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2022 Most Instagrammable Places In Belize

Belize is a stunning place to travel to with lots of photo opportunities. Wherever you travel in Belize, make sure to take pictures so you can remember your experience.
Belize Barrier Reef, Belize

No more than 400 thousand people are living in the small Central American nation of Belize. The picturesque nation is filled with undiscovered beaches, lush jungles, lovely caverns, and breathtaking waterfalls.

Although it’s questionable whether Mother Nature is still a secret, Belize is still one of the most breathtaking places on earth to travel, despite its former reputation as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret.” Visit the locations below to fall in love with the place and I guarantee that your photo will be Instagram-worthy.

The Great Blue Hole Of Belize

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The Great Blue Hole Of Belize Diving Spot

One of Belize’s top tourist destinations is still the Great Blue Hole. In addition to offering excellent diving opportunities, this area is also home to a wide range of marine animals, including huge bass, blackfin sharks, and reef sharks. 

Make sure to take an Instagram snapshot near the well-known the Blue Hole if you enjoy scuba diving. By scheduling a flyover tour of the region, you can also receive an aerial shot of the scene!


The great temple in Xunantunich is renowned for its height of 30 meters, making it the second tallest structure in Belize. 

Before entering the city itself, which contains six squares and more than two dozen temples, palaces, and other buildings, visitors can tour the nearby museum, which features interactive exhibits and displays. ‘Xunantunich’ translates as “stone woman.” The most well-known temple for Instagram photos is El Castillo, which has magnificent Xunantunich Maya site friezes covering it.

The Rainbow Belize Sign In Belize City


If you don’t have a photogenic record of your visit, did you go there? The Belize Sign Monument, which is made up of large, rounded letters in bright colors, is situated close to the Baron Bliss Lighthouse in Belize City. 

The Belize Sign Monument is one of the most well-liked sights in Belize City and a must-visit location for any traveler active on social media because it is so common to mark the name of this multicultural nation in letters that are painted in rainbow colors. 

The Beautiful Murals In San Ignacio

Although San Ignacio Town has long served as a starting point for travelers interested in exploring Western Belize, the town has recently developed a new appreciation for murals, which in and of itself should be a good reason to go. It is one of the best places in Belize. 

The murals are all close to one another and are located in the downtown area of San Ignacio. The painters’ choice of San Ignacio: why? Perhaps the town’s small size and walkability, which attracts a respectable daily audience; perhaps the town’s general safety; perhaps the artists are motivated by the novelty of Belize’s mountainous streets. This location seems ideal, doesn’t it, for taking images for Instagram?

Blue Water Grill

restaurant with ample outdoor seating

A restaurant with ample outdoor seating, Blue Water Grill is located right on the beach. Take a look at their YouTube live cam to see the view. Few people are dissatisfied. 

The menu is extensive and offers some reliable choices, such as pizza, and spaghetti. Visit Blue Water Grill for mouthwatering fish, fresh salads, and fantastic cocktails. While you wait for your dinner, take a picture with their “I LOVE BELIZE” sign for Instagram! The fact that the sign’s color changes depending on the occasion is a bonus.

The Split In Caye Caulker

The Split, a small waterway, separates Caye Caulker’s island into two parts. One of Caye Caulker’s premier swimming areas and an excellent location for water sports like fishing, parasailing, and snorkeling are The Split’s deep, clear seas. 

The Lazy Lizard Bar, one of Belize’s most well-known beach bars, is located there as well. It is renowned for having good spaces to unwind while getting a tan. There isn’t a better place to shoot photos and share them on Instagram than this!

Shark Ray Alley

nurse sharks Shark Ray Alley
by: Adobe Stock

Tourists looking to swim with the sizable group of nurse sharks and sting rays frequent this famous dive site in Ambergris Caye. 

Come to Shark Ray Alley if you want to take a picture with a shark to amaze your Instagram followers. Have your underwater camera prepared because you can snorkel close to nurse sharks and manta rays. This is one of the most popular Instagrammable sites in San Pedro.

The Truck Stop Ambergis Caye

The Truck Stop Ambergis Caye is Belize’s first food park made out of shipping containers. Try one of the many food trucks’ inventive and savory offerings, or treat the kids to some ice cream. 

It is a food court, a hangout area, and a terrific place to view the sunset and play games. It is more than just a restaurant and a bar. Also, keep in mind that Sundays feature a mouthwatering pig roast and live music. This location just begs to be captured on camera.

Coco Loco’s Beach Bar

Coco Loco’s Beach Bar Swimming Pool

When it comes to exciting drinking games and competitive parties, Coco Loco’s Beach Bar is hard to beat. This fun beach bar is one of the best spots to party in Belize and is a favorite among both locals and tourists. 

A charming small pool and beach bar called Coco Loco’s is tucked away in a condominium complex just north of the bridge. Use the swim-up bar stools or unwind closer to the beach at the picnic tables on hot days. It’s the ideal location for Instagram-worthy photos.

Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar

The beach is made more colorful by Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar’s rainbow sun loungers in addition to sporting events on the large screen TV, pool tables, dancing, lazing in the sun, beach volleyball, weekly cultural entertainment, and karaoke with supper. 

Most nights after 9 o’clock, you can catch DJs spinning energetic karaoke or dance music.  Your Instagram stories should feature the colorful tables and chairs in pink, purple, blue, and green, the leopard print on the walls, and the witty signs that are attached to everything.

Secret Beach Belize

Secret Beach Belize Mangrove Island

Ambergris Caye is home to Secret Beach Belize, which is no longer so secret. The mangrove islands across the turquoise water are clearly visible. 

It takes a little additional work to go from San Pedro to Secret Beach, but it’s worth it. When you go there, your Instagram pictures will feature beautiful white beaches and blue oceans. If you look in the proper direction, you might even see a picture of the Mangrove islands in the background.

Stella’s Sunset

On the edge of the San Pedro Lagoon, Stella’s Sunset is a stylish but unpretentious wine bar situated in a gorgeous garden. 

Work your way through two dozen distinct whites and reds while relaxing on lounge chairs under the trees or at a table in the palapa (an open-air structure with a thatched roof). Enjoy relaxing and gorgeous outdoor dining with seating that overlooks the water while admiring stunning sunsets. Take images for your Instagram stories while you’re waiting for your food.

Wayos Beach Bar

Wayos Beach Bar has moved from the beach to the pier in front of its old location, giving visitors the opportunity to sit directly over the ocean. Now considerably larger, the new Wayos Beach Bar also offers bar food. 

There is a fantastic mix of residents, foreigners, and visitors. They offer live music on Sunday nights and have TVs to watch the game. You shouldn’t hesitate to take pictures of their food and of course, of the beach and post them on your Instagram. 

D'Eclipse Entertainment Club

This spot is in a location where noise pollution wouldn’t harm the hotel and homes, just north of the airfield. Locals and visitors alike frequent this location if you truly want to shake your groove thing. 

Consider visiting D’Eclipse Entertainment Club if you truly desire a unique experience. The greatest location to witness the Garifuna population of Belize’s traditional dancing and music is a little further away. Let your Instagram family know where you loved partying in Placencia, Belize.

Barefoot Beach Bar

Barefoot Beach Bar Little Beach Side

Feeling like meeting up with other travelers and being yourself? You’re welcome at Barefoot Beach Bar

This little beachside spot is a must-check because it offers inventive mixed beverages, fantastic happy hour specials, and delectable food. The Barefoot Beach Bar seems to go on forever when you first enter it. There are two bars, one on the top floor and one on the sand, and two levels of floor area. Sitting at the bottom bar gives the extra benefit of people watching and photographing on the beach. 

PUR Boutique Cabanas

PUR Boutique Cabanas is an award-winning, adults-only boutique hotel on the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, Belize. 

A mile north of the bridge, in the center of Ambergris Caye’s best neighborhood, Tres Cocos, the cabanas offer a high-end, modern yet vintage, rustic-luxury experience with a convivial, intimate, boutique hotel ambiance, an on-site full bar, and Taco Bar, and a swim-up pool bar. Isn’t it fascinating to consider how many locations you’ll find here to shoot photos fit for Instagram?


Belize is a stunning place to travel to with lots of photo opportunities. When traveling to Belize, make sure to take pictures so you can remember your experience. Let your pictures be noticed now that you know where to go! Use popular Belizean hashtags for sharing your Instagram images from San Pedro, such as #unbelizeable, #sanpedrobelize, #belizevacation, and #belizeitornot.

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