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103 Where to eat and drink Cuba

Jazz Cafe Havana, Cuba

Go Bar Hopping: Top 8 Best Bars in Cuba

The bar life in Havana has multiple elements, including renowned establishments that great people visited a century ago (some of these places even originated many of your favourite drinks) and lively hotspots where young Cubans party today. Cuba has the best bars, clubs, and ultimate nightlife!

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Caribbean dinner plate

Amazing Cuba’s Traditional Food Options For Its Tourists

Rice and beans, whether they are cooked together or separately, make up a traditional meal. When all of these ingredients are cooked together, the dish is referred to as “congri,” “Moros,” or “Moros and Cristianos” (black beans and rice). If the rice and beans are prepared individually, the dish is referred to as “Arroz with frijoles” (literally “rice with beans”) or “Arroz y frijoles” (rice and beans).

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