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102 Where to sleep BVI

Kayak at Necker Island Hotel British Virgin Island

Top British Virgin Islands Hotels Deals To Book In 2022

The British Virgin Islands, made up of 60 tropical isles, are a rich mosaic of diverse cultures and natural splendor blessed by the warmth of the Caribbean sun. And, with an impressive collection of 5-star hotels scattered across the archipelago—many of which have been upgraded and modernized following years of renovations—there are seemingly endless places to settle in for a long-overdue celebration. Whether you’re rescheduling a family reunion or a belated honeymoon, the British Virgin Islands have a stunning property to (safely) host your milestone, where you and your loved ones can create soul-swelling memories to last a lifetime. Continue Reading to find out about the British virgin islands luxury hotels.

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Bar at Rosewood Little Dix Bay British Virgin Island

Top Best Hotels for Friends Getaway in the British Virgin Islands

One of the more intriguing destinations to visit is the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Since most visitors arrive by boat from one of the neighboring islands, it is an excellent location for an epic journey. You can enjoy serene beaches, laid-back restaurants, and unique local attractions because it’s still completely off-the-radar for most tourists.

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