vacation because of this.

Visit during regional celebrations like the Cayman Cookout to sample the finest seafood cooked by famous chefs. Discover a snorkeling site with coral, unlike anything you’ve ever seen by taking a foot-worn trail to the shore.

Visit Kanana Caribbean for more island facts, vacation planning, sightseeing, travel deals, and upcoming events.

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