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An All Inclusive, Relaxing & Peaceful British Virgin Islands Vacations for Travel Enthusiasts

The British Virgin Islands vacations are renowned worldwide. The United States Virgin Islands are located to the east of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The British Virgin Islands is a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom.

The British Virgin Islands, also known as the BVIs, is a favorite travel destination among sailors, fishermen, sun lovers, and other types of independent travelers; nevertheless, anyone on a budget should avoid going there. 

On any visit to the Caribbean islands, one must make time to go boating among the dozens of little islands, the majority of which are uninhabited.

The British Virgin Islands are a nirvana for travelers who value tranquility and harmony on their vacations. If you come here, I can absolutely guarantee that you will learn something fresh and unheard of. Travel enthusiasts looking for a serene and peaceful experience will find their own heaven here. The British Virgin Islands are a fantastic location for sailing vacations for people who do not have a lot of expertise on the water as well as for families that are traveling with children because of the calm waters, consistent trade winds, and a vast number of anchorages.

If, in addition to yachting, one of your other favorite water pastimes is underwater fishing, you should be aware that this activity is illegal on the British Virgin Islands. The attempted practice of spearfishing carries a penalty that is particularly severe. In addition, there may be buoys with restricted access that safeguard places that are either off limits or have excessive foot traffic. Having said that, this is the sacrifice that needs to be made in order to enjoy the remainder of the pleasure. 

The British Virgin Islands are an archipelago consisting of numerous islands that are spread out over a distance of around 50 kilometers. The beaches on these islands feature fine white sand, palm palms that will protect you from the excessively brilliant sun, and gin clear water that will allow you to appreciate the unquestionably diverse marine life that resides beneath the surface.

Remember To Plan a Relaxing Schedule!

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British Virgin Islands Where to Stay - Luxury Resorts for You to Choose From

Scrub Island Resort, Spa, and Marina

Beach View at Scrub Island Resort, British Virgin Island

On its own private island, the Scrub Island Resort & Marina features beautiful accommodations, a wide variety of activities and restaurants, as well as a lavish spa. 

This spot in the British Virgin Islands is exactly where you should make your home throughout your trip. You have your choice between roomy guestrooms and suites, each of which has a view of the waterfront. Alternately, if you are visiting with a large company, you can select one of the numerous opulent private villas that are available, each of which has between two and six bedrooms.

Your time spent on Scrub Island will never be boring in any way. There is a wide variety of places to unwind, such as Donovan’s Beach, the Pavilion Pool that looks out over the Marina, and the clean and isolated North Beach which has one thousand feet of private beach. And if you’re looking for something to do while you’re there, you can arrange day trips, go hiking around the island, paddleboard, kayak, snorkel, or dive. 

Hiking around the island in the morning, having breakfast at Donovan’s Reef, unwinding at either North Beach or Donovan’s Beach, kayaking or snorkeling through the incredibly clear water, receiving a massage in the afternoon at Ixora spa, and having dinner at Cardamom, the island’s fine dining restaurant, are all examples of possible activities that could be included in a typical day on Scrub Island.

Saba Rock

In the North Sound of the British Virgin Islands, the Saba Rock is a well-known landmark that visitors just cannot miss. 

Little Island Saba Rock Resort, British Virgin Island

This resort is located on a 1-acre island and has 8 elegant guest rooms and 3 suites, as well as a restaurant, sunset bar, and spa, all of which look out over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Because of the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017, this entire resort had to be reconstructed from the ground up. Now, every aspect has a contemporary and opulent beachy vibe! Guests have the opportunity to participate in a variety of water activities such as kiteboarding, diving, and snorkeling during the day. 

You may also choose to unwind in a hammock on the beach that is reserved exclusively for resort guests. In addition, there is a ferry shuttle that connects Saba Rock to Virgin Gorda, and it departs on the hour. This will allow you to go to and from other islands throughout your visit.

British Virgin Islands Activities to Participate In

Visit The Baths

When you are in the British Virgin Islands, you really must make time to explore The Baths, National Park. This national park, which is located at the very tip of Virgin Gorda, is home to three breathtaking beaches that are surrounded by sea that is turquoise and crystal clear. 

It also features a massive granite rock. You can get to the baths by car or by boat. Either way is fine. If you arrive by car, you will have to go down to the beach, which is about a ten-minute walk down some stairs. If you arrive on foot, you can drive right up to the beach.

The Bath stony beach National Park, British Virgin Island

In addition, in order to travel from Devil’s Bay to the beach at The Baths, you will have to go through this obstacle course that consists of climbing through stones, caverns, and ladders. It will be considerably easier for you to navigate through the boulders if you are wearing shoes that have a grip. Have lunch at Poor Man’s Bar, which is located on The Bath’s beach, or head up to The Restaurant on Top of the Rocks, which offers delicious sandwiches and sushi in addition to breathtaking views.

Book Yourself A Full Spa Day at Spa and Sparkle

Spa & Sparkle offers a wide variety of individualized spa treatments that you can choose from as a treat for yourself. Saba Rock and the Retreat at Nail Bay are the two destinations that you can visit. 

The treatments include activities such as yoga and meditation, facials using the O2 Lift Treatment, deep tissue massages with lava shells, sound healing, and the release of cellulite, among other things. In addition, for a more personalized experience, they provide spa packages with names like “The Honeymooners Retreat,” “Watersports Junkie,” and “the Knot.”

Create A Realistic Budget

It is recommended that you set aside approximately $100 USD every day for your backpacking trip in the British Virgin Islands

Money for Travel Budget

This budget covers the cost of staying in a private room on Airbnb, preparing all of your own meals, reducing the amount of alcohol you consume, using public transportation to move around, and engaging in primarily free activities such as swimming and hiking. It is possible to cut this cost by $30–$40 USD per day if you intend to go camping.

A budget of approximately $175 USD per day is sufficient to cover the costs of staying in a private Airbnb apartment, eating out for the majority of meals at inexpensive fast food stalls, enjoying a couple of drinks, occasionally taking a taxi to get around, and engaging in more expensive activities such as scuba diving.

You can stay in a hotel, dine out for all of your meals, drink more, rent a car to go around, and do whatever tours and activities you choose on a budget that is considered “luxury,” which is approximately $405 USD or more each day. However, this is only the first floor of the luxurious section. There is no cap on potential!

Although the British Virgin Islands are known for their high costs of living, it is possible to reduce those costs with little advanced preparation. The following is a list of some of the methods in which one might save money in the British Virgin Islands:

Couchsurfing is available in the British Virgin Islands, and there are a few locals that are willing to host visitors. Your response rate is going to be poor due to the fact that the majority of hosts tend to work on boats, where their schedules tend to be unpredictable. Make sure you ask questions plenty of time in advance. You may also use the app to locate events if you want to!

Consider getting a rental car if you plan on exploring a number of different areas on larger islands like Tortola, as it may be difficult to find cabs in some of the more remote locations on those islands (they tend to stick around more crowded locations). On these islands, the best option is to rent a car, even if it costs between $55 and $70 US dollars a day. It will provide you with more flexibility, and if you and your friends split the price, it will be more affordable than taking cabs. When my friend and I finally did the math at the conclusion of our trip, we were both disappointed in ourselves that we hadn’t given it more thought earlier.

Girl Travel In Cruise

Have someone drop you off – Taking a cruise for the day but intending to move on to another island afterward? If the island is close by, the majority of tour companies will drop you off there at no additional cost.

If you want to get from island to island, you can travel by hitchhiking on boats. It will save you hundreds of dollars if you hitchhike on the boats. It is quite simple to accomplish.

Unplug from Work & Re-energize

Did you know that there are rules in France that prohibit sending or receiving emails outside normal business hours? 

Even if you don’t have very rigid boundaries, it’s getting harder to maintain a healthy work-life balance in today’s world, let alone disengage from work when you’re away for an entire vacation. Finish all of the projects that are waiting for your attention or give them to someone you can rely on to handle them while you are away. 

Develop a procedure to follow in the event that any unresolved problems surface while you are away. During the time that you are away from work, take the time to log out of your work email and Slack account. It’s much simpler to avoid temptation altogether than it is to fight it off.

Be Honest with Yourself

If you actually want to unwind, you need to be completely honest with yourself about the activities that do that for you. 

Relaxing in the beach, British Virgin Island

It is not helpful to put pressure on oneself to feel relaxed during times when you are truly experiencing stressful situations, such as spending time with your extended family or traveling to tourist destinations with large crowds. Recognize that spending the weekend with your relatives or at a popular tourist destination is an alternative that might help you relax. 

You might enjoy spending the weekend at a spa or going on a trip to the countryside where you can go hiking and exploring in the natural world.

Keep in mind that a trip is just as much about you as it is about the rest of your family. Many parents automatically adopt a self-sacrificing attitude in order to guarantee that their children are continually having a good time, but in doing so, they forego the opportunity to take care of themselves and feel revitalized. 

You may model healthy behavior for your children by engaging in self-care and demonstrating how to balance competing goals. For instance, you could divide your days between engaging in outdoor activities with your children and spending time in your hotel room reading or watching a movie.

Bring A Peaceful and Relaxed Mindset with You

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is that just because you’re in a new location doesn’t mean that stress reduction will take place suddenly. 

While you’re preparing your vacation, start establishing a calm mental environment around it. While preparing for the things you can control, keep in mind that there will inevitably be unforeseen circumstances and modifications in your plans. 

On your trip, work on developing a mindset that allows you to roll with the punches and adjust to whatever comes your way. Putting more pressure on yourself to unwind is counterproductive because it increases tension.

Relax, Relax, & Relax Some More in The British Virgin Islands! ...🛪

The British Virgin Islands are a paradise that looks just how it should. White sand beaches, great diving and snorkeling, turquoise water, picturesque hiking trails, plenty of boating opportunities, and as much cheap rum as you can bear can all be found on these idyllic islands.

Though not everything in this place is hammocks and pia coladas. If unending leisurely days (and late-night partying) aren’t your style, this corner of the world has plenty to keep you occupied, from festivals and diving to picturesque hiking trails and hidden tide pools. You can organize your vacation, save money, and get the most out of your stay in this gorgeous paradise by using a defined itinerary and a travel guide to the British Virgin Islands!

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