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Best Cuban Restaurants Which Are A Must To Try In Cuba!

One of the few places in the world without even a single fast-food outlet is Cuba.You can find budget street food in Havana.Every traveller to Cuba should have the unique experience of dining at a government establishment.
Cuba Restaurant - Viñales, Cuba

The Cuban island has a wonderful Caribbean climate and beauty. There is very little rain when the days are warm and sunny, especially on the coast of Havana. April till October is the best time to visit.

Cuban restaurants serve tourists and locals looking for a special private place for birthday parties, small gatherings, date nights,s or business meeting spaces just  for relaxing with friends and a cigar. There are pubs and restaurants all around the island of Cuba, making it difficult to select the best ones!

The most popular Cuban foods are roast or fried pork and chicken served with rice, beans, and root vegetables. The most popular Cuban cuisine  Ropa Vijea is a Stew that is made of beef, cooked over low heat with onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and garlic. It’s their traditional dish which is served with yellow rice and beer. Fried dried beef is also common which is called Tasajo and stew is called Ajiaco.

Top Neighbourhood For Unique Dining Experiences In Cuba

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In Cuba, there are different neighborhoods that serve unique food and tourists have great dining experiences over there.

Fusterlandia has beautiful streets covered in mosaics, which are colorful and fun. The neighborhood is very relaxing.

• Santy Pescador

Santy Pescador is a popular destination for both visitors and residents which offers sushi, a modern take on traditional Cuban fish. Santy Pescador’s tuna dishes are unbeatable if you’re fortunate enough to visit Havana during tuna season.

It’s a terrific place to have lunch or supper as it has an incredibly relaxed ambiance and stunning views of the harbour and ocean.

• El Del Frente

Is one of the best Cuban restaurants in the touristy neighborhood with a rooftop terrace, they serve amazing Cuban cuisine and cocktails in a very unique way.

• Somos Cuba

Somos Cuba’s chefs Ivan and Leidi served food in the kitchen. They give you a warm welcome with food and affection. It’s a little expensive, but the experience and the meal are well worth it.

Somos Cuba

• Christopher Columbus Cemetery

The Colón Cemetery is named in honour of Christopher Columbus and was designed by a Spanish architect. It is beautiful, feels like an open-air museum and every tomb has statues and marble stones Mambo is a very nice diner-style restaurant. 

They serve burgers as well as pizzas, shakes, salads, fried cheese, and french fries. The main course is very delicious served with beer and the Cuban coffee place feels open and inviting.

• Vedado

It is a fine dining Cuban restaurant and has a great variety of Caribbean food, international and Cuban food. They serve one of the best buffets.

• Otramanera Havana

With its Spanish-Cuban fusion menu, this fine dining restaurant pays tribute to its Cuban heritage. A local farmer provides organic foods for the menu. 

Otramanera, one of the hottest new newcomers to Havana’s private restaurant scene, offers seats indoors or outside in the lush garden. The wine selection at Otra Manera is superb.

Restaurant Villa Lagarto

• Restaurant Villa Lagarto

It’s amazing how close the outdoor dining tables at Villa Lagarto are to the water. Its meat dishes are a study in restrained excellence; they are simply grilled, steamed, or barbecued with a scattering of herbs. All of the fruit and vegetables come from organic farms close by.

• El Cafe

It’s a little cafe for breakfast. Which serves healthy meals at affordable prices.

You can get Fresh fruit, yogurt and granola, hummus plates, salads, and the cafe’s wonderful sourdough bread. French toast was provided with pancakes, pulled pork and orange marmalade panini, and honey-poached guava.

• Coppelia Ice Cream Parlour

A well-known chain of ice cream shops offers delicious scoops and cartons of ice cream at incredibly inexpensive costs. It is Cuba’s best ice cream.

Coppelia Ice Cream Parlour

• Al Carbon

The interior is beautiful, with that typical Cuban decor style. The beef empanadas go perfectly with the bread and dips. 

The lobster quesadillas were wonderful and quite rich, and the roasted squash salad was also very flavorful and fresh. The beverages and freshly squeezed juices are also amazing.

Traditional Cuban Foods Which You Need To Order!

A culture’s food is one of the best ways to understand it from the inside out. And with Key West’s rich and tasty Cuban cuisine, whose influence can be seen in the subtlest of ways, this is extremely simple (and enjoyable). 

Cuban cuisine is ingrained in island life’s daily culture, whether it is a mojito during happy hour or a café con leche with Cuban cheese toast for breakfast. Cuban culture has a lot to offer, and food is certainly one of them which is very appetizing and delicious. They are made of intense and neutral flavors. There are almost 25 traditional dishes such as:

• Rice And Black Beans

The origins of ingredients are frequently influenced by what is plentiful and accessible, just like with most native cuisine. In Cuba, rice and beans are nearly often served as a side dish and provide nourishment and comfort. 

Usually, it’s made with generous amounts of black beans and white rice. Some meals, like arroz con pollo or rice with chicken, call for additional ingredients. Another common food in Cuba is plantains. They can be made into tostones, which are fried and salty and have a texture and flavour similar to bananas, or stewed and sweet. Tostones Rellenos, which are fried plantains packed with everything from garlic shrimp to spicy beef, are a well-liked appetizer.

• Roast Pork

It is one of the best Cuban dishes. When an animal reaches the required weight, the roasting process for pork comes to an end. Seasoning, garlic, and vinegar are the secret to roasting pork.

• Ropa vieja

Ropa vieja is one of the most well-known entrées in Cuban cooking. This delectable stewed shredded beef dish is gradually simmered in fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, and wine. The dish is served with white rice, black beans, and sweet plantains, in keeping with its historical roots.

• Sandwich Cubano

The Cuban sandwich is made up of ham, cheese, and roast pork.

Bread with roast pork is the best sandwich, you can add tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles.

• Rice And Fried Egg

Fried eggs and rice are common meals for Cubans. This dish has been slammed for being overly simple and for being considered to be food for low-income families. To balance the dryness of the rice, the yolk should be soft.

• Ground Beef

The ground beef is cooked on low heat with potatoes, olives, and tomato sauce. It is mostly served with rice, fried ripe plantains, and beans!

Spending your holidays in Cuba with their great and yummiest food on your plate.


Private restaurants in Cuba can be classified as either local or tourist.  These were less formal and smaller than government restaurants. Private restaurants offer friendlier service as well.

One of the few places in the world without even a single fast-food outlet is Cuba. You can find budget street food in Havana. Every traveler to Cuba should have the unique experience of dining at a government establishment. Despite having their doors locked, they were open for dinner, knocked three times before they finally let you in. Government restaurants don’t exactly welcome foreigners. All items are priced by weight on the menu. 

The loaf of bread, which is 500 g, cost $0.48. Normally”peso pizzas” cost between $0.25 and $1 US, and some rice and meat dishes cost $1.50 US. Additionally, some vendors are providing sandwiches with egg and cheese for $0.35 US and tasty fresh juice for $0.04 US.

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