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Authentic Travel Experiences With Top Hotels In Haiti

The Karibe Hotel and Convention Center, the Inn at Villa Bambou, the Royal Oasis, the NH El Rancho, and the Best Western Premier are the five hotels that received the maximum five-out-of-five hibiscus rating.
Marriot Hotel

Haiti, may not be your typical tropical island vacation spot but by reading this article you will be convinced to visit Haiti and stay in the best hotels in Haiti.

Top Rated Haiti Hotels & Places To Stay

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Top Rated Haiti Hotels & Places To Stay

The Haitian Ministry of Tourism announced a new system for categorizing its Haiti hotels last year. 

The Ministry declared that it will substitute the hibiscus, the nation’s national flower and the focal point of its tourist identity, for the conventional “star” ranking system. Now that the results are in, the nation has publicly released its hotel rankings. So which hotels in Haiti are the best?

Karibe Hotel

The Karibe Hotel and Convention Center, the Inn at Villa Bambou, the Royal Oasis, the NH El Rancho, and the Best Western Premier are the five hotels that received the maximum five-out-of-five hibiscus rating. 

They are all situated in or close to Port-au-Prince, the country’s capital. Additionally, four hibiscuses were distributed to seven hotels: Hotel Montana, Servotel, Habitation Jouissant, Hotel Port-Morgan, Abaka Bay Resort, and Le Village d’Ennery. 52 hotels received three hibiscus flowers, 92 hotels received two hibiscus flowers, and 21 best hotels in Haiti hotels received one hibiscus flower. 4,861 rooms overall across 177 hotels were categorized in Haiti.

Hotel Marriott Port-au-Prince

The Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel is Haiti’s first hotel with an international brand and is situated in Haut Turgeau, Port-au-Prince. Our five-star hotel in Port-au-Prince has 175 luxurious guest rooms, each with a breathtaking mountain view, first-rate internet access, and upscale amenities.

Hotel Marriott Port-au-Prince​

The hotel’s local Hibiscus restaurant, outdoor pool, patio, La Sirene Bar, and Cafe Cho are available as amenities. Our hotel offers both indoor conference space and outdoor banqueting areas, as well as a fantastic position close to the Port-au-Prince airport.

The Hotel At The Bambou Villa

Small and upscale, The Inn at Villa Bambou is a boutique hotel. The cost includes a full breakfast and a full dinner. We are only a few minutes from Petionville and the center of Port-au-Prince in a quiet neighborhood with great security. 

Private bathrooms, wireless internet, cable television, air conditioning, luxury robes, towels, and toiletries are all features of the guest rooms. The inn has numerous porches, balconies, and outside seating places. With the bay as a backdrop, the numerous garden walks provide glimpses of unique palm palms and beautiful plants.

The Hotel At The Bambou Villa

La Colline Suites

Five minutes from the spectacular Abaka Bay beach are two very private, lavishly appointed full-service rooms on top of a hill in lovely Ile-a-Vache. a 600 square foot 2-bedroom suite and a 1000 square foot 3-bedroom suite with 3 queen-size beds and a maximum occupancy of 6 people (2 queen-size beds and 1 double bed; max. 5 persons). Heat, towels, air conditioning, etc. Included is breakfast. Optional fixed-menu lunch and supper. beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea.

Villa Therese Hotel

Villa Therese is a tiny boutique hotel tucked away in a peaceful area of Petionville. Each of their spacious apartments has a private balcony; some offer views of the lush gardens outside, while others have mountain views. 

You may sample the flavors of excellent Haitian creole cuisine at their restaurant. Additionally, they provide a conference room for business meetings and a saltwater pool for relaxation. The hotel offers reliable free wifi access throughout the building.

Villa Therese Hotel​

Royal Oasis Hotel

The Royal Oasis by Occidental, located in Pétion-Ville, offers contemporary furnishings, a garden, and an outdoor patio with views of Port-au-Prince. The contemporary, air-conditioned rooms at Royal Oasis by Occidental have flat-screen TVs with cable and satellite channels. 

A desk, a safe, a minibar, and a private bathroom with a shower and complimentary toiletries are included in each room. Two restaurants on the property serve Mediterranean food, as well as tapas and appetizers, and two bars serve drinks and cocktails. 

An on-site art gallery, as well as shops and banking facilities, are available to visitors. The distance between the Seaport Terminal and the city’s core is 8.9 km and 8 km, respectively. A 20-minute journey will take you to the Port-au-Prince International Airport. Couples, in particular, enjoy the area; they gave it an 8.5 for a trip with two people.

Royal Oasis Hotel​, Haiti

Easy Steps To A More Haiti Authentic Travel Experience

Haiti has seen its share of tourism upswings and busts throughout history, most notably in the 1970s and 1980s. But Haiti’s contemporary tourism industry is still in its infancy. 

It will undoubtedly regain its status as a well-liked vacation spot. The time is now to provide the groundwork for courteous, responsible, and environmentally friendly travel practices. Each traveler’s behavior and interactions with the local population in Haiti have an impact on the businesses and communities there as well as on subsequent generations of travelers.

Be courteous of its citizens while keeping in mind the history of the nation. It will be tempting to focus your camera on all the intriguing things and people you see, but as you do so, consider those who live here and their points of view. They are proud people who care about their reputation in the world, which often reflects deprivation and turbulence.

Consider spreading your money around to various people and locations when you make your purchases to enable prudent, careful spending decisions and the chance to establish new connections. Consider looking at many possibilities, merchants, and stalls if you intend to buy paintings or other artwork. 

Aim to purchase art directly from the creator wherever possible. Ask inquiries about what you observe as you stroll through markets, and if there is a chance to make a purchase, no matter how tiny, consider it. Engaging with and purchasing the ingredients for Haitian hot chocolate from the local merchants at the Marché en Fer (Iron Market) in Port-au-Prince was one of the best experiences we had there. These kinds of experiences, which are genuinely curious processes, tend to make us all more human.

Iron Market, Haiti

Useful Suggestions For Packing For Flights To Haiti

As you will be spending a lot of time walking around cities, markets, and up to hillside strongholds in tropical Haiti, you must wear comfortable cool clothing and footwear. But because Haitians enjoy dressing up, pack one or two interesting outfits that are easy to pack for a night out dancing to konpa music or a good supper. 

Ample supplies of sunscreen and powerful, fast-acting insect repellent are also necessary. For those cocktail sundowners, keep the insect repellent close at hand because mosquitoes are known to become more active when the sun sets around the world. 

Since malaria does exist in Haiti, it is advisable to see your travel clinic before visiting to determine whether you should take anti-malarial medication while there. Additionally, we advise bringing a reusable water bottle so you may fill it up with filtered water as needed (typically provided by hotels) and lessen the number of plastic water bottles you might otherwise use.

When it comes to currency, it’s advisable to carry US dollars in brand-new, uncirculated bills. In major cities, some ATMs dispense local money (gourdes), but they are not always dependable. Remember that the currency in Haiti is not convertible, so make sure you just withdraw or convert what you need so you don’t have too much left over when your trip is over.

Haiti's Different Traditional Headwear

What You Need To Know About Haiti People & Greetings

Haiti is a country full of wise sayings. The saying “A greeting is your passport” is one of our favorites. This tried-and-true travel tip is relevant almost everywhere, but particularly here. 

Learn a few greetings in the Kreyl dialect (such as Bonjou! Salut!) so that you can formally greet people as you pass them in the markets or on the streets. Apply the aforementioned saying to any individuals that don’t seem hospitable at first appearance. You’ll discover that a smile or a laugh rapidly replaces the gruff exterior. Learning certain regional words can help you engage with the social side of Haitians’ culture

You’ll be more pleasantly surprised by the response you receive or the connection you build the more words you can share. And don’t take it personally if someone calls you “Cheri” (my dear). In Haiti, the term friendliness is frequently used to address strangers.

Key Takeaways! ...🛪

Haiti is a country with a lengthy and intricate history. That and other factors contribute to its allure. Ask plenty of questions, let your curiosity lead the way, and experience everything that Haiti has to offer!

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