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105 Culture and shopping Haiti

Sunrise in Haiti Beach

Haiti Vacation: Best Areas to Stay in Haiti

Tourism in Haiti may be on the mend, but service remains erratic. What matters is the location, the good will, and the cleanliness. You’ll be satisfied, even delighted, if you have a view of an uncrowded beach or a stretch of a colonial town’s rooftops, as well as freshly laundered sheets, screens, running water, and good local food (and perhaps a glass of chilled wine). Most tourists hire a guide who also acts as a translator and driver. Small towns like Aquin, Les Cayes, and Jacmel have vibrant downtowns; if you don’t have a guide, you might miss the domino games in the central square, merengue dance clubs, voodoo services, and the best fried pork. Continue reading this article to know about the best haiti vacation spots!

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Haiti Woman Chopping Fruits

Check Out the Exclusive Local Farmers Market in Haiti

The farmer market in Haiti needs investment and support. Acceso Haiti, a social agribusiness, is working to strengthen the food system and provide long-term opportunities and market access to smallholder farming families. Acceso Haiti launched in 2014, along with partner initiatives in Colombia and El Salvador, to help farmers improve yields, reduce costs, increase sales, and foster long-term collaborations to unlock key value chains.

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Voodoo HandCraft at Iron Market, Haiti

Where Are All The Shopping Hubs of Haiti?

Expect to be barraged by vendors who will compete persistently and occasionally aggressively for your attention as a tourist in this area. Going with someone who speaks Haitian creole is a good idea, but be wary of accepting assistance from “guides” who may approach you once you arrive. This is a very crowded place, so keep in mind to take security measures against pickpockets. The Iron Market can be a challenging experience for some visitors, but those who are not easily intimidated or conned will find it to be a fascinating look into regional customs and commerce.

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