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101 Kanana guides Puerto Rico

Travel To Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Travel Advisory 2022

Due to its lower crime rate than many other American states, Puerto Rico is a relatively safe destination for tourists. It is one of the most secure islands in the Caribbean. Drug trafficking and gang activities are major factors in Puerto Rico’s violent gun crime, which rarely affects tourists

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Rock Formation at Beach of Sandy Beach Hotel, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico History Timeline – Get in a Time Machine & Go Back to The Historic Times of Puerto Rico

After the Spanish-American War was won by the United States in 1898, Puerto Rico was annexed as a territory of the United States. Following the passage of Law 5600 by the United States Congress, Puerto Rico was granted the authority to draught and ratify its own constitution. The connection between the United States of America and Puerto Rico is referred to as a “commonwealth” in the English language.

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Extraordinary Falls at El Yunque National Forest Puerto Rico

The Unbeatable Two-Week Itinerary Around Puerto Rico

Located in the tropical paradise of the Caribbean, the United States territory of Puerto Rico makes for a superb sun, sea, and sand holiday. But Puerto Rico also provides a plethora of history, culture, art, and architecture, and excellent food and drink. Read on to discover the perfect Puerto Rico itinerary for your first visit to the island! Scenic landscapes. Colorful façade in every hue you can imagine.

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Large Flag of Puerto Rico on the Street of the San Juan

Top Essentials to Pack While Going to Puerto Rico

A fascinating heritage and vibrant culture, mouthwatering cuisine, beautiful beaches, towering mountains, opportunities for relaxation and exploration are packed into one tropical paradise in the Caribbean. People in Puerto Rico are known for being kind, courteous, and accommodating to visitors. You won’t feel like a stranger or an outsider here; rather, you’ll feel the warmth and welcome of a family member here. You will find a celebration of life around every corner, as well as a rich cultural experience, food that will nourish your spirit, and music that will captivate you.

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Girl Swinging on the Mountain top at Puerto Rico

All You Need To Know About The Tourist Demographics of Puerto Rico!

People go to Puerto Rico for its stunning beaches and cool Caribbean breezes. Still, once you’re there, it’s clear why this archipelago is so unique, from its historic buildings to its varied natural landscape. Tourists visit San Juan to shop and enjoy the city’s vibrant architecture and cobblestone streets. They go there to explore waterfalls and wildlife on a hike across the vast El Yunque jungle. The sands of Isla de Vieques are among the best beaches in the world, especially Mosquito Bay, where bioluminescent creatures cause the ocean to shine blue-green at night. Now, what is the best part? You can see and do much in Puerto Rico in a single visit because of its small size!

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