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Best Places to Stay in Bahamas for Families, Couples and Nightlife

The Grand Bahama is the ideal destination for calm beach time with young kids, especially if you stay in an AirBnB. Long Island is the solution if you're looking for a more private setting. Finally, Paradise Island offers a simple stay and a variety of kid-friendly activities.
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Nassau Island, commonly known as New Providence Island, is the most visited place in the Bahamas. There are numerous beaches and holiday options there. 

It might not have the distinctive characteristics of other islands, but it is nonetheless conveniently accessible via the well-known Nassau International Airport. Additionally, a bridge connects the island to the well-known Paradise Island, where you may find everything you need for both a family vacation and an exciting nightlife.

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Best family stay in Bahamas

The Grand Bahama is the ideal destination for calm beach time with young kids, especially if you stay in an AirBnB. Long Island is the solution if you’re looking for a more private setting. Finally, Paradise Island offers a simple stay and a variety of kid-friendly activities.

Best nightlife stay in Bahamas

Paradise Island in the Bahamas is the place to be for young couples seeking a combination of beach and nightlife.

Modest Establishment Big John’s Bar and Grill

“Unleash your inner party animal and make unforgettable memories under the Caribbean stars. Book now and let the Bahamas become your after-dark playground!”

Best romantic stay in Bahamas

Exuma Islands are the ideal destination for a private, romantic getaway. If not, consider Harbour Island for a glitzy getaway. Long island is the ideal location for a private and intimate getaway. If you spot one or two celebrities asking for some alone time, don’t be shocked.

Best Islands in the Bahamas for couples

Exuma Islands

Exuma Islands offer a romantic, private vacation. This is the greatest Bahamas hotel for honeymooners or couples seeking privacy. The islands are 60 km south of Nassau. Some are connected, but most are only accessible by boat.

It’s noteworthy to note that the Exuma archipelago contains more than half of the Bahamas’ islands. However, some of them are extremely little. Exuma is called “The Paradise” for its gorgeous blue environment. For snorkeling, the water is lovely and shallow. Great diving, but not as deep as other islands.

In recent years, they’ve broadened up to a wider clientele beyond superstars. If you’re driving around the main island, stop at Haulover Bay Bar & Grill for a drink and snack. The view is amazing. St Francis Resort is one of Exuma’s greatest. From the nice rooms to the unusual beach and azure ocean (see images), and the amazing fresh cuisine. This is a place to visit at least once, even for a short time.

Exuma Islands​

“From thrilling boat excursions to captivating sunsets, the Exuma Islands offer an enchanting retreat for every adventurer. Book your ticket to paradise now!

Harbour Island

If you want a glamorous stay with stunning beaches and restaurants and cafes, Harbour Island may be for you. Once the Bahamas’ capital, Dunmore Town preserves its colonial legacy. Harbour Island has direct flights from Florida and a short boat ride from the airport to put you in the holiday mood.

The principal town, Dunmore Town, was originally the capital. It’s now a charming place of renovated colonial houses with 1600 people and a few tourists.It’s like walking back in history. Very romantic!

All around the small island, the beach has pink sand (for the presence of the foraminifera). Harbour Island has several fantastic elegant hotels for couples seeking a romantic escape or singles wishing to relax. 

Coral Sands Hotel is one of Harbour Island’s most popular spots. The hotel has everything you need for a pleasant stay. The gorgeous pool, private beach, and colonial exterior and interior architecture of the resort. It’s very glamorous here! Definitely something you should do. 

Once in Dunmore Town, get a coffee at Bahamas Coffee Roasters, the best on the island. The burritos are great, too. Sip Sip Restaurant has a gorgeous view and delicious Lobster Quesadilla. For a modest eatery, try Brian BBQ. How many Bahamians are at the table indicates how delicious the dish is.

Harbour Island​

Discover the hidden gem of Harbour Island, a tropical paradise in the Bahamas with stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture.”

Best island in the Bahamas for families

The Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama is the best island to visit if you want to relax with your kids, spend more time at the beach, build sandcastles, and go swimming a lot. The great thing about this island is that it has the second-largest international airport in the Bahamas. If you are based in the USA or Canada, you can choose a direct flight, which will save you time, money, and ultimately make traveling with kids easier because there won’t be any lengthy layovers. 

The Port of Call is a vacation rental on a wonderful beach with a gorgeous pool that is about 15 minutes by car from the airport. The house has direct beach access and is nearly built over the sand.

It’s extremely convenient because the grocery shop is only 10 minutes away. An excellent apartment that is convenient to get to and offers excellent value, especially given that you can fly there directly.

Grand Bahama

Experience the breathtaking beauty of The Grand Bahama in the Bahamas. Dive into pristine turquoise waters, relax on sun-kissed beaches, and immerse yourself in vibrant island culture.”

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort

The Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort, located on the northern tip of Long Island, is a fantastic choice for a planned, tranquil, and private getaway. This hotel is located on a gorgeous, top-tier beach with fine, fluffy sand. 

Just picture yourself waking up to a white beach and a turquoise sea as you open the windows and doors in the morning. It’s a terrific place to play with kids and have a good time in general.

For older kids, there are also water sports activities offered. Lovely cuisine as well, especially given how remote this location is.

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort​

Discover the pristine beauty of Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort​​ in the Bahamas​, where turquoise waters meet powdery white sands.​​​”

Atlantis Resort

I would advise considering the Atlantis Resort for a stay that is incredibly simple. A fantastic waterpark, numerous pools, a variety of dining options, and a movie theater are all there. 

Kids groups are another option for some downtime. No matter their age, youngsters will really adore it. Additionally, it’s on Paradise Island, which is about 30 minutes by car from Nassau International Airport. Can you ask for more? 

The Bay View Suites (affordable) and the Harborside Atlantis are the only hotels suitable for families; I personally do not recommend the Cove Atlantis, which caters to a more mature clientele and youthful partygoers.

Atlantis Resort​

“Create lifelong memories and immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of Atlantis Resort. Book your dream getaway today!

Where to stay in the Bahamas for relaxing?

Grand Bahama Island

Although Freeport is the second-largest city in the Bahamas, it has the relaxed, unhurried atmosphere of a large village. The Grand Bahama Island is particularly well-liked by families seeking a relaxing vacation as well as cruise ships that stop there frequently.

The nicest beaches are on the south coast, where the water is extremely blue and the sand is white. A great location even for a brief visit is the international airport, which has good connections to the USA and Canada. a tranquil stay combined with a tranquil quick travel.

The Grand Bahama’s most populated region is Lucaya Beach, which is also where you’ll find the majority of lodging options. If you travel east or west of Freeport, you hardly ever run into other people. 

A fantastic hotel for unwinding and escaping from the outside world is the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach. The beach pool is excellent, and the staff is helpful and responsive. Additionally, the rooms are fairly spacious.

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Best place to stay in the Bahamas close to nature

Cat Island

One of the Bahamas’ least developed islands, Cat Island has just a handful of relaxed guest houses that are remote from any form of civilization. It’s probably the greatest island in the Bahamas to stay on if you want to feel like Robinson Crusoe, even though you can sleep and eat in a guesthouse. 

The pricing range reflects the sort of traveler, which is primarily flashpackers with some backpackers. You only need a pair of flip-flops, a few t-shirts, and a swimsuit to visit Cat Island. And if you’re hoping to find a small town, you could be let down because there isn’t one. 

The Rollezz Villas Beach Resort is a fantastic place to get away from it all, get in touch with nature, enjoy the beach, and do it all with only a small group of fellow travelers. The beach will be virtually entirely to oneself. The owners, Yvonne and Carl, constantly try their utmost to accommodate every need. Such a beautiful setting.


Staying in the Bahamas allows for an  individual to have diverse options! You can stay at a 5 star hotel or a fun and relaxed bed and breakfast place. It all depends on when your target for the trip is – the Bahamas is filled with plenty of great options for just about everyone!

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