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Vintage Car on Varadero Beach, Cuba

The Best Cuba Beaches with Prettiest White Sand and Clear Water

Cuba, the largest Caribbean island, is a mythical nation south of Key West, Florida. The magical nation is on practically everyone’s bucket list, and how could it not be? It has a tropical climate with lots of sunshine. Cuba beach is the best place for your holidays. Come and see the prettiest white sand and clear water.

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Travelers Guide 2022: What to Do When You Are Spending Holidays in Cuba!

Many national holidays in Cuba commemorate Fidel Castro’s ascension to power and other historical events that fit the government’s narrative of Cuban triumph over colonial overlords. These events are usually marked by military parades and demonstrations, as well as speeches from important government figures. Many other festivals are time-honored cultural celebrations rather than official federal holidays. Because the government’s relationship with religion is strained (though improving), you won’t find as many religious holidays and festivals in Cuba as you would in other Latin American countries. If you have the opportunity to attend a Cuban festival, take advantage of it—you’ll hear world-renowned Cuban rhythms and see inimitable Cuban dancers in action.

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