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101 Kanana guides Jamaica

Jamaica Tour

Is Jamaica Safe in 2024? – Updated Travel Advisory

The island of Jamaica has a lot more to offer than just being the home of jerk and reggae. Some of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean can be found there, along with breathtaking natural attractions like waterfalls and lagoons, and one of the rarest coffees in the world is grown there

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Jamaica Colosseum Mall

The Interesting And Inspiring History Of Jamaica

Jamaican culture has also gone global, which can be observed in the most significant way in the entertainment industry. As a consequence of this, an ever-evolving musical contribution has been produced, which is a combination of different people, places, and cultures.

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Jamaica Nature Trips

Jamaica Wildlife Tours & Nature Trips: The Absolute Best Animal Encounters

Jamaica wildlife is without a doubt a paradise for birdwatchers because it is home to about 200 different bird species, including more indigenous birds than any other Caribbean island. Long before the Spaniards came, the island was home to a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians, including snakes, lizards, frogs, the coney, iguanas, and the American crocodile. It is not difficult to spot lizards because many of them eat insects and live around houses and gardens.

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Bamboo River Rafting at Jamaica

What to Do on A 3 Week Beach Vacation in Jamaica

Sussex Great House’s adjoining library room, equipped with curl-up-and-lose-yourself-in-a-book sofas and numerous outdoor reading areas, is the ideal way to shake off jet lag or relax into Jamaica’s go-slow culture. When you need to stretch your legs, a trip through the plantation grounds will take you past local exotic fruits and native spices that are still grown on the estate each year.

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The Best Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Jamaica – Discover All There Is To Know; Culture, Language & Much More!

In fact, there are various reasons why someone might want to visit Jamaica, but their culture is at the top of the list. There’s something unique about this country, something unquestionably beautiful, that draws visitors back again and again. You can feel the atmosphere as soon as you step on Jamaican soil. That vitality is unrivaled. There’s nothing quite like experiencing it for yourself. Come experience a proper Jamaican holiday with vibrancy, excitement, incomparable charm, and unspoiled beauty!

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Man Drives the Bamboo Rafting, Ocho Rios Jamaica

Welcome To Jamaica – Discover All There Is To Know About Its Extreme Sports Events!

Beyond the lovely beaches of Montego Bay, there’s a new world to discover for certified scuba divers. You’ll visit two diving spots on Jamaica’s North Coast during this 2-tank PADI scuba diving trip led by master divers. All necessary equipment is provided, making logistics a breeze. This is a fun and simple way to dive in and enjoy Jamaica’s underwater sights for just $240 for adults, whether you’re a hotel guest or a cruise ship passenger!

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