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France Becomes A Part Of The Ever Famous World Cocktail Championship Event In Cuba!

Cuba, one of the world’s last bastions of true socialism, has preserved many past rituals and imagery. There are still public rallies on historic anniversaries; there are statues, parks, and institutions dedicated to ideological heroes like Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin; and large billboards broadcast political messages all over the place.
August 31, 2022
World Cocktail Championship held in Cuba

Have you heard that Varadero’s Cuban resort, the world’s second best, will host the 69th World Cocktail Championship (WCC) of the International Bartenders Association (IBA) from November 4 to 9? How cool is that! 

Cuba, one of the world’s last bastions of true socialism, has preserved many past rituals and imagery. There are still public rallies on historic anniversaries; there are statues, parks, and institutions dedicated to ideological heroes like Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin; and large billboards broadcast political messages all over the place.

Thus, being rich in culture and filled with events, this year’s World Cocktail Championship takes place in Cuba, which was chosen as the location following a vote at the International Bartenders Association’s Annual General Assembly. Cuba is neither closer nor further away than usual. So, unless there are live broadcasts of the event where we can watch some of the top bartenders in the world in action, we want to travel across the Atlantic to attend it. If you love cocktails, you must not miss one of the most exciting events centered on this concoction of liqueurs and juices.

Don’t worry; you still have time to prepare, as the event is scheduled to take place from November 4 to November 9, 2022. Want to know more about it? Continue reading; you can thank us later!

Why Cuba?

cuban flag

Can you believe that Cuba is the first nation in the Americas to hold this fantastic cocktail event? The city of Varadero, province of Matanzas, won Italy’s and Russia’s bids with 24 votes in favor. How great is that?

The Cuban Association of Bartenders (ACC) president, José Rafa Malem, stated that they have worked toward this goal since 2018. He added that there are many reasons why they have chosen Cuba for this event, such as Cuba’s cultural heritage, the evolution of Cuban cocktails, their global acceptability, the standard that the nation’s bartenders have attained over time, and because Cuba is known to be a safe and hospitable place among many tourists.

The Meliá Internacional Varadero offers a variety of facilities to hold the competition, including alternate sites by the pool, beach, and gardens, as well as conference space that exceeds 2,000 square meters in halls.

This is enhanced by the range of lodging choices available in standard rooms, junior suites, and suites, as well as the gastronomic selection that comprises a boulevard with more than 20 dining establishments.

Moreover, the Cuban Bartenders Club, founded in 1924, is where the more than a thousand-member Cuban Association of Bartenders started. On the other side, the Cuban Ministry of Tourism and other sponsoring organizations will support this cocktail competition, and they will be in charge of ensuring that it proceeds as smoothly as possible.

France - All Set To Compete In Cuba!

Bar Tender Competition

Yes, it’s true! President of the French Association of Bartenders, René Delvincour, revealed on the eve that two French bartenders would compete in the World Cocktail Championship, which will take place in Cuba in November. 

He also expressed his expectations for the competition; for example, he said to Prensa Latina, “We carried out the national election in June so that we will have two competitors in the championship, one in the classical cocktail modality and another in flair style.”

Moreover, Delvincourt said he would make a significant personal and professional trip to Cuba with the French experts. He said, “I know Havana. I have been there several times with delegations of Pernod-Ricard, distributor of the world-renowned Havana Club rum, and I have very good memories”.

Also, he added that the trip was a fantastic chance to share experiences and see famous locations like the Bodeguita del Medio, famous for its mojitos and cigar factories. How astounding! 

Details Regarding The Cocktail Championship & More

This competition, to be held at the Melía Internacional hotel in Varadero, is sponsored by the Havana Club company and features the participation of 63 bartenders to compete in classic style and 32 in freestyle, representing 63 member countries of the association, which are also expected to attend the respective national presidents of the (IBA). 

Bar Tender Competition

This time, the classic will consist of three levels. The classic will have three levels this time. In the preliminary stage, competitors will compete in five categories of cocktails that will be awarded to each member country at random: appetizer, digestif, long, sparkling, and, for the first time, non-alcoholic.

The first three places in each category will go on to the second level (semifinal round). The contestants must face three challenges: sensory or tasting, knowledge and speed, by making three cocktails from the IBA folder.

The four contestants with the highest total scores based on their qualifications will advance to the super final round during the closing gala, where they will have to present a brand-new cocktail to win the coveted champion’s cup.

The World Cocktail Championship will also feature other events, such as a visit to the San José de las Lajas rum plant in Mayabeque and tasting chocolate, cigars, and Cuban coffee.

Moreover, the event also features a comprehensive schedule of events, including dinners, the re-launch of Rafa Malén’s book Un brindisi por mi Habana, a meeting with Masters of Cuban Rum, a pairing, and the creation of the Adán y Eva cocktail by 2003 World Champion Sergio Serrano in the world’s largest cup.

Lastly, the main sponsors of the World Cup, Havana Club, and sparkling Prosecco, will serve as the required base beverages for the creation of all cocktails served at the event. Eddy Naranjo, vice president of the ACC, other ACC members, and Havana Club International S.A. representatives also attended the news conference.

Have The Best Time Of Your Life In Cuba With Some Cocktails!

Do you know that Cuba has won three President’s Cups, five Pan-American championships, a world cocktail champion, and other international honors? It also boasts ten classic cocktails known around the world, such as the Daiquiri and the Mojito. No wonder why it is the best location for this event; confirm your trips now! 

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