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Take in The Breathtaking Caymen Islands Art Pieces at Some of The Best Art Galleries!

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The native artistic community in Cayman is brimming with ability, as evidenced by the vibrant and striking colours of Dready and the traditional pottery of 3 Girls and a Kiln, to name just two examples. The F.J. Harquail Cultural Centre and the $4 million US dollar Harquail Theatre are both under the management of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

F.J. Harquail Cultural Centre
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The Cayman Islands International Storytelling Festival, the Cayman JazzFest, the Seafarers Festival, and Cayfest are just some of the festivals that the Cayman National Cultural Foundation helps to organise in order to preserve and promote Cayman folk music. The Cayman National Cultural Foundation was established in 1984. Jazz, calypso, and reggae are three music styles that have had significant cultural impact on Cayman music and all three types are widely featured in Cayman music.

A museum dedicated to art can be found in George Town at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) is an arts organisation that was established in 1996 and works to achieve its objective in the Cayman Islands via hosting exhibitions, artist residencies, education/outreach programmes, and research initiatives. The National Gallery of Contemporary Art (NGCI) is an institution that does not generate revenue for its owners.

A Buzzy Art Scene Has Popped Up in The Cayman Islands – Here’s What to See

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The financial sector is far more prominent on the Cayman Islands’ international profile than the visual arts sector. The location, on the other hand, is home to a plethora of fascinating museums and art galleries that visitors can peruse.

National Gallery of The Cayman Islands

National Gallery of The Cayman Islands

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is a pair of elegant two-story buildings surrounding a number of gardens, including one that is dedicated to sculpture. It is located a five-minute drive away and is the finest site to explore Caymanian art and to comprehend its evolution. 

Visitors can also access the gallery from Seven Mile Beach by way of a new pedestrian underpass that connects Seven Mile Beach to Camana Bay, which is a centre for retail, entertainment, and food. It showcases the work of 75 modern artists who have settled on the island as their primary residence. The museum was established in 1996, and it houses a number of lovely woven straw baskets and bags. 

These items were made from local palm fronds using the same techniques that rope manufacturers used for more than a century, until the practise was lost in the 1960s. Other works, such as those created by Gladwyn K. “Miss Lassie” Bush, a self-taught artist who, at the age of 62, began painting on the walls, windows, and furniture of her home in George Town, are emblematic of the artistic culture that existed during the 1970s.

Cayman Craft Market

At the Cayman Craft Market, both tourists and local artisans come together to create and sell one-of-a-kind works of Caymanian art, jewellery, craft souvenirs, recycled treasures made from soda cans and recycled paper, as well as locally made jams, jellies, and cooked food. These wares can be found at the market alongside locally made jams, jellies, and cooked food.

Find goods produced from native resources such as leather, thatch, wood, shells, Caymanite, and Black Coral, and observe local artists at work as they create unique works of art from these and other materials. The government of the Cayman Islands established the artisan market so that local Caymanian artists may demonstrate their various skills and abilities to the general public. 

On the island, some of these artisans hold some of the oldest known thatching talents as well as other creative skills. It is undeniably a destination that caters to the needs of both its natives and those who are just passing through.

3 Girls and A Kiln

3 Girls and A Kiln

The art collective known as “3 Girls & a Kiln” is comprised of three artists who create works of local art in addition to other whimsical designs. They produce a wide range of unique items, such as wine corks, tags, pennants, cheese stakes, and dishes in addition to magnets and cheese stakes.

Make & Take Wood Class is one of the most well-liked offerings among the many different types of art lessons that are provided on a monthly basis by 3 Girls & a Kiln. Decorating with clay and glazing are two further types of classes. There is no need to make a reservation for the kids drop-in studio that is open every other Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 3 Girls & A Kiln. 

The cost is $10 for adults and $8 for children, in addition to the price of the item you select, which can range anywhere from $12 to $40. In addition, they have camps available throughout the breaks from school. In addition to Kirk Market and The National Trust Nature Shop, their work may be purchased through Pure Art and The Spa at Seafire.

Pure Art

Original paintings, art prints, and plenty of handcrafted Island gifts can be found at Pure Art, which was recently ranked as the best shop in Cayman by TripAdvisor. The store has been around for over three decades and showcases the work of some of the island’s most well-known and well-liked painters, sculptors, artisans, and craftspeople.

It is about one mile south of George Town and is housed in a quaint cottage on South Church Street in the Cayman Islands.

Kennedy Gallery

Your demands in local and Cuban fine art, large size digital printing, scanning, and quality custom frame may all be met at the Kennedy Gallery, which is the most well-known location in all of Cayman. They carry and show the widest assortment in Cayman and offer the finest selections of materials for printing and framing artwork. They support the most well-known artists from Cayman and Cuba. Located on West Bay Road, in the Pink Plaza of the West Shore Centre.

Guy Harvey’s Gallery and Shoppe

Guy Harvey’s Gallery and Shoppe

The Cayman Islands are home to an art gallery and retail space measuring 4,000 square feet called Guy Harvey’s Gallery and Shoppe. Original paintings, giclées, and limited edition prints on paper, canvas, and aluminium are all available for purchase at the Guy Harvey Gallery and Shoppe. Guy Harvey is an internationally known artist, scientist, and conservationist.

They sell products associated with Guy Harvey, such as clothing for men, women, and children. They also sell an extensive selection of accessories, presents for decorating one’s house, and one-of-a-kind mementos. It is possible to make arrangements to transport artwork to either the United States or Canada. Through the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, a percentage of the proceeds from each sale is donated to the cause of ocean conservation.

Sandon Feat Gallery

The Sandon Feat Gallery is a well-established art gallery that showcases a variety of artwork, including handcrafted wood and pewter in addition to contemporary paintings and giclee prints by a local artist by the name of CE Whitney. There is an option for custom framing.

CE Whitney works almost exclusively with oil paint on canvas, and she frequently works in very large formats. Her art, which is centred on her environment, can be found in the private and public collections of corporations and individuals all around the world. In the heart of George Town, in a genuine Caymanian cottage at 109 North Church Street (just next door to Da Fish Shack).

Wreck View Art Gallery

Wreck View Art Gallery

On the East End of Grand Cayman, directly across the street from Tukka Restaurant, you’ll find the Wreck View Art Gallery, which is an art shop. The Wreck View Art Gallery features affordable jewellery, in addition to local paintings, sculptures, and handcrafted goods

Awardart Gallery

The artwork that is on exhibit in Awardart Gallery is updated on a regular basis and caters to a wide range of preferences. Awardart acknowledges that, much like a good wine, art may be interpreted in a variety of ways, and that the element of a work that most resonates with us is the result of our unique tastes.

People are welcome to stroll about and engage in conversation with one another regarding the artwork while in the gallery. In addition, the gallery will lease artwork to you, help you commission new works, and discover the ideal pieces to meet both your requirements and your financial constraints. Awardart Gallery is a multi-purpose art space that can be found at 131 Centre on MacLendon drive. In addition to exhibiting, leasing, and sourcing artwork, the gallery also offers a limited number of one-person shows each year.


Be sure to visit these amazing art galleries for a truly immersive experience on your next visit to the Cayman Islands.

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